Reviews for The Giving of Presents
Christa chapter 3 . 6/21/2014
They are so cute and little Gabriel is meannie
Miss-Kitty23 chapter 3 . 2/9/2012
This was so cute! :)
banch chapter 3 . 5/23/2011
I can't even think of anything to say! These are so friggin cute! Pure fluff! I LOVE IT :D
banch chapter 2 . 5/23/2011
Aww, wee!Sabriel is more adorable than I thought it would be! I especially love how Gabe's scared of getting time out (again) XD
banch chapter 1 . 5/23/2011
Oh my gosh...! So cute~! IT'S! SO! CUTE! XD
Aelan010 chapter 3 . 2/11/2011
And I succumbe to the need once again. Lordie.. The sudden mental image of itty bitty Lucifer and Micheal.. in the series they are currently in Hell, duking it out.. well in this one.. I just imagined them in Hell, throwing blocks at each other!
Aelan010 chapter 2 . 2/11/2011
I don't normally review more then once a story.. but jeez. Gabriel in Time Out? *snickers* I just hate to laugh at that mental image. Such a meanie to ruin his picture!
Aelan010 chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
Five years old and he still sounds like he ate the dictionary. And Wee Lucifer? Congrats to you, you are the first one I've seen come up with that idea. I'm so pumped! I love it *secretly hopes you'll write more Wee.. especially Wee Castiel and Wee Lucifer*
Iloveyaoi2much chapter 3 . 2/1/2011
Omg they just have to admit they love and care for each other *sigh* but thats ok! I still love it! Hope you write more! :)
Iloveyaoi2much chapter 2 . 2/1/2011
Haha Gabriel still got a soft side for Sam! Love it!
Iloveyaoi2much chapter 1 . 2/1/2011
Awww Cas and Dean is sooooooooo cute! :)
DRai chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
this was so adorable!
Shikafangirl09 chapter 3 . 12/19/2010
lol lucifer stole my candy cane... thats funny
ahavaelwilhouse chapter 2 . 12/13/2010
OMGz bb sammeh. It's adorable. I can just picture those puppy dog eyes wattering, those lips trembling... Awww! *cries*