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zeynel chapter 15 . 7/4
I love this ! Inuyasha next ? Sounds fun !

It'd be fun if they visited the worlds of Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth or Ghost in the Shell, too...
Hardaliegh chapter 15 . 5/27
I love this story so much! Can't wait for the next chapter! Also, this chapter and the last chapter were very well written, I liked the pacing!
D chapter 15 . 5/27
I have been following this fic since it beginig back then... I know I seldom write and I know I never did her but this time I wanted to do it... and I keep returning only to check it from time to time, it is realy funny to see how you just trow your poor characters in some random situation. Some how I am waiting Shinishi time to shine, he just seems to lives in the present with an eye in the future in the manga, like he is here now but have the next 20 steps ahead in many directions given his all time confidence. That and a crossover with Bleach, I really think he would do a fine shinigami with his tendency to find dead bodies around him. I know he does not seems atuned for magic like Kaito but more like... X Javier or Jane from X-Men or a Capitan America from Marvel... the physic type and of course, like Sherlock Holmes said in the movie a game of Shadows, everything "he" can see everything that is happening.
I suppouse I should have seen coming Kaito to never want to return home and Shinishi craving the confort of home, bouth carachters seem to take life diferent, Kaito trough smoke and mirrors like avoiding a front confrontation and Shinishi rushing ahead of himself and putting in the front of the battle, to speak so. I say this because in the manga even thought Kaito go full prepare every heist he goes and seems to have a solution for almost everything he does not seems to be taking a position to bring down his enemies, he wants revenge taking Pandora from them leaving the police the task to catch them. He usually only involves himself when he had time to completelly prepare, he only play the game when he had set the rules of the game, the place and choosse the players in a manner to speak. I do not take away the credit he seems always to be preparing himself to the next posibility and he has amazing poker face but as I see him he would gladly leave all drama behind and live a free and careless life if he could as he was doing before KID. As a side note, It was upseting to take her mother from him in the last stages of the manga I prefered the idea of him having a loving place to return and the fact he would prefere not being there spoke volumes to me of his desire of live another life, because he seems more lika a lonley figure to me, having all the pepople around him at arms reach but far from him and never full explainig his intentions... choosing to leave home in order to evade the true that his father is not there without really thinkig in his own mother waiting for him, that among other things...
About Shinishi, he just have things happening to him, at diference of Kaito it seems as if he has this great plan for him and his life and just things keep coming his ways and he become a master in reacting accordling his surrounding, he prepared his mind and body to react and act with lighting speed in order to return everything to his perfect and careful constructed life. He prepares his mind and senses in order to be abble to survive and get out victorious in any situation without matter the circunstances. And he seems more home sick that people seems to notice, he prefered what he knew instead of going around the world with his parent, even as Conan he creates a close circle of people around him in many levels that help him to reach for this perfect life he seems to crave, a warm home, loyal friends to spend free time (Detectives Boys), colegues (FBI, CIA, PD...), friends to trust and go for when problem arise (Neiji and Haibara), etc. Another great difference that most people seems to overlook, he is good at networking and become a lider and then moving the strings behind the shadows. The FBI actually kind of treat him as an equal or in some forms as a boss, he can be on comand if he wants, the Tokio PD is the same but only a few manage to get concious that Conan is the one pulling the strings (Akai, Takagi, Haibara, Vermounth) and we are talking about full grown adults taking orders from a little boy of six to seven years! Not even Shinishi!. While Kaito keep every one out, Shinishi choose and leave people in to different levels of himself, I think close to him will be Ran, Neiji, Prof. Agasa, and in sone form Haibara but at the same time she is clearly in his list to protect at all cost even from himself and his parents to whom I think he respects and care for them but some how he grow detached from them after "leave him behind" at not considering his desire of an stable life (I do not say is true, only how I think he must feel down there). About the part of going ahead, againg, because things keep happening to him he choose to confront them in the moment, that is how he became a detective, instead of going back and becomin a spectator he takes the spotlight and help solve the crime and return to his safe spot, that put him in Conan body, and that makes him form bonds with people that could help him in the future, he is a team player, he knows he is the head but he knows too that in order to win he needs his team. If we look the sports they prefer it shows this difference again, Kaito plays poker, he relay only in himself and luck, Shinishi soccer, he put trust in his team members, practice and allows himself to be vulnerable to other people actions. As a Conan he needs to go in hiding but he keeps looking for and investigating the men in black taking an active spot in bring them down, nor only for himself but for their crimes too. He hides but not at the same time. His preparation is all about himself, information, knowledge, intuition and trainig himself but trainig people around him too, he has show he is capable to do things for himself (he had a couple of years living alone) but he prefers to have a team that help him reach a bigger spectrum of possibilities and solutions. That is why and how I think he manage to overpower KID, while KID have everything planed ahead Conan must unravel all as things happens, think at his feets and get this happening asap and thanks to his network he manage to create more outcomes favorable to him than KID that only have one assistant. Conan/Shinishi clearly is not really interested in put KID behind bars and Kaito usually manage to escape in the last second many times so it makes me wonder who really should be abble to win if bouth are serious abot their little game of cat and mouse.
I think around the clock Shinishi is in a more stable and healthy relation with himself and the world but is slowly drowning in lies in order to just keep going chasing what he wants. He seems to know the bill for Conan will be expensive as hell but he still does not manage to assest how big it will be in his life and how much of the aftermath could change him. While Kaito, I thik he seems to try to avoid to pat the bill for KID, he seems in denial about his father death (I read that somewhere, something how in japanese he always speeks as if his father where alive), he prefers to live noy only with a poker face but with a poker life, Kaito has all in his life planned and clear, he is in control, but the, there is KID, Kaito and KID can not merge, KID destroyed part of the life of Aoko the only person Kaito seems to gave entraance to his life, KID is the alter ego of Kaito and he does not seems to be quite an stable character, Kaito has his somber moments and say he understand but again, as KID there is all about mirrors, smoke, create the biggest show ever and a battle of egos and witt whit the PD, Conan, Suguru, revenge, exposing his father murders and kind of like a huge cocktel of intense emotions to compensate for something. Kaito is this happy, easy going character whitout more dept who crave the spothlight and in between in them is somber Kaito that is alone planing the next big thing alwayd by himsel. It does not seems sane, even if he avoids KID's bill it will be a matter of time since he found another thing where he can leave all behind and just forget himself.
How this is about your fic, well, in the way how Kaito is triving with life living without having to think so deep ahead, living the life of the world he is trow without having to built a sense of responability or belonging anywhere. He keeps getting his sense of rush and running fron his ghost while spendig time with one of the few persons he could see as an equal and who is doing in the relation some how the control damage. While Shinishi is craving going home and normalcy, he wants to belong, to create ties and asume responsabilities, he had sudenly all his preparations an careful put together plans destroyed so he is taking time to adapt, he goes as fast as he can but he still does not have like enough to feel confident. It took Conan a while to be abble to reach where he is, to learn about his new world and it will take Shinishi a while to learn and the fact he star to analize, record, document and self teach about the worlds I thinks should pay soon. Because the knowledge he is obtaining must sum something, while Kaito lives the now and preparing his tools for an incertan future, Shinishi lives now while forming a mental map of the rules and knowledge that could help him to reach his long life plan of confort, stability and social responsabilty. And why I think he carry part of the relationship of bouth, obvious KID is in charge of the romantic part because it is part of the flirting part of his persona but Shinishi is the one acepting to have his boundaries pushed, he is letting Kaito in, not the other way around. Shinishi worms himself in Kaito as he does whit all the people around him, he must have to have this kind of charisma that gains people hearts intead of their attention (Kaito's charisma they like him but that is all). Bouth are social persons in some form but while Kaito does not let any one inside of his space Shinishi acept him and let him being himself, only guidance when needed, Kaito has to realize he wants Shinishi in his life in order to take action but, instead to just say
Boxy chapter 15 . 5/20
Can I just say this is my favorite crossover story ever! an Ive been reading this story for years! and Im soo Excited your going to do the next chapter with a crossover of Inuyasha! It’s like one of my most favorite anime and manga! Beside’s Detective Conan and Magic Kaito! So thanks so much for writing this story!
GenderlessPerson chapter 15 . 5/10
Thanks so much for updating! Chapter's briliant as per usual. I wonder how the duo will fair in Inuyasha. Hmm hmm.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/9
Thank you for this chapter. It's lovely I love them so much! I'm sorry my english is no better.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/2
I've never been so happy in my life to come back to this story to find out it has been updated from the last time I've been here xD

I am craving for more! MUAHAHA!

As always, magnificient and simply amazing story
PipeDream chapter 15 . 5/1
My god that was spectacular
I wasn't expecting to like this chapter as much as I did! You're so damn good at bringing us eh at we want from whatever context and I love that about this series!
Plus can't go wrong NORMAL LYNN
With you writing it in this AU it's gonna be goddamn fantastic
rootbeerandmusic chapter 10 . 4/28
I really love this story! When I saw the update for chapter 15 I got so excited and then I decided to reread then entire thing! And I'm super happy I did but about halfway through chapter 10 I realized I haven't commented and all and I'm sorry to try that! I think this story deserves a ton of kudos and praise! I can't put my thoughts into words well but I really love how you write both Kaito and shinichi! I haven't read a lot of the original works that the world's you choose come from so it's cool to be able to read about them like this. Im especially excited for chapter 16 because I've been thinking of reading and/or watching that show for a while now!
rootbeerandmusic chapter 15 . 4/19
I really love this! I'm kind if hungry now tho lol
Super excited for the next world!
CureCaligraphy chapter 14 . 4/4
I'm fangirling
very hard
holy shit
i don't even ship this, the plot just sounded interesting- and then- SHIP. Just like that. Wham.
I now ship Kaishin. Even though I already ship Ranshin. Oh well, guess I'll only ship that in the canon.
Wren Truesong chapter 15 . 3/19
Oh wow; you make Toriko really, seriously fascinating. And this island in general! *puts Toriko in her Crunchyroll queue*

It's also nice to see them come to some realizations that travelling could actually be really fun if they controlled it. They've learned so much, and they really are having fun, after all.
RainyDaze chapter 15 . 3/18
Yo, it would totally be a dope idea if Shinichi and Kaito ended up being summoned in the Familiar of Zero world. Think about it, Shinichi helping Louise figure out what's wrong with her magic with Kaito giving her tips on self confidence.
Anano Jinseite chapter 8 . 3/18
ohohohoho so a kiss could do that huh. im hoping this is a plot tool for future use hmm yes eUe
aoin88 chapter 15 . 3/12
This is amazing! I look forward for the next chapter.
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