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Twilight Dawn Hikaru chapter 7 . 12/6/2016
well never thought I'd actually do this haha. Cloud: has anyone ever tried to steal your motorcycle? other than Yuffie anyway Yuffie: great master ninja thief, ever thought about stealing Squall's gunblade? oh and next time you see him, call him "Squally". his reaction is hilarious! Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz: wouldn't it be best to think you three are Sephiroth's sons? you guys do resemble him quite a bit Tifa: need any help at the bar? I'll help in any way I can, even if it's keeping Marlene and Denzel busy teehee Sephiroth: rather hard to come up with a question for the great General, but what job would you have had if you weren't in SOLDIER? that's all for now. oh and Reno, Axel says hiiiiiii xD Twilight Dawn Hikaru *peace*
Astrid Claire chapter 7 . 11/8/2012
Okay, so one of my questions would be based on the one that SweetLittleGirl16 said. Most of these would also be guides to my own fan fictions so I hope everyone takes me seriously.

Genesis: There have been theories (though not widely known) that you were a long-lost child of Ilfana and Prof. Gast. You have the same brown hair, and the fact that your body rejected the cells that caused your degradation proved this point. It's said that it's because of your Cetra blood and the fact that you have this [passive] heritage made you able to activate the Goddess Materia in Banora. So, all in all, what if Aerith is your sister and Zack becomes your brother-in-law?

Kadaj, Yazoo & Loz: If you guys were combined, do you equal to one Sephiroth?

Angeal: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you find a Jr. 6-yrs-old Zack hanging onto Genesis' neck on his back like a monkey?

Sephiroth: Which would you choose to save in the battlefield or anywhere on anytime, Masamune or your hair?

Zack: Did you like (and I mean REALLY LIKE) any other girl besides Aerith?

Cloud: Do you prefer son or daughter? If daughter(s), what would your reaction be to twins? Oh, which SOLDIER First would you prefer to mentor you...? Or would you prefer being a Turk?

Cissnei, Elena & Zephyra (aka Martial Arts [Female Turk]): How would you react if you guys were matched up to Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth respectively as spouses? The guys could answer too.

Tifa: Would you mind bearing Cloud's twins?

Aerith: Have you done anything violent in your life?

Vincent: If you had the chance to eliminate Chaos from your body, would you do it even if it costs your life?

Reno: How would you react if you're paired with Yuffie? Just a random thought!

Michelle: I've thought of sending the children of Gen, Seph, 'Geal, Zack and Cloud; but I thought I should get your permission first. The kids are dying to reveal themselves! BTW, these children are from my alternate FF7 dimension. Seph, just a heads-up, Riku is your child here!

It might be a bit long, but I really wanted to ask these questions.
mayuluh chapter 6 . 11/4/2012
Ok, so. I read a couple or more of your fanfic (and somehow couldn't stop laughing at it.) I just want to ask a question that I've been itching to know...

(I got it from a friend.) Genesis, WHAT IF Aerith was your sister? (It kinda makes sense since they have almost same color of hair, and a few connections during Crisis Core)
I'm also encouraging the other characters' reactions. :P :) Thanks!
unicorndude chapter 7 . 7/18/2012
hey ill just get to the qustoins cloud: i dare ya to go makeout with zack zack: i dare ya to makeout with cloud cloud ad zack: did ya like that? all: i dare someone to record those to makingout and put it on youtube sephiroth:who do yoiu love?
Romans-154 chapter 7 . 12/23/2011
So...hi. There I said it...Anyways...

Vincent: *squeals* I actually get to ask you a question! BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ASK YOU! *almost faints of fangirliness* okay, so, can I go to the Gold Saucer with you? Pweaze? Almost forgot! *glomps* Oh! And *hands over a set of Kuroshitsuji* you remind of Sebastian. Watch it and you'll understand. WATCH IT!

Zack, Reno, Cloud, and Kadaj: Hey, hey, hey, we should all play ACR multiplayer and see who's the best.

Tseng: You're cute. THERE! I said it!

Yuffie: What can we steal? I need ideas of what to steal and you're the perfect ninja to go to. (besides pickpocketing with Ezio and Altair. I mean, all I get are weapons and money and ingredients for bombs and stuff!)

Rude: How many sunglasses to you have in that suit of yours?

Yazoo: *glomps*

Okay, so, Sephy (deal with the fact that I called you that. I am an Angel, too, and I have two wings! YOU CAN'T CATCH ME! *flys away*), I have this question that's been bothering me for a long time. Since I've been reading a lot of Vincent/Sephiroth fics and a lot of Cloud/Sephiroth fics, I shall ask, Who would you rather be with? Vincent or Cloud? (personally, I'd say Vincent because he's all hot and cute and mysterious and...*blushes* stop listening to me rant about you, Vince...)

That is all! For now...

Lady Xzephyr

PS. Two more things! *glomps everyone except Hojo*

Angeal: WHY?
Riayna Darkheart chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Sorry to bother, but it has been a noticeably long time since your last update. Or at last, from my point of view. I know you may be busy, but I just thought I'd send a small reminder. I admire your hard work and use of good humor in all your works, including this Q&A. Perhaps I was to rough on Cloud or someone else in my latest review? Just cut out anything you don't like if that's contributing to any problem/hesitation. I simply wish to give notice (If you haven't noticed already). Take your time and I await your next update. I thoroughly enjoy and admire your stories and the good spirit you show! Kudos to you.
glassheadnamedemma chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
Umm...yeah, hello people!

I was wondering this since the chapter about yaoi couples

*hehe* ;P

umm...none of the you guys liked your answer, so WHO would you prefer to be paired with?

Ditto girls just for fun!


PS. I think all you people are awesome!
Riayna Darkheart chapter 7 . 3/13/2011
Michelle: Wow. You are actually letting this insane author hurt Cloud Strife? .Awesome! *grins* Do you like/hate Cloud? This will determine how far I go with my one or two requests. For now, I will stick with something basic. Hopefully you've seen the original FF VII. Oh, and which Final Fantasy games/spin-offs have you played? I don't mean just FF VII games either. In all the Final Fantasy universes, which have you played/beaten?

Cloud: Don't worry . I don't have the weapons imported (yet). But I do have something to hurt (or destroy) your sense of dignity. "I want you to beg for forgiveness." Your choices to save your friends will haunt you. *evil laugh* Oh, and my 'friend' is a huge fan of yours. We are as much rivals as you and Sephiroth are.

Michelle: If you would be so kind as to pass these photos to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. *Hands over photos of Cloud cross-dressing* I am in your debt for this. Please call upon me whenever you require my assistance. (Can I do this again?)

Sephiroth: Even though you and Cloudia are able to stand each others company during this Q&A, surely you're annoyed he killed you..what was it...3 times? So now, if you won't, I'll take revenge and make him suffer. It's one of my many goals in life. Actually, come to think of it, you act pretty sane in this fic. Does the hostess have any blackmail against you? Or is it like a split-personality thing, the sane and insane? Excuse those rather (or I believe so) personal questions. Also, besides the humiliation here, I have discovered a wonderful thing called Dissidia, where I can play as you and kill Cloud ALL DAY! I've already had a level 45 you kill a level 80 Cloud 10 times today. Oh, and I was more or less joking about the whole "stab Cloud when he comes within reach" thing. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea. It wasn't to bright either.

Red XIII: Forgive me for this but...*hugs*. What? You probably would have said no anyways.

Yuffie: I happen to have a lot of materia in Crisis Core, so I'm sure the not-real-virtual-copy of Zack wouldn't mind giving you them. Here! *gives materia*

Zack: It's a virtual Zack's materia. Not yours. Um, I know I had a question for you, but I forgot...Darn! Anyways, sugar for you if you can successfully steal Cloud's sword! Besides, you wouldn't want this nice, innocent reviewer to get Omni-Slashed to death, right? That would mean no more funny pics and tid-bits of info on Cloud.

Genesis: I can't believe I forgot to question my other favorite character! I am such a bad fan. First, let me just say that you made me memorize Loveless. Second, I am now quoting Loveless to my FF VII friends and in appropriate times without hesitation. And lastly, how do you and the others fly with only one wing?

Angeal: Did you see the impact you had on Zack after you died? Besides being grief stricken and crying, he really took the Honor, pride, and dreams thing to heart. In the end, he died and passed on your sword to Cloud. The sword that you didn't use for fear of rust? Well, Cloud left it outside of Midgar, and it was pretty rusty in Advent Children. Not to upset you or anything. Just thought you should know.

Tseng: Don't worry. I won't bite. I just noticed before and after Meteor, you don't show much emotion. Is that because of your status as a Turk, or are you just indifferent to these things?

Reno: Are you serious about the cherry? Anyways, if you really want one...*gives cherry*

Kadaj: Who wants chocolate? *waves chocolate bar* Now, go tie Cloud to a tree! *hands over chocolate* This is definitely one of my better days.

Cloud: I can always have the others (with permission from the empress of this domain) do more physically painful things. I assure you by the end of my revenge, you will willingly become Seph's puppet.

I ran out of questions. I'm disappointed with myself. *sigh* It's getting late anyways. Good-bye for now, and thank you for all your hard work. Oh, and I hope I wasn't too hard on Cloud. Sorry, if you are a fan of his.
Simple Shimmers chapter 7 . 3/7/2011
Umm...sorry I'm a little nervous. So I have some questions to ask...

Angeal: My older brother Kevin was giving me and my cousins a talk about...*whispers*...sexting, phone sex and other stuff...I don't understand it so can you explain it?

P.S. Should my brother even be telling us twelve year olds that?

Yes I'm 12! *sigh* I'm probably the youngest author here...

Reno: Hmm...I got nothing except this...Why the crap do you hate Axel? *Gasp* he raped you right?

Cloud: My big brother told my younger cousin Alex this and I quote "It's okay to be gay Alex...No one will judge you" Then my younger cousin Alexa said " No sh!t sherlock Alex is Bi"...So I wanted to ask...*pokes fingers together*...Are you gay?

Vincent: *eyes wide and hides behind Michelle* Don't suck my blood! Do you sparkle, like that guy from Twilight?

Michelle: Oh you and Genesis like shakespare? Cool me too I like tragic romance. Good story and remember...its always the inoccent ones that are Sadistic (yes I'm sadistic)

Did you know most the kids at my school already...did it...*blush* today David asked Mrs. Weaver why we couldn't display affection...Mrs. Weaver replied with..."Boys are very hormonal"

Everyone: You guys are lucky at my intermidiate school you see people having you know what in the bathrooms and people making out in the hallway...

I'm never going in the girls bathroom again! *eyes wide*

Yuffie: Whats up fellow thief! I did grafitti at school with the bad kids at school...*sigh* I'm being influenced.

Zack: Lucky you have spiky hair I'm the only kid in my school with curly hair! Your not the only puppy my friends say I'm a half Poodle half Pomerainain..humph I'm not a pup!

Kadaji: Can you be my big brother? Kevin isn't exactly a good role model. Ah you get on suger highs too. LETS EAT CHOCOLATE! *hands Kadaji chocolate then eats her own* Yes Aniki You are cute! *tilts head* Is Grafitti bad?


evilly-innocent chapter 7 . 3/7/2011
omg! i've been reading this fic since u posted it! sorry it took so long for me to review... i was reading on my phone and it just let me log in so i could review D anyways i wish to give you a HUGE hug for starting this FFvii q & a and the kh boredom! i absolutely love those.. ok now for questions:

Cloud: i love you, i really do.. but you need to stop being so emo *slaps upside head*

genesis: why do you like LOVELESS so much?

yuffie: if you could steal one thing without getting in trouble for it, what would you steal?

zack: would u do me a favor and use your puppy eyes of doom to keep cloud from getting depressed? thanks D *big hug*

Sephiroth: how do you manage to keep your long hair from getting caught in anything? im having difficulties...

ok thats all i can think of for now D later!
KHGiggle chapter 7 . 3/7/2011
Aww...I don't get to ask the Tsviets questions yet? D:

I'll just have to make due until then. Here are some more questions.

Cloud: Lately, there have been a lot of FemCloud fanfics...How do you feel about that?

Yuffie: Who told you about those treasures you had Zack running all over the place for? And do you still have any of that stuff? At least one of those things ought to make good blackmail...

Hojo: You experimented on Even? No wonder he was so messed up. I thought it was just because he was your apprentice. I'll probably regret this, but what were the other experiments and side effects that he had to go through?
gstol1 chapter 7 . 3/6/2011
Time for some more questions.

Michelle: Well, Nexus is hanging by his feet... (Nexus waves to Michelle) Starblade's stuck through a tree... (shows her photo of Starblade in the tree)Vince is drunk, (jabs a thumb to the right) , and the rest... (gestures to three guys playing Halo 3) ...well, you know.

4.5: Did you know that your father is Rufus and your sister is Elena?

Seph: (holds up Masamune) Bet you could beat me? (gets into fighting stance)

Zack: I liked your hair pre-Modeoheim.

Reno: You should meet Axel. And get your butt kicked by Axel.

Tseng: You need to stop being so uptight. I suggest the 60 Years of Ni. Are you up for it?

(Axel runs behind me, screaming, Xaldin chasing him)

Well, I'm on the set of Ask Org XIII, and things- (dodges some magic) -are starting- (dodges a lance and a chakram) -to get a little hecti- (dodges an ice blast) ALRIGHT, NOW I'M PISSED! (runs after them, but remembers something and comes back)

From your kick- $$ reviewer,


(screams can be heard in the background)


Axel: (screams)
Artificially Faked chapter 7 . 3/6/2011
OMG I wanna try this! Well, I am a big Cloud fan, and when I say big, I mean BIG. So I have a couple of questions for him and the cast :D. And when I say couple, I mean A LOT. Plus I hope they're borderline-T rating lol XD

First up, Cloud - Have you ever gotten drunk while at Shin-Ra as a SOLDIER? How about after SOLDIER? And if you have (don't lie, I know you have...), what kind of things have you gotten in to. ALL DETAILS PLEASE. - Also, have you cross-dressed again ever since you saved Tifa and Aerith from Don Corneo? Did Aerith dress/perv on you?

Next up, Zack - Which of these things are you high on - crack, sugar, or coffee? And are you jealous of Leon? Cause you know, he and Cloud seem to click XD (both emo-ish, angsty and answer in VERY short sentences)

Genesis - Do you dye your hair? It looks fake... -runs-

Angeal - How are you feeling about the fact that the buster sword heirloom you gave Zack is now rusting on a cliff where Cloud left it?

Sephiroth - You know about your fan club right? Have you seen what they sent me (since I am subscribed to them after all):

"Sephiroth: 6-pack or an 8-pack?" Can you answer that? ;) Also, do you go commando while wearing your leather outfit, cause it looks EXTREMELY tight.

Everyone else - Your Gold Saucer experiences please~ Who have you brought there as dates and how did it go?

That's enough for this time, I'll be back, unless I'm dead by the end of it... XD
organization13girl chapter 7 . 3/6/2011
Vincent:Thanks Vincent,but you don't have to apologize.*smiles*

Yazoo:Will I will find Mother and get her for you sorry,I call her Mother too.

Kadaj:Yes,yes I do want to call you cute,but I won' I give you more chocolate,will you promise me to attack Cloud when you go crazy?*holds up chocolate*

Loz:I love Leon's 's cool. :)

Reno:And now I have 1,000 I might leave you alone for a while,I have a new target.

Cloud:Wrong answer.I sick 30 fangirls on you!And if he agrees,Kadaj after he's eaten chocolate!

Cid:Your welcome.I wouldn't steal from you.


Michelle:I am aloud to torture Cloud,right?

Sephiroth:Ok Sephiroth,I won't call you that.

Adios amigos!Imma go train,watch Bleach the anime,and devise torturous schemes for Cloud!*runs away*
HazzaTL3 chapter 7 . 3/6/2011
I was wondering if Loz, Kadaj, Yazoo, would like to buy jenova's toe nail clippings I found when I visited the northern crater the other week I say they're jenovas.. ad they're blue and its not nail varnish.

Also Aerith when you agree'd to go on one date with cloud did you consider how Zack like he was?

Scarlet, do you have a crush on any of the avalanche members?

Genesis I love your reciting of loveless. It's a great poem.

Dyne, .you feel about barrett looking after your daughter?

I don't normally read these FAQs but I thought I'll have a read...
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