Reviews for Roped And Tied
TereseLucy384 chapter 1 . 3/31/2012
Oooo-wweeeeeee that was a good time ;D

Roping shenanigans with Dusty. Way too much fun - more fun that I should be having this early on a Saturday ;)

I can so see him getting all tangled, and then in an attempt to get untangled, just getting more tangled.

That Lulu is a lucky, lucky girl. Kinda makes me wanna stop and pick up some rope on my way back to SoBo this morning.
callensensei chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
Oh, my goodness! Fish Story inspired this? I'm blushing already. But thanks for the shout out!

Talk about awkward! I saw a trick roper in Texas and once they've got you, they've got you. No wonder Lulu and Dusty can't get free. And then poor Lulu pops out of her dress! Yikes! I didn't know which one to feel sorrier for (Lulu or Dusty, not which breast), and then things get even worse!

This story was delightfully innocent, yet archly suggestive at the same time. Things could certainly have gotten out of hand! The fun part is that it doesn't seem as though Lulu minds. She certainly suddenly comes to see Dusty's attractiveness, but also doesn't want to lead him on. Her feelings towards him are very sweet, really.

"I think I'm lying on your gun." Oh, gracious. Is that a gun or is he just glad to see her? LOL!

This is the fun of fan fiction! We can do things they never would have dared on the show!
Louise Hargadon chapter 1 . 12/13/2010
Yeah, we're all used to you over at Thunderbirds, you big perv...! You and your roping and tying obsession, good grief...! hahaha!

Stuff I loved about this chapter was:

. The story is in Lulu's POV so all references to Mr Callahan instantly drop the Mister and two syllables.

. Lulu deciding that looking for Dusty is preferable to doing any other chores. Smart woman.

. Lulu being dragged into the undergrowth by Dusty. Whewf!

. Dusty's observation that Lulu is indeed easier than Mr Callahan. I dunno, I bet Mr Callahan enjoys flashing his bloomers every now and again...

. Dusty playing Buffalo Bill. It isn't even a euphemism.

. The rope entanglement. Even I felt like I was getting tied in knots just reading it!

. Dusty and Lulu's argument over whose struggling against their bonds is helping the least.

. Lulu's confusion over what Dusty was trying to do.

. Dusty's subsequent confusion over what Dusty was trying to do.

. Mr Brookhaven never having been that close to Mrs Brookhaven. You can tell, y'know...

. Dusty attempting not to look at Lulu's bazookas.

. And failing.

. Miserably.

. Dusty being mortified at the mention of the word "breasts". Probably especially as he near enough had his face in them.

. Lulu's rant about her undersized whoppers.

. Dusty being far more interested in not being tied to Lulu.

. Lulu not realising until that moment how exciting Dusty's shirt was.

. Dusty still being utterly oblivious and concentrating on getting free.

. Dusty worrying about Lulu's general health and well-being. God bless that man.

. Lulu being turned to mush by The Kiss.

. Dusty still thinking she's just poorly.

. Dusty's shrewd observation that it takes two people to share a kiss.

. Lulu's amazement that Dusty looked sexy. Erm. Where have you been for the last 17 episodes, luv? In a cave?

. ARGH! Lulu stopping Dusty from kissing her. That woman is a paragon of self-control!

. The mystery of who was lying on who's gun. Or is it whom?

. Lulu being a true gentleman.

. The return of Lulu's obsession over her suet dumplings.

. Dusty blatantly needing some rather urgent alone time.

. Lulu's feminine wiles striking again. She should be careful where she unleashes 'em. And her feminine wiles.

. Lulu needlessly telling Dusty that she'd rather be tied up with him than either Mr Callahan or Andy. She's just a normal red-blooded woman after all!

. Dusty telling Lulu that she's too smart to have a master. Just. Aww. Could he be any more adorable? Could he? You're right, he probably could. Unfathomable.

. Lulu offering Dusty some no-strings-attached extra curricular kissing lessons. The girl is all heart. All heart and jugs.

What a brilliant story! I love that the dynamic between Dusty and Lulu is so different to Dusty and Betsy, yet both work equally well. Yay for your storytelling genius!xx