Reviews for Set My Soul Alight
andrewpine chapter 28 . 9/13
Enjoyed the story. checked out Panta Rhei it ain't finished.
andrewpine chapter 24 . 9/13
Hopefully Eddie won't survive the fight.i hope Werewolves get him.
andrewpine chapter 23 . 9/13
I wonder if Stefan felt his mate die and if so what kind of shape is he end? also is Vicky stupid enough to go back to them after she ran off and left her to fight on her own?
andrewpine chapter 19 . 9/13
It was a given that they were going after always amazes my how she just so freely lets them back into her life after what they did to her.I don't know why Carlisle just doesn't give the coven over to Eddie since he runs it anyway.
andrewpine chapter 18 . 9/13
Vicky is talking about Charlie and Renee not Aro. also little Eddie threatens one of the Volturi Kings then assaults one of the Queens and instead of him being dismembered and thrown in the dungeons he is allowed to run off and pout like the little girl he is.I am so tired of him getting a free pass when he does something stupid that he just did because Carlisle never taught him how to be a real vampire and not a wannabe human.I wouldn't put it passed him to run to the Romanians.
andrewpine chapter 17 . 9/13
Goody let the fun has an interesting gift i wonder if she can only do it on one person at a time though?
andrewpine chapter 16 . 9/13
Looking forward to this 't wait to see little Eddie's hissy fit it should be a good one as usual.
really looking forward to see how big of a bad ass Bella is now she has finally been turned.
andrewpine chapter 15 . 9/13
Oh goody yet another emergency changing,i have never seen that should have started the change after he screwed her brains know he had to do it trying to save her life.
Lets see if he catches Renata or does she escape like Vicky keeps doing?
andrewpine chapter 13 . 9/13
I am wondering if Renata was in on Vicky getting to Bella? she did go outside to talk to someone shortly before Bella went to get her purse that Renata had taken back to the car. i figured that Vicky had hooked up with the Romanians after she ran off the night of the opera and left the country.
andrewpine chapter 12 . 9/13
Maybe she needs to tell him she wanted to be turned.
andrewpine chapter 11 . 9/13
It's nice they are getting closer,will she be wanting to be turned soon? will the squirrel munchers be coming around soon ? i am looking forward to Eddie's hissy fit when he finds out his pet is with the Volturi and with Aro also.
andrewpine chapter 10 . 9/13
So they finally she want to be turned soon? once she is turned will she still want to suck on Bambi i wonder?
andrewpine chapter 8 . 9/13
I wonder once she is turned if she will become friends with the twins? it looks like she is on her way to being friends with the other wives which is good since she will becoming one herself in the near future.
I wonder if the coven that was coming that the brothers were meeting about were the squirrel munchers?
andrewpine chapter 6 . 9/12
Unless it has to do with her shield i am surprised that Alice hadn't seen her meeting Aro .her run in with Laurent in the she did and decided not to do anything about it.
I wonder what Vicky has been doing all of these months?
Will she run into the squirrel munchers some time down the road in Volterra after she has been turned.i still think Aro should make them come and answer for their crime.
andrewpine chapter 5 . 9/12
I will be so glad when she pulls her head out of her ass and stops pining for the little fairy boy and his so called family.
Hopefully Aro will have them come to Volterra so he can have them killed for disobeying the law and not giving them a .
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