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Axel0913 chapter 121 . 4/20
Wow I literally spent the last few days reading this, and it was insanely awesome! I loved it so much! I'm so happy Shikamaru and Temari are happy, for a while there I was nervous for them. And I'm glad Yoshino accepted Shikamaru, and I'm really glad that Shikaku was there for him earlier on, he needed that. Temari and Shikamaru are so freakin adorable together though! But that ending... it makes me want more so badly haha. Like I was waiting for the kid to be born for sooo long and it's over. Absolutely great work! Love this fanfic! The whole birth switching was amazing!
Mikki chapter 121 . 2/23
Huhuhu! Please make an Epilogue. I'm literally crying :'( I so love this story more ShikaTema fanfics pleaseeeee
Mikki chapter 119 . 2/23
OMG! You're so clever! I love your stories.
kiLLj0Y405 chapter 1 . 1/3
Knifez chapter 121 . 12/11/2016
Great story! Not sure why Orochimaru never made an appearance, but good stuff nonetheless. The slow burn was great!
jmdailey13 chapter 121 . 8/5/2016
What a wonderful story! Really loved ur work and can wait to see what u do in the future!
Ace chapter 121 . 7/27/2016
Wow! I only just discovered your fanfic so please forgive me for that, and I wish I could've reviewed each chapter but I was so captivated by the fic that I just read everything without stopping. So here's my reveiw now!

I love this fanfiction! Honestly, it has a bit too much drama at some points for my taste but nonetheless! I still enjoyed it! And I find it absolutely amazing that you continued this fic until today, truely. I mean, at first I thought that (once I got to the lastest chapter) this fic might have been put on hiatus permanently, but once I looked at the published date and the updated date, I was amazed. You have strived through this fanfiction for six years and continued it to the point of over 100 chapters, I am stunned in the best ways and I cannot express properly how much I apriciate you. But I will try because you deserve to know!
Six years! You had to suffer through real life issues that included not only work, family, and friends, but the very fact that people simply change over a course of years alone. And I understand that even people online in this community sometimes don't understand what it's like to write over such a long period of time and still even try to be motivated. Thank you. Thank you so so much for trying your hardest and just being you and everything really. :) Thank you.

I read how you wanted any critiques and whatnot. The only thing I have to say is that sometimes your writing style confuses me. It jumps around a bit in the story but I still get it in the end. And The only thing that I can remeber that was really weird and off was when Shikamaru just got saved by Jiraiya and Tsunade and somehow Temari was there(?) when she was supposed to benin Suna. I don't know. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong or read it wrong, but that's all I can remember that was not right.
Again, thank you!
ALIASTESIN chapter 121 . 6/24/2016
Story AU really charming. Funny. Exciting. Surprising!
mintteaandstarlight chapter 4 . 6/9/2016
technology is making me cry and the link isn't working (yay I'm back again XD)

so I put the link to fanart on my profile

honestly if something else happens to the poor link I will be very disappointed
mintteaandstarlight chapter 2 . 6/9/2016
oh darn, it think something happened to the link...i'll try again, even though links are probably banned: (removethis) .(removethis)com/post/145695964895/rainsparks-kitten-for-glockcourage-3-im
mintteaandstarlight chapter 1 . 6/9/2016
This was a amazing story and I loved it. And I'm not much of a artist but I wanted to draw some fanart since you mentioned it a few chapters, so here's ponytail-mari: post/145695964895/rainsparks-kitten-for-glockcourage-3-im
Ryuushukirei chapter 121 . 5/19/2016
I can't believe that this is completed! Well done! :)
Shadow Owner chapter 121 . 4/1/2016
Dear glockcourage,
Congratulations on the completion of a huge project like this! Kudos for persisting and seeing it through to the end; it's an alluring story which draws the reader in and makes one root for the characters and hope things will work out.

There were times when I was vexed about Temari's misplaced jealousy selfishness (really, doing that to innocent bystander Kiba and a married Sasuke in front of an already deeply hurt Shikamaru) and ridiculousness, stubbornness and brash and harsh manner; all those (and too many) unnecessary hurtful words and actions, and the first half to three-quarters of the story felt rather like it might be better for Kamaru to just not get involved with her. She's a contradictory character who arguably reacted strangely in a bid to protect herself and her pride, which also disallowed her from acknowledging her feelings. At the same time, readers, being given a glimpse of the mindsets of both the leads, know better and thus read on eagerly to know what happens next. As for Yoshino, despite knowing how much her actions were hurting her and Shikamaru both (and as a result, hurting herself the most), her adamance at animosity really cut my heart, regardless of her reasons. Shikamaru was almost saintly, taking it all without walking away, and even being rather mindful with his words regardless of the damage dealt to him, and doing his best to minimize the emotional and psychological impact on the two women, so to speak, and I'm glad Shikaku (what would Shikamaru and we do without him), Asuma (loved how Asuma's deliberate actions spoke for him; it means especially much that despite their limited time with each other, they hit it off well just as they would have done in canon), Kankurou and Gaara (his siblings are incredible; the love the three of them share and their mutual trust in each other is so precious), Chouji (again, the allusion to canon is appreciated) and Kakashi were there for him; the poor dear.

Chapter 87 (based on posting rather than the differently number/titled chapters) was the sort interaction I had been hoping to catch a glimpse of, and finally it happened. Somehow, everything before was usually a fruitless, futile exchange between them (frustrating to the reader). Of course, you couldn't just let the reader melt in glee so easily though, right ;)
Chapter 89 probably took the cake in this regard.

As for Chapter 97, how could one not feel immensely for Shikamaru; the agony that he's undergone; the additional self-imposed guilt he feels, and to have those he feels he's wronged the most stand by him; this was one of the beautiful moments (there were countless other sections which made me smile).

The similarities between this AU piece and canon were nicely integrated, whether in personalities, dressing style, and even certain modified contexts. The Kazakage test was impressive, memorable and well conceptualized. I'd have liked to see more bonding with Kankurou and Gaara (they were awesome brothers in this), Chouji (the sweetest friend) and Ino, though you did include a fair share of these. Another of my favourite moments was in Chapter 120, where Shikaku deservingly enjoyed an amusing dinner at all the others' expense - I too was admittedly strung along. Although certain portions of the fic were arguably less integral, it would have been nice to see them conclude nicely (e.g. Ino-Shika-Chou properly fulfilled and their reactions; Shikaku-Shikamaru time/training; Temari and the Suna brothers acknowledging each other; a formal introduction to the Konoha shinobi; perhaps even releasing a cover story to reswap their identities so that all would be restored - or at least to let us know how Shikamaru stands in Konoha; the Hyuuga clan and/or Neji following up with Shikamaru). Many carefully orchestrated details which gave special meaning to the fic were included, and the effort and deep thought invested in this fic not go unnoticed.

This fic had me vexed, laughing out loud, heartbroken and amused at various points; I'm glad to have completed this fulfilling reading journey. Thank you for seeing it through, and for sharing it.

P.S. To answer your question in Chapter 119, I noticed Yoshino's intentions and the curtains in the respective chapters where they happened. Given her personality, this was a most Yoshino-like manner to acknowledge that she's been won over.
Allymc89 chapter 121 . 3/14/2016
Ciao! questo è probabilmente uno dei capitoli più dolci che tu abbia scritto.. finalmente Temari non ha più riserve a mostrare il suo lato più debole a suo marito.. avrebbe voluto essere prima moglie e poi madre, avrebbe voluto accogliere Shikamaru con un banchetto di benvenuto.. mi ha piacevolmente colpito con questi desideri premurosi e.. femminili! è stata divertente la cena! scoprire che entrambe le donne hanno di proposito sabotato i loro piatti per aiutare l'altra e il povero Shikamaru da una risposta diplomatica per non offenderle, ahahah! Ancora complimenti per l'ottimo lavoro che stai facendo e se non capisci i miei commenti dimmelo pure e cercherò di scriverli in inglese! ;)
Wolf99887 chapter 121 . 3/13/2016
I've only just made an account on FFN, yet I used the same name so if the need arises you can PM me. Once again I just want to say I love your story and think it is absolutely amazing. This latest chapter was awesome and your an amazing author so keep up the great work. I hope you continue this story for much longer or even write another story (hopefully about ShikaTema ;). Anyway thanks for being awesome and continuing to write.
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