Reviews for I lost you, but even now I still love you
BlackRevenant chapter 1 . 2/4/2011
How did nobody bloody review this?

I LOVED that pairing, much more then Aya... freaking hate tsundere fangirls.

I absolutely reveled in the sheer rage Capell felt after her death, the change in his voice only added to the ferocity of the emotions he displayed in combat. It actually made me sad that Aya made him "feel better."

I'm not a fan of Tragedy I'm really not, but for some reason her death struck a chord with me. Maybe it was because Capell for the first time in the game showed desire for more then just acceptance. Reguardless I could feel his rage, and in this little oneshot that fire is renewed again.

Dammit I gotta go find my copy now XD