Reviews for The Little Time Traveler
PenelopePineapple chapter 20 . 7/1
So, this is probably the tenth time I've read this fic and I still love it despite remaining unfinished for so long. I can only hope that you'll one day consider wrapping it up. It deserves to be completed. So yeah basically this story is great, please finish it :)
TheGreatYaehi24 chapter 19 . 6/23
I think you forgot to put a little something between the two quotation marks besides a period... I laughed so freakin' hard... XD
Guest chapter 20 . 5/24
I thought this was finished. At least Rachel knew who Gweyn was before it ended.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/23
I want Rachel to know Gweyn is hers.
Ahyah chapter 20 . 4/16
No. I can't believe its not butter.


But on a serious note I can not believe there isn't more to read. (︵,)
anothersloth chapter 20 . 4/15
God! Will this remain unfinished?! \3 this is one of the best fiction I've read in ages, and trust me when I say I read a lot. Please come back and finish it someday. I suggest go through your masterpiece yourself, you'll feel more than inspired to finish it. *heart*
Alice chapter 20 . 3/22
now I see why you dumped this... it suck.
it started good, but then? just horse shit, all over the place... and I have to say: I hate Gwynn, she should be Quinn & Rachel's daughter, but she has not respect for the former and she doesn't has any resemblance with Q, if I didn't keep in mind her physical appearance I would think that you're writing a very annoying Rachel... oh, and this really really suck... and because I'm in a roll: Quinn is claustrophobic and yet you put them in a tiny closet and she only has focused on Rachel - phobias make not exceptions... and why kind of name is Gwynn?
asterisk12 chapter 20 . 3/18
Should i even click the follow button? Are you gonna update this... Sigh. Well. Just in case. Hope you update this.
Guest chapter 20 . 2/10
Pls update soon.. Hope you finish this fic
TartarusJack'O37 chapter 9 . 1/12
The song Hot n' Cold was so perfect for this... Not to mention very emotional for Rachel and very hard tiled floor for Quinnn. And did i mention i kind of felt sorry for Quinn fainting... but at least she finally knew! HORRAAAAYYYY!
TartarusJack'O37 chapter 8 . 1/12

Moment destroyer... I tell you.

I wish i could strangle him right now... That ... that bastard! (Sorry for my language)

I do like the carnival scene and how Gentle... woman Quinn can be at times and Santana .. you rock girl!
TartarusJack'O37 chapter 7 . 1/12
Seeee i told You Quinn can be dense at timessss...

But i got no place to judge... hehehe cause i'm dense myself...
TartarusJack'O37 chapter 6 . 1/12
Okayyy... Puck...
I know it's not Puck but could Quinn grow a backbone and realize it's rachel? maybe i know you're not going to suddenly make Quinn realize that, cause even i know Quinn can be Dense at times... Love this so much by the Way! XD

The closet thing was... awesome... I wished i get to be with some i like to be stuck on a tight closet...

"Of all the closets I could drag you into, why did I have to pick the smallest one?" Rachel complained on the floor. She was sweating so much, her sweater was already drenched with sweat. Quinn was sweating as well, but not as much since she was wearing her cheerios uniform, and it was sleeveless.

"Of all the places you could drag me into, why did you drag me inside a closet in the first place?" said Quinn annoyed. Rachel huffed in frustration.

Love it! 3 i could hug you right now
TartarusJack'O37 chapter 5 . 1/12
My teeth will surely hurt from all this sweet sweet Faberry... And i can feel it starting to rot on y mouth but I'm surely not complaining. I love Rachel teasing Quinn on the drawing i had to surprise my laugh cause my brother was looking at me weirdly (not gonna blame him though). Oh i almost forgot to tell you i pretty much love Gwynn... A really mini replica of those two stubborn girls and a perfect description of her almost made me dazed.
TartarusJack'O37 chapter 4 . 1/12
I love how Obedient Quinn was over her little daughter and oh i love the part on the piano. I kind of hold my breathe on what was going to happen next
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