Reviews for Legend 2012: Occult Ascendancy
Ai Star chapter 29 . 11/12/2014
Lolz the story is awesome and what Thistle did to Vaati at the end is so funny I can't stop laughing! By the way the last part when Zelda typed that message in Fanfiction must of got him blowing a casket for that XD
Cutiecat chapter 29 . 8/4/2014
I love how you included fanfiction! LOL! Vaati's reaction to it is EPIC! I was giggling a bit at work, earlier, remembering the very beginning where Vaati and Dark were playing Four Swords Adventures... Luckily, I don't think anyone noticed me giggling to myself.

I do admit the ending at the very, very end (with Zelda's comment) was not the best. I was kinda expecting something more dramatic of a note from her. I dunno. But, I love how you alluded to this story and Rend (even though Rend doesn't have a romantic LinkxVaati pairing, I know Vaati was just assuming it would end up that way).

I'm a little sad I finished reading this... I'm running out of fanfics to read (especially ones written by you, since you're my favorite LoZ author) and there hasn't been an update on FMN&V for a while. It also worries me that in an earlier chapter here, in an author's note, it sounds like it was about a year of no updates... That sounds like a horror story for me! I don't know how I'll stay sane, waiting that long... I hope that's just cuz back then, you were working on Rend (or maybe it was WiR?) at the same time as this. Either way, I hope you're able to update fairly regularly. I think I recall you saying something about how your friends in rl don't know about your fanfiction writing, and it makes me wonder how you manage to write so much without them noticing. Ah, well. I look up to you, so I suppose whatever works, works.

Now, what can I do? I think I remember there being a youtube animation you made about the end battle in this? I'll go check that out, I guess. After that? I have no clue what to do...
Cutiecat chapter 27 . 8/4/2014
Aaaaah! I feel like screaming both from shock and excitement at how this is turning out... And Vaati doesn't have magic! Omg! This is crazy! But it works, for this story... Unfortunately, I have work to go to and must read the last chapters later... I won't be able to focus from all the excitement! I feel so energetic from shock! Maybe it's from the fighting scene, idk, but it's like i'm full of adrenaline!

This is so crazy! I don't even know how I feel about it!
Cutiecat chapter 2 . 8/2/2014
Haha, the description of Vaati and Dark playing Four Swords Adventures together reminds me of how it was for me and my siblings. Although, it wasn't us individually jumping off cliffs like Vaati. It was more of throwing each other off cliffs or into lava, and fighting over the flame rod so we could set everything and everyone on fire. Lol, those were fun times. I should get a gameboy advance sp again so I could play sometime...

Anyways, the chapter was interesting, and I think Vaati made a bit of a reckless decision in agreeing to go with Dugal, but that's Vaati for ya.
Cutiecat chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
Lol! I love how Vaati is playing Four Swords! I started giggling while reading that section. I just find it so amusing, somehow.

I'm sorry, I just read the prequel to this without reviewing a single time... But, I couldn't stop reading! I blame your amazing writing skills :)
Sorceress V chapter 29 . 5/24/2014
Hey its me again. Gosh during that other chapter I thought that all the good characters were dead. I loved this story! I had pretty good laughs during all the Vaati, Dugal, Thyme, and Thistle. This story has met my expectations from when I finished reading AI. I would always read this instead of doing regular kid stuff like video games and obsessing over Vaati. It sounds as though there is another story. Thistle is and always will be the funniest weirdest character ever to me. I nearly cried at the end of this. But okay I read everything now so I'm up to date. Keep doing what your doing! Your the best! :D
Isodrink chapter 29 . 2/12/2014
I, again, am flashed by how well you manage to write some storys.
Actually, after seeing your devart account two days ago, I'm also flashed by your ability to picture Vaati just the way I saw him, except that he looks slightly more like a sleepyhead in your drawings ;)

I liked this story, very much over all. Again, it was an epic story you wrote on a level that's quite rare on fanart. The only thing I remember that could compare would be "Shadow Kingdom" by .
Anyway, I think you know by now that I really, really like your storys. You're actually one of my favorite authors, noticeable by the fact that somehow every story I read that's written by you manages it's way into my favourite list.
I liked your idea with ThistleXThyme love story.

But I think criticism can be way more worthy, since in my eyes you can show how much you appreciate a story by how close you look at it and also notice it's flaws, if there are any.
So let's start, it's mostly about the universe itself anway:
If I recall correctly in Avilux Ignis OoT Link comes up with the theory, that the hero always occurs when he's needed and is pushed down when he isn't. Since in AI it was not the time of the hero, obviously Dark Link neither had the Triforce, nor was allowed to play hero. It is also understandable that Dark Link didn't have the Triforce in AI, since the whole part only occured to something that was never meant to happen and couldn't have been anticipated by the goddess: The time travel of Skull kid.

However, things with Thistle were different. Thistle's actions could be anticipated because they did not defy the normal timeline like Skull kid did. The goddesses knew he would be dangerous for the world! And since he was an evil en par with Vaati, one could've argued that the goddesses again would've sent the hero with his Triforce of Courage to save the world. So why didn't they? Was there some point at which the finally released Link completely from his duty to save the world over and over again, hence the "the era of the hero is over"?
And isn't it slightly unfair that there still exists the power of the Triforce (Since from the standards of power its Goddesses Triforce wishing cap, therefor wishing cap has no influence on Goddesses and Triforce), which means that there still is a bit of magic in the world?

Second question would be when Thistle casted his resurrection spell and when Vaati cast his. I know it's a minor detail but as far as I know it doesn't completely add up.
I guess Vaati casted his ressurrection spell after the "Rend" incident, since I think it was a project he took on when he was older and really began to fear his death through aging (you hinted something like that yourself in AI if I recall correctly).
However, that means that Thistle, since he needed to copy Vaati, also casted his resurrection spell after Render, which should be quite impossible since he was dead. He must've cast it before. That in regard means, that Vaati must've cast HIS resurrection spell before the Render incident. However, why should he do that? He was still quite young and never had to fear death, only imprisonment in the sword. And actually, I don't think Vaati actually believed he could die before the Render incident.
Also I think that the Thistle that cast the resurrection spell on himself must've been the same Thistle as in Render, since otherwise he wouldn't have his memorys back, which would mean he wouldn't remember Vaati at all. And if it wasn't the same Thistle but a later reincarnation, well then why would he need the resurrection spell and how could the other monsters possibly become extinct in the modern era?
Therefor I'm confused

Another thing I'm currently thinking about is an alternate solution during the fight with Thistle that I thought you'd use: To outwit Thistle. It's just something I'm sharing in case it might intrigue you, not really a point of criticism. I think he maybe could've been outwitted with the very way he made his wish. He wished along the lines to never be defeated in anything, effectively to never loose. In that way, he's forced to win, always. The way to go would've been using this, by trapping him (since killing wouldn't do any good) the moment he defeats his opponent, caused by the fact that he did defeat his opponent. Or something else that is triggered by defeating his opponent and leads to him being trapped or powerless.
Would this have been a possibility in your eyes? I'm curently imagining quite a few scenarios in this pattern _

(Random notice: I noticed that the magician and reverse magician pair could both mean Vaati/Dougal and Thistle/Thyme, did you plan that from the beginning that way with the other team being the obstacle?)

That would be all. Oh, and about the ending: Actually I'm quite happy with it. As I already said, I liked your ThistleXThyme idea. I like how Thistle will be mad and funny as always, together in a team with Dugal. I'm surprised that he didn't wish to be the pokemon master in the end. I mean, after the pokemon popped into existance they wouldn't be magic, even after Vaatis wish the could've continued to exist, meaning we could've had Dark Link on his way to become the pokemon master :D
And Vaati beating him every single time he meets him with his dark, shiny charmander or something.
The only thing I didn't like was the whole VaatiXZelda relationship. I never was a great shipper for pairs like this, I'm to conventional for that (Zelink fan, I confess). But it's none the less impressive how you still managed to pull that off - and do it on a believeable level regarding both of your characters.

And now I'm running out of things to say so, have a great week, best of wishes as always and till next review
Reily96 chapter 29 . 10/6/2013
Oh my dear, dear Fleets. I'd have given an individual review for each part of the epilogue but I can't. Because I am lazy. But let me just say, when I first read these two I was like... blown away. A large cast of OCs written beautifully, beautifully developed characters, a bittersweet ending... Fleets, this was a really good story. I loved the way you ended it - you did a good job.

I really can't say much more. I've reread these chapters and I want to cry, because everything... It's ended, ya know. It ended well. I could go on about the fluff of the Thistle and Thyme refs, the FFN refs, how the characters have grown up and how, in its own way, magic has not died...

I really did love this story Fleets. And you did an excellent job. I feel like an old lady now, wanting to comment about the first time I saw one of your stories and how I've seen you grow as an author to produce these amazing stories. Girl. I'm so proud of you. ;A; Now excuse me while I go cry myself a river from feels.
Reily96 chapter 27 . 10/6/2013
Okay, first of all. When I first read this chapter, I was speechless. GIRL. GIRL. I should've expected it, now that I thought of it. But it was beyond my realm of imaging for these characters. But you did it. And my feels broke. They broke out of sheer awe because of how ALL these characters have grown and developed. So proud of'em all. D:
Vesperupus chapter 29 . 8/31/2013
Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets you've left me with so many feelings!
On one hand I'm really sad that it's over, on the other I'm so happy about how this ended. I nearly cried reading Bates last words and then he shows back up as a cat. Guess I had a similar reaction to Dark's, hehe. Then Minish Cap and the fanfictions and Zelda's comment and I'm still laughing this is so beautiful.
Oh yes, and Thistle being Thistle. Loved that twist, too!
Thank you for this wonderful story and stay awesome, will ya?
Guest chapter 29 . 8/30/2013
amaaaaazing I love you!
Flufux chapter 29 . 8/28/2013
I may admit it right here and now: You are my favourite author on this site! And your stories are just fantastic!

Your work is inspiration to my own Fanfiction which also stars Vaati, and one of my OC is slightly inspired by Thistle, though definitely not enough that he could be considered a rip-off.

I was going to review a lot sooner but I didn't really know at the time how to do that, sorry.
Starke-Geist chapter 29 . 8/27/2013
My God... Has it really been that long? Wow... I loved every bit of this story and you are a wonderful author! I think the ending was alright but that's just my opinion.
SmashQueen chapter 29 . 8/27/2013
Can't decide on anything big or fancy to say at this point. The only thing that comes to mind is this:

I liked this ending. I liked it a lot.

It's been a long journey. Vaati matured and realized what he had to do even if it meant he wouldn't ever come back as himself again after dying. He took the final steps to end things once and for all. Honestly, that he's seen reason at long last is a relief. I think this is the second time in fanfiction that I've seen him come to grips with reality - realistically - and change for the better after so much has happened. The first time was in another one of your fanfics (The Unresolved, I believe).

Hoo! Finished after three years! Congratulations on finishing OA and good luck with your present and future projects!
Mirria1 chapter 29 . 8/27/2013
poor Vaati no longer has his powers. :c oh well.
I really liked that they got the LoZ the Minish Cap. :D and when they were reading fanfiction. so much awesomeness! I loved it.

I just have a question though. I'll PM you it later. ;)
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