Reviews for What You Don't Know
DarkJewel55 chapter 37 . 5/24
this was really, really sweet. i swear, it pulled on my heartstrings... made me feel all warm and fluffy and light. so thank you so much for writing this, thank you so much. cheers, -A
DarkJewel55 chapter 3 . 5/24
omg, how old is she?! i know she's innocent but this is too innocent, way too innocent! what is she, a toddler? i knew almost everything there is to know about sex by the time i was 10! and lets say she didn't know, hello hormones! she would've figured it out by herself by then! no eighteen yr old is a stranger to lust, nope! not possible. lolz, anyway, that aside. i still like it, even if it gets annoying at times, i like how you wrote Eugene, his character i mean... different from other fics, i like it! cheers, -A
my-secret-garden chapter 35 . 5/17
That is by far the best bechalor party ever.
"What the **** is that?"
"Tea. Goldie gave it to me."
"Shit, Rider. You are so whipped."
He plucks up his mug and gives them a blank look. "My name is Eugene"
my-secret-garden chapter 25 . 5/4
It is interessting how you made the king being more simillar to Rapunzel and the queen closer to Eugene, it is always great to see how they interact with each other.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/2
Pascal! Omg XD
my-secret-garden chapter 9 . 5/2
"And this.. This is a picture of Pascal... Why is this a picture of Pascal?"
"He was being really cute"

Oh, Rapunzel! :)
my-secret-garden chapter 3 . 5/2
ok, take this from someone that does not read stuff with "that" in it: This is briliant! I mean, you managed to do the characters right, you gave the situation both a comic but also gentle and sincere side. Rapunzel is just so... so Rapunzel. And Eugene is inbetween everithing.
So, yeah, you made me going to finish the whole thing :)

P.S. Asking the thugs to explain "things" was just so lol. Poor Eugene
Em chapter 37 . 4/29
This. Fricking. Fanfic. ASDFGHIWJDJKWJJXIEKJFIEBFDJSKKCKSKID doesn't even BEGIN to cut it.

I've been reading it slowly over the course of a week, and despite my exams being just around the corner, I do not regret a single second I've spent reading this gem of a story. Everything was in line with the story (except for Rapunzel's wedding dress I think, but that isn't part of the main film anyway). You've been true to the characters the entire time, and your original characters were all incredibly fascinating (I liked Phil - sorry, Bill - best). The dialogue was awesome and hilarious, and the plot was absolutely brilliant! I'm so glad I clicked on this and read it. As a non-native English speaker, I learnt a few new words as well w

So, thank you for writing this beautiful piece of art, and keep going, buddy!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/10
This is the best characterization in any Tangled fic out there, period. Brilliant. Thanks.
CWT chapter 37 . 4/2
I know it has been years but this story is fantastic, good job with it. I wish we got to see some family life but their relationship was really sweet
EdoLevy chapter 37 . 2/21
This was absolutely adorable and seemed so plausible that it was worth staying up until 4 am reading. much props and love for the amazing story
SwiftandBrisk chapter 1 . 2/17
My goodness, this is breathtaking. I was captivated. You have some talent, I must say. Please become an author. E.L. James doesn't even come to your fingernails.
Debby-1957 chapter 37 . 2/3
I really enjoyed your story! The characters were so true to the ones we loved from the Disney movie. And Tangled was a great movie. It was rewarding to see them struggle to overcome their past and become better people. It was sad but good to see Goldie realize that her kidnapper was just using her. And great to see Eugene become less and less Flynn and realize who he can be. He did everything he could to help her, and she learned to help him, too.
They really loved and desired each other, but it was always 'making love' with all the affection, caring and unselfishness possible. Personally speaking, I would have preferred less embarrassing detail, so I skipped lightly over some paragraphs. But you wrote beautifully, and it was great to read from Eugene's POV.
Your humor was great! Including in the author's notes.
Thank you!
TheLovelyDead chapter 37 . 2/3
Aww this chapter was adorable 3 this whole story was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it :) Keep up the good work, you're an awesome writer.
Caprittarius'Rising chapter 37 . 2/2
I really enjoy this story and have read it several times. The relationship you create between the two of them is very well done. If you'll pardon the creep factor, I was disappointed when you mentioned your wife if only because it seems rare to find a man who is able to access such depth of feeling. She must be a lucky woman. :)
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