Reviews for Room to Breathe
quali chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
I loved this story. It was short, but it said more about Sephiroth and Angeal than any other fic I've read, including the multi-chapter fics.
OnexLostxSoul chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
I'm not entirely sure if I can properly communicate the sheer power and brilliance of this piece... but I'll do my best to try. ;)

Foremost, your characterization is beyond amazing. Sephiroth can be a difficult man to capture, but you've approached him in a unique and very fitting manner.

"His head spun at how quickly he had gone from being helpless to someone with the power to make others helpless, and how much he hated it."

Here you illuminate vital dynamics underlying Sephiroth's existence. The unconventional manner in which he was raised reveals to him very unfortunate truths about the world that many instinctively deny. The fact that Sephiroth recognizes and acknowledges them from the get-go reveals a great deal about his character and the effects his unusual development had on him. You approach his character subtly and masterfully.

Angeal's characterization is just as powerful. The details you added (comparing him with Genesis, his desire to please, his aversion to emotional dependence) speaks wonders about your understanding of him. Your piece is a creative outlet that reveals the depth of your analytical abilities as an author.

The events in the cafeteria are scenarios I find very plausible and suiting. Sephiroth's attraction to the normalcy Angeal shows him is befitting of his character, and reveals so many key aspects of his personality in so few words.

Your style was fluid, your syntax well-established, and the choice to write from Sephiroth's perspective was an excellent one. A very effective piece overall.

So... Good job. Love it. _
BloodyRoses chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
Aaahhh! It's perfect! I love it so much! Than you for writing this darling. I am so starved for this couple. You really nailed down the personalities involved. This is exactly the sort of thing Angeal would do :)