Reviews for we keep going round in circles
and she knew love chapter 1 . 12/12/2010
I loved it. It was short but so filled with emotion. I loved the way you wrote it, in Booth's thoughts, without real dialogue except for the first line.

"Hannah stays between them still..." I thought this was one of the truest lines I've ever read. When Hannah leaves, it won't be as if she was never there; the ghost of who she was - what she represented - will always be present between them. It's something they will always have to fight against, fight until one day they trust and love each other so implicitly that they break free of her. And I cannot WAIT until that moment comes.

"...every step he takes towards her met with one step backwards..." This line just struck me so hard. I can see it playing out in my head, and it makes me take a breath because the pain in those words. Amazing imagery there.

"Get out, he wants to tell her, get out before you break me in two." I loved this line! I loved how you wrote it - so simply without any quotes or italics, just stating it as it is. And it's so true too. Very few people seem to get that Booth is just as hurt as Brennan is, and that he has every right to be. How big of you to touch on that truth.

The ending - so raw and so true. A sad ending, but an ending so true to their characters. Excellent, excellent job.