Reviews for The Crack in the Lifestyle
waterbeatsfire chapter 3 . 3/20/2011
this idea is insanely original! soo cute, quite romantic. plus, it sort of maybe kind of sticks to the story. well, it takes it in a different direction, but still. great artistic license going on here! please write more :O)
Fatefulldestiny chapter 3 . 3/1/2011
I love this! I guess it a little fucked up that i laugh at it when i have this problem... Ironic thing is i have my name wich is a normal name but they have these out of wack first and last names... Other funny thing two last names are xionx and leonent... So close... Anyway sorry for rambling but please update soon!
krebsandoutrage chapter 3 . 2/27/2011
Whoa. I really like where this is going. Keep up the good work!
RoxyPoxy chapter 3 . 2/25/2011
Slutty Sora that's hott I swear I need moar!
RainbowNinjaD chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
Huh. I never thought about it the way Sora explained before. Very interesting. I like Sora a lot in this story. Sora the Whore-a.
XxXDevil-Chan chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I kind of love Sora even though he's a total slut, but now i want to know how it works in there as well. How do they decide who gets to come out?
qilorar chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
great chapter!
Becoming-Obsessed chapter 3 . 2/23/2011
Wonderful as usual~ I think this was your quirkiest chapter yet. :heart:

Wouldn't you like to know~!""

XxXDevil-Chan chapter 2 . 1/1/2011
I finally got around to reading this and OMG i love it. I love the twist you put in with the alter egos and all. :D
RainbowNinjaD chapter 2 . 12/26/2010
I looove iiiit! I've always loved the idea of a crazy DID Roxas and, sadly, there is a lack of those fanfics. So! I'm incredibly happy with this one so far!
qilorar chapter 2 . 12/21/2010
aww, nice chapter I really loved it, also I like sweet Axel
Sora-Hikou chapter 2 . 12/21/2010
This is really cute!~

I can't wait to see how it develops~

The idea of Roxas having 49674389643 personalities is great. xD There's only like, a hundred different "Sora"s in KH. /fortheloveofgod. So yeah, nice to see them all together. lolol
Functionless chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
Love it! I like the idea of two souls, one body. 10 out of 10. I am definitely going to stick with this story :D
qilorar chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
loved it! please write more!
Redfaerie chapter 1 . 12/11/2010
Woohoo! Awesome new story is awesome! You know what else is awesome here? Axel. Serious brownie points for Axel. Thumbs down for evil Sora ( EEEEEEEEEViiiiiilllll!) Which is sad because I usually love Sora. But Axel is not his and so he should keep his horny little hands to himself. And oh yeah, I totally caught all the insinuation that Roxas has more than 1 other soul. I'm going to guess he has...def three, possibly four. Roxas, Sora, Ventus, Venitus. I can't wait to see where you take this. if you need a beta for it I'm totally open. I can't wait for TKHS to end (Although I will be sad, but hey, I like finished stories. I must know how it ends. I must!) Anyways, thumbs down for un-awesome Zack and stupid, sabotaging, Terra. RIKU DESERVES LOVE TOO! And I'd totally want him with Sora except... That's Roxas's body... Axel's only..." Keep off the grass" and all that...

Anyways I can't wait for more. Expect pestering. Oh yes, there will be (blood...JK... had to XD ) pestering! I KNOW WHERE YOUR INBOX IS!

Much love,

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