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VelociraptorLove chapter 12 . 1/28/2020
' The light disappeared, leaving in its place Riddick, gripping a still paralyzed Lurich's shirt.
"YOU COULD HAVE JUST LEFT ME THERE!" Lurich shouted. Riddick ignored him. "
XD poor Lurich, but Riddick's here so here comes the fun

" Lorelie smiled. "I guess, Master Riddick, friendships sometimes come in strange ways."
Cheese, but yes, that is correct X3

" —and Lurich, for obvious reasons. "

Naw, sweet ending
Honestly, I really enjoyed it, it was fun and goofy and made me legitimately laugh XD thank you for pointing me to it!
I'm glad it didn't land on a cliffhanger otherwise I probably would have asked for a summary of how the rp went from there lol, but it actually has a pretty satisfying ending! Thank you again for all you do!
Now, off to the next adventure X3
VelociraptorLove chapter 11 . 1/28/2020
" Heart of a Warrior, Mouth of an Idiot "
XDD love that

"/Doesn't matter. What matters is I find Zim, and drag that stupid spaceboy out and back to Earth where he belongs./ Dib blinked for a moment. Where he belongs? "
X3 naaaaaaw

" He was only taking him back so he could study his insides. "
Lol yeah, you keep telling yourself that Dib, we all know how you really feel

X3 naaaaaaaw! Dib found Zim still playing with Cranic

XD oh hey Mutan, I was hoping to see you again, I'm still curious why you left Dib alive

Aww Mutan seems worried that Dib has internal bleeding :3

Naaaw! Zim verbally defending Dib!

" Mutan just stared at the blood on the floor, his face scrunching in sadness. "
TxT he feels bad for Dib

" Mutan's expression was pained as he upper cut Dib weakly in the stomach, just to stop his flailing. "
T_T poor Dib

"Stop!" Zim shouted, throwing himself against the bars. "If anyone kills the earth-smell, it's me, get away from him!" But something like panic lit his eyes. "
Zim cares T_T

" Zim isn't through with you yet. Get up! We have to get out of here!" But Dib just lay there, groaning. "
DX please stop acting like you're going to kill Dib in every fic XDDD

"Mutan." Dib pulled himself up unsteadily. "I'm Dib. If you're ever by Earth again, come by and say hi… but I have to go."
Naw, Dib made a friend x3

Ooo fight with Riddick next chapter~ *evil grin*
VelociraptorLove chapter 10 . 1/28/2020
XD this crazy Irken is too much fun

"Your hair looks like a mouth wiv teeth. Monster teeth!"
XD yeah, I can see that lol

X, DDDD oh no! There's two of them! Poor Gaz lol!
VelociraptorLove chapter 9 . 1/28/2020
Naaw that author's note T.T thankfully I've never worked fast food, but I've worked in a deli at a grocery store that routinely was 5-20 customers deep and I've had friends work in I feel ya author

XD Membrane looking at alien lab equipment like a starving man looks at a buffet

Okay, honestly, I LOVE that Membrane's collar is uncrushable! That is so neat and clever and I love it!

XD this seems like a very unfair fight, yet they're both giving and taking their fair share of punches

Ooo there goes Membrane, finally getting it through his thick skull that these are actually aliens lol

" Lurich rolled his head around. "And since ya beat me, I'll tell ya where Zim is. "
XDD ah, I see we're playing by video game rules XD defeat the boss get the info

XD Lurich offering the lab to Membrane followed by them being confused by the other's organ lol
VelociraptorLove chapter 8 . 1/28/2020
RRRRAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH!" Golgion leaped into the air, landing ten feet from Dib. Snarling, he crouched, staring at the boy, waiting for him to make the first move. With shaking hands, Dib pulled out a squirt gun..."
X,DDD yes.

It's basically like using a squit bottle on a cat XD

" Chuckling, the Professor threw more to Dib. "Of course not! It's not supposed to do much. Take some more!"
XD Membrane over here about to commit a murder lol

XDDD GIR just out of the blue lol

" Golgion grunted in pain, but retained his grip on Gaz. His back was large enough to shield her from any stray fire, but all the hits were taking their toll. He looked at Gaz, and set her down slowly. "
XDD I'm getting some pretty strong King Kong vibes here lol

Lol I was right XDD

" ...Riddick's face. Mild astonishment troubled his features. "Well well… that was… okay, I'm not exactly sure what it was. But do come in. We have plenty more where that came from."
XDD Riddick is just so confused and I love it
VelociraptorLove chapter 7 . 1/28/2020
XD Cranic is so cute

" Tumbling back, Cranic bumped his head on the floor of the cage. His eyes filled slowly, and he sniffed.
Alarmed, Zim stood. "Oh no… no no no no no…"
*Slow evil laughter*

" Zim paused to consider. He had few options. He could try to send the baby back to the crib, but that hadn't worked yet. He could set the baby down and risk it crying again—not an option. Or he could attempt to amuse the baby and keep it happy "
Ooooor~ you could walk right out the cage while holding Cranic cause I bet the security system won't risk hurting the Smeet lol

" On a whim, Zim hefted him a little, then pretended that Cranic was a ship, flying him around the cage and making zooming noises. Beside himself with joy, Cranic stretched his arms, out, waving them and babbling happily. No one else ever took the time to play with him like this, and he loved every second of it. "

" With a grin, Zim began making ridiculous faces at Cranic, who copied each and every one of them. "

Diiiib! 8D

"Believe me, you'd better give him Zim back. Otherwise he'll never shut up, and I'll have to get involved. You won't like that."
XD Gaz, you truly are a terrifying sister and I love it

Membrane is so dumb for a scientist lol, aren't they supposed to keep an open mind and let evidence speak for itself? But nooo he's always gotta find excuses lol
VelociraptorLove chapter 6 . 1/27/2020
XD Zim you're so deep in denial about your situation that you're /under/ Egypt

"Sorry Mr. Zim… but, um… Master Riddick doesn't like people escaping…. It, um… makes him mad."
XD poor Zim, but then, seeing Riddick mad is fun, so I hope he's able to escape

" Zim continued staring, trying to bring his scattered thoughts together. The Empire considered those acts failures? His greatest accomplishments? "
XD poor Zim

" Lorelie huffed. "Over the communicator they told us they didn't even plan on sending you to a planet. They just pointed in space, and Earth just happened… to… be… there…" She covered her mouth, "I'm… I'm sorry…"
Zim stared at her for two full minutes, allowing her statement to sink in. He turned his face away, antennae going limp. "
TxT poor Zim

" Leave and take that horrible baby with you so I can self-destruct in peace."
TxT Ziiiimm

"Family." Zim shorted, turning away again. "The Dib-stink has one of those. Irkens aren't supposed to have families."
Zim? Is that your way of saying you think of Dib as your family~?

" Zim tilted his head, thinking for a minute. His eyes widened, and he moaned, "If that's the case, and you're like a family… then the closest thing I have to family is the Dib-smell… oh that is a horrible thought."
Yes! My heart!

"I mean, could you imagine your life without him?"
"Not," he replied sourly, "That I have much choice at the moment… but probably no."
"See. He's almost like a brother to you." She beamed. "
X3 yeess

Awww even Lorelie noticed that Dib was trying to rescue Zim cause he cares and not just cause he wants proof
VelociraptorLove chapter 5 . 1/27/2020
"I SAID, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE DIB-STINK?" Zim shrieked, slashing at the red light with his claws. "
Naaw Zim cares x3

" Excited, Zim beamed, "They mean to promote me? Well why didn't you say so, I would have come with you if you'd told me that."
Lurich stared at Zim in disbelief. "And I thought I was thick-headed."
Lol Zim you adorable idiot

" "Son," the Professor sighed, "I'm sure he wasn't kidnapped by non-existant aliens. Maybe he just found some new chums with green skin and no ears to make social conversation with."
XD ohmyword Membrane you absolute moron

X,D all this santa talk

" "Now son, that is too much weaponry to handle non-existent 'you have no proof' aliens. You would need people to assist you in not battling the non-existent aliens so you could not save Zim from his non-impending doom."
Blinking, Dib took a few moments to unravel his father's convoluted statement. "Wait, are you saying you're coming?"
X,,,DDDD yeeessss

"Now daughter, it could be a learning experience to not see aliens not being extraterrestrial."
This is so rediculous and I LOVE it XDD

Only Membrane could truly be this deep in denial XD
VelociraptorLove chapter 4 . 1/27/2020
" Deftly stepping around Cranic, Dib sidled up to Klitia and whispered, "I think Cranic is hiding candy from you."
XDD Dib!

" A snicker sounded from behind Dib. He glanced up to see Lurich brushing off his shoulders. "I've used that trick more than once. Never fails."

" Casually leaning against a red wall, Lurich smiled "Nah. I'm good."

XDDD Dib dumping candy on Cranic
I think the reason I'm so amused by this is because I actually always carry around pocket candy to snack on or hand out lol

" With a gleeful clap of his hands, Lurich peered over eagerly. "And here we go!"
Lol, I'm also enjoying Lurich's reaction to this

XD Dib, just using a baby as a hostage

XD Lurich just watching, not even trying to help XD

" Mutan withdrew, eyeing the human. He wasn't Irken, or he definitely would have been dead by now, but there was something else. Something beyond stubbornness. The boy was obviously afraid, he reeked of fear, but he refused to give up. "
It's cause Humans fight through their fear! And Dib is stubborn~

" Eyes narrowed, Zim muttered, "Good Irk, I'd have left a long time ago. What the flirk is he still doing here?"
It's cause Dib cares for ya spaceboy

Naw X3 Mutan's going easy on Dib
Aww he put him to sleep
VelociraptorLove chapter 3 . 1/26/2020
" Dib was ecstatic. "OH WOW, OH WOW! THIS IS TOO COOL! Hey Zim, is this one of your Tallests? Huh? Huh?"
"Of course not, you insignificant imbecile," Zim returned, "He looks too stupid to be a Tallest."
XDD Zim you adorable idiot

"This may be interesting to watch," Riddick commented, leaning on his cane. "
Lol I'm right there with you Riddick

XD poor Zim

XD Dib I think you have some bigger concerns than keeping Zim alive simply for proof

XDDD Dib just, trying to be all assertive and command that Riddick let Zim go so he can have proof

" But don't you think someone would notice the giant ship in the sky, and all the green aliens? Or are your people that dimwitted?"
Biting back his anger, Dib grated, "At times, yes! "

Naaaw Dib ran to catch Cranic, even though that plan didn't work, it was sweet of him to try lol

" Once again, Zim attempted to run, and once again, he smacked into a wall. "So… much… HATE…"
XDD poor Zim

*Snorts* Dib running back with a fistful of cash like that's gonna do anything

XD is Dib about to use a baby as a barging chip/hostage? Lol
VelociraptorLove chapter 2 . 1/25/2020
Lol Gaz

" Now if you are not going to help, go back to your miserable existence far away from Zim before I turn your planet to rubble!"
Dib arched an eyebrow. "But you're already planning to do that…"
Zim paused. "Oh yeah… DO NOT DISTRACT ZIM! And give me that camera!" He turned, lunging for Dib.
XDD I'm loving these character interactions

"...cartwheeling toward Dib. "
*Wheeze laughing*

XD Zim, why are you throwing rocks and such? You have PAK lasers

" Riddick snorted. "She's always a sucker for candy. And Irkens."
"You want it?" Dib pulled it away a little. "Huuuuuh? You want… Irkens? What are you talking about?" He glanced back at Riddick, a little alarmed.
Riddick tilted his head. "Didn't I mention? She eats Irkens."
XD ohmyword, I'm loving this so much, I think I've been reading to much angst cause this comedy is gold

*Snorts laughing* Zim just assuming Dib is tempted to try Irken cause Klitia says it's tasty
Lol then Dib sighs and is like "doesn't matter, I need Zim alive" like he's disappointed by that fact XD

Poor Riddick is the embodiment of Scar from the Lion King sighing and saying "I'm surrounded by idiots" XD

8D WHAT! a seven foot Irken!

" His confidence in attaining victory had just dropped a few notches. "
Lol, only a few notches? Man, Zim your confidence must be really strong if it didn't simply shatter at the sight of a muscular Tallest lol
VelociraptorLove chapter 1 . 1/25/2020
*waves* hey, VelociraptorAddict here! ( doesn't allow usernames that long lol)
also doesn't allow emojis or the "v" shape symbols so half my reaction faces fly right out the window XD but hopefully we can make this work X3
So, let's get too it!

" Zim leaped three feet into the air. On landing, he spun around, lasers extended "
Lol, Zim scaring like a cat

Aw poor Zim XD Riddick is taller than him

" The Irken opened his mouth to answer, but Zim shouted, "AREN'T YOU?" The Irken paused, then tried again, only to be over-screamed by "AREN'T YOU?"

XDD Zim has a bounty, poor bug

Lol oh no! Zim's base!

Klitia sounds like a fun character, but it just me or uh...does her name sound *whispers* dirty?

" Klitia turned and stared at Zim. "Who's that, Master Riddick?"
Riddick sighed as Zim continued attacking the impenetrable red light with his spiderlegs. "Klitia, remember the meeting we held about the bounty?"
She blinked. "Uh-huh."
Zim shouted in frustration. "Coward!"
Riddick continued. "And the other meeting about the plan to capture the Irken of the bounty?"
"And the big picsture of the Irken who has the bounty?"
"Uh huh.
"So," Riddick pointed his cane toward Zim. "Who do you think he is?" Zim was raining blows on the shielding, accomplishing absolutely nothing.
Klitia stared at Zim for a long time, then turned back to Riddick. "A friend of yours?"
Riddick closed his eyes. "I don't have friends, Klitia."
She grinned. "You have meeeeeee!"
XDDDDD Honestly this whole exchange is /gold/!

"He's… um… out cold… when Klitia jumped out he tried to stop her and… um…sorry."

XDDDDDD ohmyword now Dib's here lol
XDD and he just runs off!
XDD and Zim commanding him to come back and help

Poor Riddick XD

Definitely seems a lot more light-hearted than your usual stuff and I'm enjoying myself! Thanks for the recommendation X3
EmeraldSeaGamer chapter 12 . 9/29/2015
I enjoyed every moment of that. It was so great oh my gog
Ribke chapter 1 . 5/15/2013
If he was a spacecraft, he would be soooo boned against da robot bee xD
Wintress chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
Lol Dib going all fangirly.
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