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Canon Archives chapter 3 . 3/2/2013
He would be dead without them that's for sure! This is so sweet! :)
Canon Archives chapter 2 . 3/2/2013
I can't even tell you how much I've been wanting something like this! I've been trying to say this but it just hasn't been coming out right and this is exactly what I've been trying to say about how it's more than just "best friends" "other half" crap because it's a legit bond! Oh my god thank you thank you thank you! You are the best! Yaaaay! :D
Canon Archives chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
"It could just as well been both of them"
"That would have been better."
Yes! Agreed! I could have handled both of them but one of them? Unacceptable, not possible...
"They had always been one."
Also, so so true.
Great job with George I like it :)
nirdoodle chapter 12 . 1/16/2013
Hi. First of all, I just want to tell you how amazing this story is. Your portrayal of the trio, Ron and Hermione and the Weasleys is just beautifully drawn and so compelling. Also, for some reason your latest update is not showing up - I just happened upon it by accident while I was looking for something good to read. You should check with the site about why this latest chapter is not showing up.
Chantelle96 chapter 9 . 1/7/2013
Oh my merlin. First of all, can everyone just give a big round of applause to this chapter.
Wow, I can't even put into words how I feel about this. This chapter probably made me fall back in love with this story. The emotions were so real, I felt like I was there. The relationship between the Weasley siblings is perfect. I was in tears at the end of the chapter, real tears!
Thank you for your extraordinary work on this chapter, kudos :)
Chantelle96 chapter 7 . 1/7/2013
"They walk her to the gate, and when he can't stall any longer, Ron drops her hand and pushes her lightly towards their best friend. Harry hugs her quickly but tightly. He smiles at her before kissing her cheek and stepping away, pretending to be engrossed in the nearest Arrivals/Departures board. Ron steps into Harry's place, reaching into his pocket."

I really admire the way you've portrayed the trios relationship in this story. I understand that it's hard at times to find a good balance between Ron and Hermione's relationship in contrast to both of their friendship with Harry. You've managed to show that the three still have rock hard friendship even while Ron and Hermione are together, and the way harry shows them, as a couple, respect is kind of like they have a sort of unwritten agreement.
I am very impressed, kudos :)
wickedcml chapter 12 . 12/31/2012
I really like your story and wish you had completed it. Studies have shown that post traumatic stress doesn't always start right away, that it can come upon others later as it does with Ron. I think you've done an excellent job in writing it into your story. Hopefully one day you will complete it.
wickedcml chapter 10 . 12/28/2012
Such an awesome story! So much drama, raw emotion, and tenderness.
Morning Lilies chapter 4 . 12/18/2012
So I just started reading this. It's brilliant :) Very nicely written. I enjoy it a lot, and you did very well in portraying Hermione's struggles. Much more accurately than many post-DH attempts at dealing with trauma. The only thing I find difficult to swallow is that it's Hermione that's being affected so badly. I read your author's notes, so I know and totally understand why you chose to focus on her as far as story goes, but I just don't think she would be the most affected. Certainly she's got some serious issues, and I could see nightmares and some of this happening, but if Hermione is dealing with it this way, I feel like Harry would be a thousand times worse. He also was tortured, not quite as long as Hermione, but by Voldemort and in a graveyard and when he was fourteen and no one ever TALKED to him about it, and a load of other things have happened to him since them, all the death and guilt and stuff... I firmly believe that Harry would have had to have a mental break-down at least as bad as the one you've described Hermione having. I know Harry mentions he feels this way, too, and you allude to the fact that if he weren't focused on Hermione, he would be in worse shape, but Hermione is in a better place to pull herself together than Harry is, given her pretty stable childhood compared to his... fucked up one, to put it bluntly. Harry obviously has some self-worth issues that Hermione doesn't have, among other things, which put him at a higher risk to just fall apart at the seems. And she's always been able to cope pretty well once she got over the initial flare-up.
Don't get me wrong, I think you've written it all beautifully, and I'm not saying it's OOC at all, just that I find it less believable for Hermione to be the one falling apart.
As for the mudblood thing... it was a very haunting scene in the movie, I agree. Very well-done. But all the same, it isn't cannon and it doesn't make sense for it to have happened in the cannon event as Bellatrix was torchering Hermione for information, not out of pure vindictive pleasure. She picked her over teh other two because she was muggle-born, but wasn't torturing her because of it, and when she was though, carelessly tossed her to Greyback rather than expend any kind of emotion or perverted bloodlust in carving up her arm. It's a cool scene in the movie, but it doesn't fit JKR's style and I just found it wierd for the story and the characters. It works well in your scene, but it also throws me off because it just didn't happen.
Final point: I don't think the trio would move out so quickly after the battle. First off, I think it would do Molly a world of nightmares to not see them every morning, know they were safe. Second, I think they are just not capable of dealing with themselves and each other totally on their own like that mere weeks after thsi battle. True, they can't live there forever, but at least a year or until they marry off. It seems that's more common in that world. Percy lived at home for a year and would have stayed longer. Fred and George only used the flat when the shop was busy. I just don't think they would or should move out.
But you've written it and still very well, so good on you for that.
Now to end this exceedingly long review and keep reading. :)
LoveisFred chapter 11 . 11/27/2012
oh i've always loved snape's always in the book, and this is adorable, ron and hermoine are my favorite, although i'd like to see a bit more of teddy
pam1990 chapter 12 . 10/3/2012
This is really good! Please continue soon!
youcandoit chapter 6 . 10/1/2012
Ron is so cute in this
ilioveharrypotter chapter 6 . 8/9/2012
aw the bit with George and Hermione was very realistic and I loved Ron's reaction :) YAY! they're together!
ilioveharrypotter chapter 3 . 8/9/2012
Brilliant! The only thing I struggled with in the book was that Hermione seemed perfectly fine after an hour or two after her torture. I've read a lot of fanfiction where she had nightmares after it and such but I think your idea of the fainting and such is the best I've read. She seems so in character while so torn apart at the same time. It was a beautiful chapter and I love how you write the trios friendship and family. Perfect
ilioveharrypotter chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
that chapter was beautiful, I almost thought it was a one shot. You had me in tears at how heartfelt and sad it was, and trust me i don't cry easily. Really stunning
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