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DJ Rodriguez chapter 9 . 4/22/2019
Short, but sweet! Ash helped Erika out with her Pokémon, and it seemed that Gloom returned the favor in its own way. Nice one! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 8 . 4/22/2019
Again, very nice of Jasmine and Ash to get together like so! Kenny seemed to have a crush on Jasmine, but Ash took away his crush. Oh well...

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 7 . 4/22/2019
I will say this here... WOW! Now this was unique and cool! I really hope to see more like this in the future! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 6 . 4/22/2019
Again, fantastic work! This was out of the ballpark, but in a very good way! I really cannot wait to see on what you have in store! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 5 . 4/22/2019
This was beautiful! Thanks for posting this up! Moltres was down, almost out but recovered amazingly. They managed to help it, and Charla managed to give live birth to Charmanders! Way past cool! Charizard and Charla are a couple... and it seems that Liza and Ash as are now! Again, Ash is blessed to have a lovely lady like her to have!

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 4 . 4/22/2019
Short, but sweet! It seems that Ash got heated up, cooled down... and now after that kiss, heated back up again! Hahahahahaha!

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 3 . 4/22/2019
WOW! Again, you surprised me here! Ash and Bianca, the real one, in a way that is truly cute and cool! Good and true, in a way that I love very much!

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 2 . 4/22/2019
Again, this was cool... or hot, in a ways. Hehehehe...

In any case, Ash manages to save & help out Flannery to decimate a Team Aqua branch base... and the two manage to get some relaxation in the hot sand spa... with Ash being soothed by Flannery's impressive bust! Lucky dude!

Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 1 . 4/22/2019
Now THIS was unique, original and very much rare to find! I love to see and read stories where Ash is with another lady besides Misty. And this one just blew me away! A combination of bowling with Pokémon (bowling is a very cool sport!) and also it seems that Ash just got a strike in a very way good with Whitney! Damn lucky kid!

I want to see more of this! Keep it up!
John chapter 12 . 2/8/2019
This is a good chapter and good one with meaning that Koga got promoted to Elite Four member in Johto you you could of also mentioned that his grant daughter Janine has taken over for Gym leader as well and you misspelled Ponytail it has a E not a L but still good and here are some Ideas for Future Poison type chapters 1, UnluckyShipping/PikeShipping (Lucy) 2, Muchwatershipping (Marina Orange Islands).
Guest chapter 11 . 2/5/2019
This is a good chapter so Ash had for something has turned into a pikachu again and it turns out the only way to turn back to human was a Kiss so you could say Lily is Ash's true love in this and here are some ideas for future Dark type chapters 1, Backpacking (Peg) since her connection to Zorara 2, Motherofpearlshipping (Johanna) 3, Burningtrainershipping (Malva) 4. Sessionshipping (Angela).
John chapter 10 . 1/30/2019
This is a good chapter so Kay's is one of the girls who aren't pretty enough for Brock to flirt with and good one with both Pikachu and Raichu to stop them from interrupting Ash's kiss and here are some ideas for future Electric type chapters 1, Backviewshipping (Solana) 2, Cinemativeshipping (Jean) 3, OurStatueshipping (Mirror Bonnie) since you did a fanficon of Ash with Mirror Serena 4, Nina the Pancake Girl 5, Pikarla from the Pikachu vallery.
John chapter 9 . 1/23/2019
This is a good chapter but I think Erika had already forgiven Ash after he saved her Gloom and why have given the Violet haired woman two names in different paragraphs is her name Luna or Cindy but still good and here are some ideas for Future Grass type chapter 1, GentleGardeniaLovershipping (Layla from the Movie) since of her Connection to Shaymin 2, Sessionshipping (Angela) 3, Pavillionshipping (Diana) since her Connection to Celabi 4, Advanceshipping (May) since she has a Venasaur.
John chapter 8 . 11/30/2018
This is a good story but what was with Kenny's reaction to Jasmine kissing Ash I would of explected it from seeing Dawn doing that but still good and here's some future Grass type chapters 1, GentleGardenialovershipping (Layla) 2, Amshipping (Mairin) 3, Pavilion shipping (Diana) because of her connection to Celabi 4, Advanceshipping (May) since you done the three Alolan Girls 5 Sessionshipping (Angela).
John chapter 7 . 11/15/2018
First two thing 1. Isnt this pairing called Brawlershipping 2, Arcanine is not Classified as a Legendary but This is a good chapter and heres some future Steel type chapters 1, Guardian for a yearshipping ( Queen Irline) 2, Piqueshipping (Sandra) 3, Anna that anouncer from Alola.
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