Reviews for Scream of the Daleks
Ace of Gallifrey chapter 1 . 12/11/2010
I would like to just point out one very important detail. Your use of the word "asteroid" to describe what wiped out the dinosaurs. The Doctor knows (way too well) that it was actually a Cyberman-controlled freighter (with dear, much-missed and under-appreciated Adric on board, making every single person ever cry with his tragically calm acceptance of his fate) that killed the dinosaurs.

Other than that, this is supremely awesome and I am desperately looking forward to more. And a potential reversal of the Time War... I like this! I like this very much! The idea of the Time Lords NOT going boom is a nice one. I mean, anything that guarantees the continued survival of one Romanadvoratrelundar is an excellent thing in my book and deserves rewarding with a good long review. Therefore I shall babble on about absolute nonsense for a sentence or two in order to provide you with a substantial review, since it seems that no one else is willing to do so... gits. All the good stories (read, the ones that DON'T heavily feature a lot of mushy things and Rose Tyler) get gipped on reviews because fangirls would rather read about Amy Pond and Rose Tyler than some really good Doctor Who awesomeness (admittedly, I'm occasionally guilty of that too, except I'm usually reading and/or writing things with a substantial plot and Donna or Romana instead of Amy or Rose, which absolves me of this at least in part, I think).

There, is that a substantial ramble to make up for the extreme lack of reviews I found when I initially came across this story? Maybe not, but at least it'll be moderately entertaining to read. Unless, of course, you don't like tangents, in which case it will just be annoying.

But seriously. This fic? Awesome.