Reviews for Blood of the Saiyans
thai.khmerican chapter 7 . 10/19
Chrisfragger chapter 2 . 8/17
So... A senzu bean couldn't fix Goku's eye?
daviduchiha9 chapter 9 . 7/5
Sorry but your story is shit
JimmyHall24 chapter 9 . 6/9
Fuck Annin. Fuck Kami. Fuck them all. ChiChi couldn't handle it so she kills herself and despite being a good person in life she still ends up hell? Fuck that. xD
Max chapter 13 . 5/29
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 13 . 5/22
This crap is why I don't watch shows like Game of Thrones. *sigh* way to much drama for DBZ dude. This is why I wanted Goku and Bulma paired once Chichi was dead.

Good writing though. Your a good author despite your subject matter and me not getting along.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 12 . 5/22
Poor Goku. Oh well, as long as Annin doesn't send him to the Blue Oyster or castrate him then most any punishment would be worth it.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 9 . 5/22
FUCK! Man I wanted GokuxBulma. What a rip off.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 7 . 5/22
Damn, Now that is an Ox King. Thats my boy! Also, way to go Krillin. Being useful for the first time. And Bulma lol I love her scouter app with a record function along the little scouter icon on her laptop. Now I want one. Bulma is always at her best being the blue bombshell super genius and Gokus best friend than being regulated to chichi 2 like in Canon. Her blutz wave cannon is one of the things I loved from GT, basically a it's a cannon that gives instant side affects ofa full moon or the moonball attack. Because science! And Dynocaps. Everyone forgets just how useful Dynocaps could be. Just think, carrying a large supply of senzu beans, or saiyan armor, how about 7 namekian Dragonballs? *wink*
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 6 . 5/22
Holy Shit! I hated what Chichi became but I never would have expected suicide. God damn. Whoa. That's heavy man.

Think happy thoughts. Well thank you for the Bardock minor role. He is my favorite saiyan so I'm happy he was able to spend even a little time with Goku. I especially love his, "Your mother named you Kakarot so that's what I'll call you dumbass. Now come give your old man a hug and let's get to work making you a badass." Very brutish, perfect for a saiyan warrior. And yet very sentimental. A man's man with the heart of a father. I love it.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 4 . 5/22
Damn. Sure Yamcha is dead, but Krillin is still alive. And Bulma is hurt. Then again Chichi is dead.
Win some lose some.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 3 . 5/22
Please let it be GokuxBulma. That's my favorite pairing.
On an unrelated note Krillinx18 is my least favorite. I hate that pairing.
Sasuke75249 chapter 13 . 5/3
Darkjaden chapter 12 . 2/13
Guest chapter 1 . 10/20/2015
What the fuck is a Kamahamaha wave? Are you trolling, or really that stupid?
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