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The Red Jacket chapter 1 . 12/21/2012
Full Name: Mio Nakamura

Nickname: None.

Gender: Female

Age : 13

Hair/Eye Color, Hair length/style of hair: Black hair that is always in a short ponytail, tan skin and deep brown eyes.

Personality: She is very kind on the inside but feels embarrassed when that side of her shows. She can be a bit awkward and stand-offish when it comes to talking with people, and is seen by the school as a rather quiet, studious person. When the Guardians come to school, she eventually becomes the person they go to if they need advice or information. She also sometimes goes on missions for then that involve spy work. To the girls, she is like a big sister.

Siblings?: None.

Guardian Chara(s): Shou and Tsubasa.

Guardian Chara(s) description(s):
Shou - Black hair, green eyes. A green pin hangs from a chain around his neck. He wears black cargo pants.
Tsubasa - Blonde hair, blue eyes. A blue pin is fastened on his blue collared shirt. He wears black dress pants.

Guardian Chara(s) personality:
Shou - Rough and tumble, atheletic kind of guy. Is known to go with the flow.
Tsubasa - A well-mannered gentleman. Good with kids and animals. He is very patient.

Why their Chara(s) were born:
Shou was born because Mio wished to be more outgoing, and not to be afraid to be herself.
Tsubasa was born from Mio's desire to be more kind and helpful.

Chara-Change(s) and attacks in that form:
Shou - A green pin appears on the band that holds her ponytail. Her attack is 'Stellar Punch', which knocks someone out in one blow. She gets agility, silence, and is able to spy quickly and efficiently.
Tsubasa - A blue pin appears on the band that holds her ponytail. Her attack is 'Calming Rain'. It creates a short drizzle of rain, which has the power to calm people and drain them of their magic and energy temporarily. She gets patience, and is good at calming people and solving problems.

Chara Transformation(s) and attacks in that form:
Shou - Black jeans, a green shirt and a black hoodie. Her attacks are 'Star Kick' and 'Heart of Stars'. 'Heart of Stars' knocks everyone out within a 1-mile radius for a maximum of one hour, depending on the amount of energy used.
Tsubasa - White jeans, a blue shirt and a white hoodie. Her attacks are 'Energy Boost', which sucks magical energy out of her opponent and allows her to use it; and 'Dance of the Rain', which has a power to heal a maximum of five people at a time. 'Dance of the Rain' uses a lot of magical energy.

Want a relationship: Your choice. If you choose to do so, then please do not make it until much later in the story.

Athletic?: Good at running, but sucks at everything else.

Grades: All her grades are B- and higher, with the occasional C in Art and PE.

Relatives/Family :
Mother - Kaneko Higurashi
Father - Atsushi Nakamura

Past: Was raised in the Kanto region on a farm until she turned 11, when she was invited to Seiyo Academy. Nothing significant happened in her past. She always wished she could go on an adventure.

Did the person's past affect their personality or mind?:No
Guest chapter 6 . 6/29/2012
utau's jealous but still my favorite character
Guest chapter 5 . 6/29/2012
why cliffhangers?
Guest chapter 4 . 6/29/2012
Guest chapter 3 . 6/29/2012
Guest chapter 2 . 6/29/2012
its nadeshiko right?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
perfect beginning:D
Luna chapter 7 . 12/15/2011
Full Name: Lunette Chou Utayu

Nickname: Luna

Gender: Female

Age : 13

Hair/Eye Color, Hair length/style of hair: Blonde hair with Teal eyes are Icy hair is to her thighs and She keeps it down occasionally putting it in a ponytail.

Personality:She is very gentle and kind on the inside but can't show it so she is uncaring on the is Like an emotionless im saying is she is like Amu when she first came to seiyo but her mask lasts she is alone she sings sometimes too and smiles.


Reason came to Shugo Acadamy: Student exchange program from France

Guardian Chara(s): Uta,Vani,And Amulletta(Amulet for short)

Guardian Chara(s) description(s): Uta wears a dress that reaches her thighs and its a red strapless dress with a cresent moon on the bottom right corner. Her eyes are honey colored .She also wears black high hair is Blonde. Vani wears an Blue Alice dress with an white also wears Blue high hair is Teal and her eyes are icy blue. Amulet wears a mask with Yellow and teal crystals on each side both in the oppisite color on the side of Yellow and clothes consist of a yellow tube top and a white mini skirt with leggings under shoes are yellow flats.

Guardian Chara(s) personality:Amulet is a gentle natured chara who is very kind to every thing exept things that hurt her and tries to get everyone to smile more, Vani is clumsy and is only unclumsy when she is cooking also helping to be more lady like when needed, And Uta is a ball of energy and you might not wanna get her mad last detail is that they all hide when someone they don't reconise comes by but she also helps luna play instraments.

Why their Chara(s) were born: Uta was born to help Lunette sing out loud in an audience and public was born to help Lunette was born to help Amullet get rid of her emotionless mask and smile more.

Chara-Change(s) and attacks in that form: Uta makes a music note barette appear after saying note,clef,and she can sing infront of people but afterwards once she is done sining and is still in the change she gets makes an apron appear after she saying Cooking,Cooked, she cooks and after she is done becomes clumsy weither or not she is in the chara change is Amulet and sadly all she does is make her kinder then the state she was in buy saying only one word and that is smile and then only a mask barette appears.

Chara Transformation(s) and attacks in that form: Uta:Jumping wears the outfit that Uta attaks are merodii wich makes notes got towards the target as she sings them and lullaby that makes a piano appear and she plays it making the enemy :Patissire wears a teal tinted apron over a white maid dress with flats that are attack is a big bowl of cookie dough that when commanded paralizes the attack is a cookie that the x-eggs eat then they dissappear either back to the craddle or are purrified if that is acceptable Amulletta:Faded wears what Amulet attack is are ice shards that break and fly towards the enemy surrounding them in a room of ice creating a illusion of what the enemy fears.

Wanna relationship:If you would like me to have one.

Athletic?:Yes when it comes to short runnings not running for a long time.

Grades:Highest but lower then Kairi.

Style:Lone wolf/Rebel

Uniform:Rebel and she dyed it silvery white.

Relatives/Family :Yes but she dosen't know it she is related to Utau if this option is avalibale to your story.

Past:Lunette was abandoned in Paris to an newly wed couple who took her in as their own but the both died because of a car crash after they moved to seiyo at age 5 and a survived by herself with the help of her grandmother but she died when she was transfered to seiyo middle was bullied and taken advantage of so she put her emotionless mask she was only bullied harder and then came her she was imediatly transfered to Shugo was there for 2 days before Tsukasa found her adopted her and then found out that a day later the guardians were became scared and exited so she started to work her feeling out through songs before they arrived.(Sorry for the run on sentences.)She Then heard of their arival and learned she was more scared than she thought and hid from them but then found out she had the same classes only hopping to have more luck than she had.(You can take some parts out if you don't like it. )

Did the person's past affect their personality or mind?:No

Once again sorry if you don't like any of it
Leixym chapter 7 . 10/1/2011
hopefully you're still accepting OC's. Here's mine:

Emily "Ly" Knight, 15, female

A smart and kind, yet foul-mouthed, hot-headed, and mischievous tomboy prankster, Ly loves only family & friends more than her pranks. That doesn't mean they're safe from them, though. Not all of the smiles are genuine, though. Her parents and twin were murdered infront of her and her 7-year-old brother, James. Everyone fussed over them, constantly asking if they were Ok, thus leading her to put on the smiling mask to cover her grief.

5f 4", waist length ponytail & lip length bangs swept to the right, both blonde with blue tips. Ashy-navy eyes with yellow around the pupils. When not in uniform, she always wears tee-shirts, jeans, and boots. Wears boy's uniform and tan rounded-rectangular glasses


3 female Charas, Melodia, Mari, and Mina

Melodia; A sweet, shy, and charming go-getter Pop-star Chara, Melodia is the girly-girl of the group, and represents Ly's feminine side and love for music and peppermint. She's also a hopeless romantic

Mari: The sporty one of the group, this out-going, spunky, and smart-mouthed Water-sports Chara reprisents Ly's tomboy side and love of water and sports.

Mina: The directionally-challenged, mischievous, and fearless Cat Chara who represents both Ly's girl-ish and boy-ish sides, love for animals, and longing to be fearless and care-free

Melodia: A peppermint clip appears above Ly's right ear and she becomes more polite, cheerful, and all-around more girly

Mari: A blue hibiscus appears over Ly's right ear as she becomes more boy-ish, cocky, and blunt

Mina: White tiger ears and tail, senses become sharper and jumping, running, climbing, and balance are all vastly enhanced

Melodia: Peppermint Pop-star

Mari: Sweet Surfer

Mina: White Tiger

Melodia: Hair becomes shoulder-length, bangs eyebrow length. The tips turn red and her Chara change clip appears. A short-and puffy-sleeved white dress shirt with a buttoned 1-button red vest. A pleated red-and-white mini-skirt and clear platform shoes with red-and-white ballerina ribbons that go to her knees

i have to put the rest later, it's 4:24 here! *sweatdrop* didn't mean to be up so late...anyway, I hope you update soon!
Guardian of univeres chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
Let me put it properly.

I got an idea - the principal of the academy is an old friend of Tsukasa. She is the first Queen's Chair of the Guardians. Her name is Natsuki Aoki. You can make up the appearance and personality of her. She has a family of her own (Note - you make up that family) and has a niece and nephew from her older brother side.
Guardian of univeres chapter 4 . 5/21/2011
I got an idea - the pincipal of the academy is an old friend of Tsukasa. She is the first Queen's Chair of the Guardians. Her name is Natsuki Aoki. You can make up the apperance and personality of her. She has a family of her own (Note - you make up that family) and has a niece and nephew from her older brother side.
Darka Moon chapter 3 . 4/17/2011
Name: Mitzuki Kuro

Personality: Anti-social and sarcastic. She to talks in monotone and will most likely beat you up when you annoy her. She draws a lot and always has camera. She will yell at you when in an arguement.

Grade: Same as Amu

Appearance: She has very short dark brown hair and red eyes. She is extremely tall at 5'7'' and hates it. She looks like a boy and is often mistaken for one as she wears boys clothes.

Chara(s): Two- females

Charas names: Norge and Mio.

Charas personalities: Norge is prankster who is a crossdresser and talks in a Tsugaru dialect. She is energetic and nice. She has short red hair and red eyes in a black beanie. She wears a white tee with a blue cross and jeans. She wears a pair of Vans and has headphones with heavy metal and rock music.

Mio is serious, quiet, and super smart. She knows lots of History.

She has long blue hair in a braid and dark purple-blue eyes. She wears a plaid jumper with a white button up shirt and a long tan trench coat. She also wears silver glasses and black flats. Also has headphones with classical and international music. Both love flowers and scythes.

Chara Changes: With Norge, she tends to be loud and energetic and has a black beanie on with headphones. She tends to talk in a Tsugaru dialect. She is also very tough. With Mio, she is quiet and has a book in hand. She also wears a long trenchcoat and glasses.

CharaNari names:Norge-Blitz Sakura and Mio-Bloody Camellia

CharaNari descriptions:Norge-She wears a white shirt with a black cross and black pants with Vans. She wears headphones and uses a scythe and -A white dress with a trenchcoat and black boots with black lace use scythes.

CharaNari moves: Blitz-Bloody Scythe-Scythe turns into a blood red and attack an enemy with scythe. Goof Off!-Spraypaints enemy and stuns them. Bloody- Windy Sakura- blows Sakura blossoms around and turns Death- Scythe turns and spins. Sends out red stuff like a flower.
Wolf Princess girl chapter 7 . 2/26/2011
Good story! Characters arent OOC!

My oc submition:

Name: Suzume

Personality: serious, smart, not very good a socialising, shy, can be controlling and a perfectionist, unconfident

Grade: same as amu

Chara(s): one-girl

Chara's name(s): Koneko

Chara's personalities: confident, friendly, hyper, born out of want to be more social and friendly

Chara change(s): friendly, hyper, fierce

Charanari name(s): ice neko

Charanari description(s): waist length straight light blue hair, dark blue Chinese almost style dress with slit up to her knees-kinda like this but the split isn't as big imgres? albums/mm125/Strawberry_Snow/Anime% & %3Ft%3D9281&usg_MVWFSjx259MbOZfSSVUeTj3_3ak&h700&w545&sz87&hlen&start13&zoom1&itbs1&tbnidFKfU1yNSPhjcOM:&tbnh140&tbnw109&prev/images%3Fq%3Dmagical%2Banime%2Bgirl%26hl%3Den%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1&ei And cat ears this is also what her chara looks like but with short blue hair

Charanari moves: a big sword call ice-blade, ice purr-purrs and everything in a radius of 9.4 meters gets covered in ice
a chapter 7 . 2/26/2011
I hope so 02-26-11.
Hello me. Imanginary me chapter 6 . 1/27/2011
Name: Reeta Suntila

Personality: Shy to people she doesn’t know, and is a bit naïve. She is very bright. Acts happy-go-lucky a lot around people she knows, even though sometimes she lives in depression.

Appearance: Silver-light blue hair that is a bit longer than mid- thigh, with snowflake clips on either side of her hair. Has blood-red eyes, slightly pale skin, and is 5ft 9 and weighs 112 Lbs

Grade: 7

Charas: 2

Chara Names: Mia, Tino

Chara descriptions: Mia- Light blond shoulder length hair, with ice-blue eyes. Has pale skin. She wears a pale purple long sleeved shirt, with a Marine blue knee length skirt. She also has a bracelet on the left arm with a design of a knife on it.

Tino- He has pale green hair and dark purple eyes, wears an oversized yellow rimmed dark blue t-shirt with Orange shorts. Also wears a white glove on his left hand, and a black glove on his right hand.

Chara personalities: Mia- She is quiet and can get really violent when mad, and is extremely sensitive.

Tino- He is very joyful, a bit naïve, can be very determined when needed, always tries to get everything done, and when he is mad, he gets many evil, and strange, thoughts.

Chara change: Mia- When she Chara Changes with Mika, Mika gets the knife engraved bracelet on her left arm and she gets all serious, professional, she can knock anyone out unconscious, and she is extremely frank.

Tino- When he Chara changes with Mika, Mika get a white left glove and a black right glove and she get's very open and starts thinking evil and strange thoughts(if she’s mad). Also, she gets very flexible, and can punch right through brick walls.

CharaNari names: Mia- Fighting Torpedo, Tino- Peaceful Tornado

CharaNari descriptions: Fighting Torpedo- When Mika transforms, her hair gets in low pigtails and she gets a Red and dark yellow striped knee length dress with mid-calf green army boots with the knife engraved bracelet.

Peaceful Torpedo- When Mika transforms, she gets two high pigtails in a tornado swirl style, with running shoes, Dark green leg warmers, a dark purple- dark blue skirt a little lower than mid-thigh, a bright yellow and orange t-shirt with elbow length gloves, on the left arm the glove is White, on the right arm the glove it black.

CharaNari moves: Fighting Torpedo- Her attacks are Pounding Bullets -Counter-attacks all attacks from enemies and Bountiful Knives- Knives create a type of force field around her.

Peaceful Torpedo- Her attacks are Peaceful Determination- paralyze the X/? eggs/enemy for a certain amount of time depending on how determined Mika is, and World Hope- sends light from her fingertips to wrap around the X/? Eggs/enemy and distracts them.

Extra- When she’s in a room and it is silent, her evil aura will emanate from her and most people become frightened and cold. - She has been kidnapped when she was 8-10 and also brutally tortured, so she tends to freak out and Chara change with Mia when she’s scared, shocked, or surprised.
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