Reviews for Knowing the Difference
yolo chapter 20 . 5/3
really good...when will you be updating it?
AmyPC chapter 20 . 3/27
This is one of my favorite LoVe stories. I do believe Chapter 19 is a nice ending, but knowing there was once a epilogue that was later pulled for editing makes me so very curious! Is there any way or place to read the epilogue? Thanks for writing and sharing.
Pentastic chapter 20 . 2/3
good story
Nolimit2myimagination chapter 14 . 8/31/2016
This is awesome! I'm absolutely enjoying reading it! Please tell me that it has an ending on here. I would be unbelievably bummed if it didn't.
You're doing an amazing job! :)
aperfectsong chapter 19 . 5/13/2016
I just read this whole story after reading one of your other stories and I love how well you portray the characters. They're witty and real, even the ones people usually gloss over - like Piz. You managed to make me feel like I was watching new episodes of the show, especially in every interaction with Dick. I laughed out loud at so many of them - and I ended up showing a few sections to my husband, and even he commented how in character everyone seemed. ) I really enjoyed this!
JeniLyn chapter 20 . 5/6/2016
Hey! When you say your fics will be done by end of year, do you mean this one too?
Guest chapter 20 . 2/15/2016
I really, really enjoyed this whole things. I enjoyed all the multiple peraepctoves and I was able to recapture the magic of the VM world.
brittany4824 chapter 19 . 1/5/2016
All I have to say is, "wow." This was one of the best (and my personal favorite) fanfics of all time. Honestly, you're the reason I even got back into the whole gig!
Thank you for your thoughtfulness as an author and a fan. You had me on the edge of my seat from the very first paragraph to the last.
You knew your characters, and you did them justice.
So thank you.
Guest chapter 14 . 11/27/2015
Finally Piz and V are realized and admitting, what everyone sees months ago, they are not fitting, they share nearly nothing, they are so different!

Perfect V and Wallace's apologizes! Interesting Wallace's thoughts about Logan! I love his descriptions about Logan and Veronica's relationship, the intimacy that shows between them only by a look!

I can completely see Logan's picture of him and Veronica, great descriptions, it made me smile!
Logan not calling Debbie and not sleeping with her is so satisfying, I love that he is dealing with his feeling, problems otherwise.
Logan's thought about family was painful, I feel so much for him! You made me all emotional!
V's voice mail for Logan is so good! After a difficult the day she wants to hear him!

I love you use of Wuthering Heights and the connection with V's life! I love all the literature references, (you were an English major, right?)
And Logan defending Heathcliff is PRICELESS! All the similitude with Logan...

I love V inviting Logan to Thanksgiving! I love that Logan is volunteering at the Neptune National Bank. I think this portrays well Logan!His Thanksgiving flashback is painful, so powerful. You write Logan traumatic scenes with his father brilliantly, I always felt so much, I had goosebumps!

Emily and Piz are really sharing something, actually more than V and Piz after 7 months...

Terrifying Veronica's thought about her life and its similarities with her mother!
The last part, V on the beach is excellent and I was waiting for so long for her to affronts her emotions and to acknowledges her feelings for Logan and realized what her relationship with Piz was really. this's gold!
Laetitia chapter 13 . 11/27/2015
Great scene in Lit class, I love V's souvenirs about fun sexy time in the past! And Logan able to read her, I love " You looked the same way you did that night we went to la Belle Fleur" it made my stomach flutters.
You're a genius with the reference, without knowing it (or maybe it was RT doing a KTD reference;), of V ripping Logan's clothes! And the check please.

Oh Poor Wallace, he never had chance with women.

Casey and Mac relationship makes me glad for Mac, she deserves a loving, caring guy! I love the way you develop Casey's character!

Mac had the best kind of advice! It's great that she can call V's nonsense and bring her perspective about her life and her choices, I really enjoy their friendship and how you make it develop, they confide.
And big kudos to you because you make me appreciate Mac and Dick's relationship, I find their sort of friendship refreshing!

I love your story because you demonstrate with all small stuff why Logan and Veronica belong together and their strong feeling toward each other:
-The difference of jealousy V shows considering Logan's possible other girls and Piz eventual attraction to Emily speaks big word! I love how possessive and jealous she is with Logan and not with other!
- the way they talk, they confides in each other
-how they are synchronized with each other, laughing at the same time, sharing looks, understanding, reading the other.

Logan's line "Well it's always best to come clean first,... I learned that the hard way" breaks my heart!

Veronica and Wallace "fight" is completely realistic, completely them, excellent characterization of both.
I feel Veronica's breakdown, it hurts!
Alicia is great, so important that Veronica has something resembling of a female figure in her life.

Excellent emotional chapter!

Arg in my excitement I forgot to write my name to my last review, in case it wasn't clear (although I think my English or my rambling give me away)!
Rangerbabe chapter 14 . 11/24/2015
Congrats on 1000 reviews. It's an epic story and totally deserving of such success!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/23/2015
The Byronic hero stuff is EXCELLENT, I love the conversation, perfect analogy! It so fits Logan! perfect lines: "It's like she's reading your profile off of Match dot com" and "Sometimes they're even sitting right next to you"! I enjoy the poems and Logan's flashbacks: her first I love you and the comfortableness between them!
Logan seeing Veronica and Piz hurts, Poor Logan, I'm like him: what is she still doing with him?
I laugh so hard at Logan's comment about his plaque and his "it's Logan with one L" Priceless!
The Logan and Mac's friendship is really enjoyable, I love that Logan has Mac as friends! It's very satisfying and great when Mac tells him not to give up and how she sees their relationship.
Heather is awesome!
V sharing part of her life and taking Logan with her in case is not only super satisfying but it's considerable progress for them! I love V's jealousy.
Charlie's scene hurts so much, oh god Logan, I'm hurting!

Whoa Logan's party...
V's heartfelt present makes my heart swell! I love their time together, their banter, their easy and deep connection, attraction! The Sway scene is perfect, all the emotion we can feel, the locking eyes gives me goosebumps! And the tension when he asks for a birthday kiss, I had butterflies in my belly...!
This story is excellent!

Yes, I'm the 1000 review, congrats! This story and your writing deserve it!
Laetitia chapter 11 . 11/23/2015
Oh I need to hurry, I want to be the one who post the 1000 review!

Excellent chapter! You love party or writing party didn't you? When reading it I remember Mr. Darcy one's and BbaK ones! And it made me all nostalgic about this two adored stories of mine!You manage to mix greatly fun times like Mac and Casey making out and heavy stuff, like mourning, forgiving Cassidy and remembering Lilly!

My favorite POV was Logan, of course, V's comes shortly second! I love that they manage to get over the nearly Madison's incident and spend time together during this rough night. I love how they comfort each other, being together and sharing Lilly's memories and Lilly's love make this anniversary easier for them and their connections, bond is showing strong in those scenes.

The flashbacks are excellent, they give me plenty of feels! When Logan wondering in one of the flashback what kissing V would have been and it makes me so happy because of Bound by a Kiss and what happened in this story! And V's thought about falling in love (Bound again) and she is only considering Logan when she thinks about falling in love!

And I really enjoy Casey/ Mac times and even Dick and Mac ones! I love that you gave Dick's character depth.

Actually this story is perfect for all the stuff not addressing in the show or badly handled! Here particularly Mac's and Dick's feelings toward Cassidy and what he had done! And Logan and Veronica remembering, mourning Lilly. I love it!
Rangerbabe chapter 13 . 11/23/2015
A really great chapter. You have such a wonderful way of getting the emotions to come across so clearly
esomi chapter 19 . 11/22/2015
Thank you for this amazing, rich and well-thought story. It was a pleasure reading something with such complex characters and believable plot. I LOVED Whedonverse references, after "did I fall asleep" I thought that maybe I was just seeing things but shooting someone politely?:) Thank you and great job!
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