Reviews for A Ruined Image
Fried Chicken chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
sure i do come a bit late... nearly a year after this story was posted but...

It sure is interesting to see Sami interact with the dark face of the moon aka Eagle the man, not the hero he represents... Because i can't imagine Sami being involved with him while he is a jerk...(there is a quote like this in AWDS where he wants her to be at the rear where it is safe and she calls him a jerk...)

I also like how you put subtly the relationship Sami has with Nell/Sonja... People often misses it when it comes to writing fanfiction and it adds a touch of realism; simply because this is not something as evident as her crush, it shows that you have done your research...

I am a bit sad to see that this is a one-shot (because it is complete...), i would have liked to see Eagle trying to redeem himself...(if he manages to do so that is...)

Anyways it is a good story and thanks for having posted it!