Reviews for Intertwining Fate chapter 111 . 7/3
Hello how are you? I confess that before I did not like this fanfic; but about 30 chapters here, I love it. I look forward to the next update.
Allymc89 chapter 111 . 7/1
Esiste il detto: se Maometto non va alla montagna, la montagna va a Maometto! Temari, se Shikamaru non torna a Konoha vai a Suna a riprendertelo!
Ti faccio i miei più sinceri complimenti perché anche se questa fic va avanti da anni riesci sempre a mantenere uno standard di qualità veramente alto. Ormai sono dipendente da questa storia, non credo riuscirei più a farne a meno!
(Sono felicissima che questo capitolo sia uscito così presto!)
Lock on Lockon chapter 111 . 7/1
still as enjoyable as ever...i hope Kamaru will come back
Apauc chapter 111 . 6/30
Good chapter, Cannot wait to see what happened. They must be together!
Guest chapter 111 . 6/30
Shikamaru has to come back!
He has to be with Temari and their child!
There is no way he can leave them!

Loved this early update n I hope the next one is just as quick ;)
Lee chapter 111 . 6/30
I cannot explain how absolutely delighted I am that you updated so soon! This was a brilliant chapter althought extremely sad..
Shikamaru has to come back there's no way he can just leave temari and their child!

PlZZZZ tell me that shikamaru will come back.. I hope the next chapter is happier n that it clears everything up :)

Loved this thanks sooooo much ;)
maxridelover chapter 111 . 6/30
hmm interesting!
chaosalien chapter 111 . 6/30
Oh lol I don't owe anybody anything yet! XD ...I'm a horrible gambler

Wow 4 months since the kazakage died
Does this mean this fic is almost over? Or so you have more plans for my favorite paring coming up?
Shigure Toshiro chapter 111 . 6/30
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one.
Allymc89 chapter 110 . 6/26
wow capitolo fantastico! non me lo sarei mai aspettato che il kazekage si sarebbe suicidato! ora cosa farà Shikamaru? non oserà abbandonare davvero Temari e il bambino?! vero..? adoro questa storia, continua così!
chaosalien chapter 110 . 6/22
Oh what?
And I don't remember but I think I owe somebody $10
Lock on Lockon chapter 110 . 6/19
I love this chapter so much! It's so well written. I want to know what shika will do now...looking forward to your next update ;)
Lee chapter 110 . 6/19
Lolz sorry for the pressure its just that I really love this story n I can't wait to read more!

Kamaru has to stay with temari there's no way in hell that he can leave!

Thanks for the update it was truly amazing n I'll be waiting for the next one ;)
Guest chapter 110 . 6/19
Wow that was amazing!
maxridelover chapter 110 . 6/19
shika, you can't leave her!
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