Reviews for Blood That Flows
R3qu13m0f50ul5 chapter 336 . 9/9
Am I the only one really concerned about what levi's new "toy" is?
idea.getthe chapter 336 . 9/9
Finally this arc is finish. Though... when i reread this story... yeah. Reread from chapter 1. For the 5th time. This story is lacking romance in these few latest arc. It was lovely reading about lina love life with her new and old love and how do y
The slayer verse character found their love. But nanoha generation love story isnt progressing much after reinforce story when they grow up. Wish to see more of nanoha fate and yuuno story. Been a fan since "day in the life"
ShugoYuuki123 chapter 336 . 9/9
SO Corona is going to be part of the Takamachi family now, looking forward to what the next arc will be! :)
Resisting the Borg chapter 336 . 9/9
Cllliiiiifff-hangaaaaah! (musical note)
Tohka Yatogami chapter 335 . 9/9
During the chapter Corona brought her army, I went back and checked to see if Corona's body had ever been found.

That's when I was 90% sure that this trope was in play. I'm glad Rio's still alive, I was honestly worried that you might have actually killed her off.
Guest chapter 335 . 9/9
Finally this arc ended and on a good note too, will you continue with the vivid story line or will you move on to another arc, and will Goliath come back he's cool.
jgkitarel chapter 335 . 9/9
Nice. Took you awhile, but nice. Honestly, saw Rio still being alive coming, for the same reasons you stated. And Corona is going to need some serious work and help after all this, considering that she was marinating in Death Fog's power courtesy of Gram.

I foresee her developing a very pathological hatred of Mazoku, and also a phobia of them.
Apex85 chapter 335 . 9/9
Yep, that's how I thought it would go.
idea.getthe chapter 334 . 9/2
Wow. Quite the clift hanger from you in quite a while. Good job.
Missingnoleader chapter 333 . 8/29
Okay despair has been haulted! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!
idea.getthe chapter 333 . 8/28
Another job well done.
Lordsunshine64 chapter 29 . 8/26
go Brianna Diggers!
idea.getthe chapter 332 . 8/21
wow... update that soon? im surprise. get you really want to push this story and be over with huh?
mega1987 chapter 332 . 8/21
Say it was madness back when you post daily updates. XD
Celestia's Paladin chapter 331 . 8/14
"left turn at Allenburky." Ok how long have you been sitting on that joke?

I suppose better late than never, glad to have you back
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