Reviews for Sieneke's Ship
Summary of your awful fanfic chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
-Summary of your awful fanfic 'Sieneke's Ship'-

Sieneke: Wow, this is fun! I am reading Twilight! This book is almost as bad as this story!

Sieneke's mom: Sieneke, you can't sit around reading Twilight all day. Go outside and do something.

Sieneke: Uh... like what?

Sieneke's mom: Dunno lol, just go out.

-Sieneke goes outside, and, conviently, she finds a lake with a boat on it-

Sieneke: I will ride this boat!

*She does just that, and rides to the other side of the lake*

Erik Solbakken: Hello Sieneke, it's me, remember? The presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a strange coincidence that we would run into each other like this, but, like all of these stories, this is left unexplained.

Sieneke: Hey Erik, get on my ship!

Erik: Oh ok.

*Erik gets on the ship*

Erik: So what are you doing on this ship anyway?

Sieneke: Trying to ride it like on that one movie I saw once.

Erik: Oh, and which movie was that?

Sieneke: Titanic.

-That was the author's attempt at a joke-

Silverhelsinki: Hurrr get it, because the Titanic sinks, LOLOL

-Your fic sucks-

Silverhelsinki: Oh :(

*Sieneke rides the ship (is it a boat or a ship, make your mind up already author) back to where she was before*

Owner of the boat/ship: ! You stole my boat/ship! How dare you!

-Remember that this is Silverhelsinki's Universe where all her precious snowflake Eurovision entrants can do whatever they please, so the owner of the boat/ship immediately forgives them.-

Owner of the boat/ship: I forgive you, just don't steal my boat/ship ever again. Ask me next time.

Sieneke: Oh hey, he forgave us, that's strange.

Erik: That is strange, almost like we're characters in some sort of bad fanfiction and the author is bending the rules for us.

Sieneke: Oh well, I've gotta go back to reading Twilight, see ya Erik.

The End.
Reviewer chapter 1 . 12/9/2010
If I see another one of your freaking Eurovision fanfics in the X-Overs section I think I'm going to explode!
Anon chapter 1 . 12/8/2010
Hhahaha, what?