Reviews for Grow Together
NVMissy chapter 1 . 8/14/2015
I haven't got the chance to read all the chapters yet, but what I've read was amazing. Well-done! It felt like Susan Collins herself wrote the book.
red.herringg chapter 1 . 8/14/2015
Whoa I love this! I can see why this has over 3,000 favs. There a few mistakes/typos, but its always hard to be going through and editing every single one. Please don't stop writing. Ever.
SunnyZim chapter 23 . 8/10/2015
I loved this! Well-written, in-character and a believable epilogue to Mockingjay;-) Good job!
jennifer21596 chapter 23 . 8/9/2015
Squillox chapter 23 . 7/27/2015
You are amazing. Thank you for the fantastic read xo
Gabi chapter 23 . 7/12/2015
I've just revisited these books and somehow got pointed in the direction of this story and I just want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful story. I really don't read fanfiction often and never have for the Hunger Games but your writing has brought to life the pieces that SC left out in her own work. You capture the characters perfectly and this is all so believable and the perfect ending for our two Victors. I was so enamored with your work that I breezed through it all in two days and I'm wishing there was more but this is just wonderful. I hope your endeavors with writing in the future are just as lovely and I hope you've continued writing in the years after finishing this piece. Next time I decide to re-read the series I know that I'll be re-reading your fiction as well for the missing piece in the story. Wonderful job, thank you for your dedication and contribution to the fandom.
Katniss'N' Peeta chapter 23 . 7/2/2015
I loved this story

Guest chapter 1 . 6/21/2015
I just reread this story again. I find myself fantasizing about your fanfiction as if it truly is canon at the end of Mockingjay. I just had to read it again. Cant get enough of Peeta's sugar-sweet love and domestic life... and Katniss's guarded affection and uncertainty. How when faced with fear Peeta tenses up and shuts down whereas Katniss runs away and hides. Everything you wrote is true to character.
And the laughs! Every line of Haymitch's is a hoot and the way Delly sweetly pushes the paparazi away.. i laugh out loud. This is one of my favorite fanfics. Thank you for sharing it.
Vexating chapter 23 . 6/19/2015
I love this story. The angst, the not giving up, the closure it gives. And Haymitch.
Thank you for creating this and sharing it with us.

DauntlessProdigy4Life chapter 11 . 5/30/2015
"What are you thinking?"
Way to kill the moment, Katniss.
But then Peeta comes back in all his blonde and blue eyed glory and I'm okay again.
I hope.
Okay, I'll shut up now.
therobotfangirl chapter 23 . 5/24/2015
I love this story so much! It is sweet and really makes Everlark even better, you made this couple have so much love! I just reaallllyyy love this, and I wish it would continue but I'm not here to boss you around, I'm here to enjoy your writing. I love this so much I cant really put it into words!
Raynbow007 chapter 23 . 4/25/2015
pleas epleas please please update I ove this story its amazing
uhenry chapter 23 . 4/21/2015
fabulous! thank you for this. I enjoyed reading and imagining the whole thing.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/17/2015
this was exceptional that's really all i can say
Bilfcrawn chapter 23 . 4/15/2015
I really applaud your effort. I took the time to read the entire thing. You've written an entire fourth book here. I appreciate the commitment...but I really don't think you understood these characters at all. Just one man's opinion. I think it was very well written, entertaining, engaging, etc... I really loved the story you put together...I just think it would stand better on it's own. Not as part of The Hunger Games series.
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