Reviews for What you are
Zoja chapter 1 . 4/26/2011
I decided to read all PSI Factor stories again and I started with this one ;) As I see, I haven't left the review before, so I'll do it now.

I think I know why you've written it - sometimes it's a need, a writer feels, in order to throw some scenes away from his/her mind... At least I have it.

I can't say I really like the story, but I can't say it's bad. I would say it's OK. I completely don't know what film it is (I thought about "Salem's Lot" based on Stephen King's book, but it has only one part, so it can't be...)... I laughed at the part with Hannah Montana in living room! :D I'm wondering if in the year the story happens Hannah Montana was already famous... I don't know, maybe she just came later to Poland as everything... ;)

At first I also thought that this is real Connor and they just gave him this... powers... so he could survive... But he's this... something... I'm wondering if it is possible, that Camille is completely normal then... I'm not good at biology and genetics... But, in fanfictions everything is possible ;)

Sorry for my English, again ;)