Reviews for Bang, Bang
Link Fangirl01 chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
-grins- Most enjoyable Sabriel, thanks very much. A satisfactory fic with two such different characters, I hardly knew it was possible!

But then, I'm quite new to the series and it's fanfction archives. So everything seems new and impossible to me.
CWolf2 chapter 1 . 12/19/2010
This was a fun one-shot. Your characterizations rock, you really know how to write for Raine and Yuan. Great work!
Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 12/14/2010
I'm lazy with reviews, but I was in such shock to see a ToS 'fic from you that I rushed right over to read this, and obviously if I'm reading I must review!

I hope you've been well. I think I de-friended you on LJ back when you were on a long hiatus or something...didn't think you were going to come back. (But gah, my memory is so bad, I'm not sure anymore.)

Good thing I still have you on author alert, here.

["I hear," she added, "old men are usually quite interested in gardening."] I snorted.

[the Importance of Being Subtle Whilst Approaching Unknowns] This is always very important.

["Y'know, she'd be pretty if she weren't a four-eyed elfling. Check out them curves, Boss."] Uh-oh, the wrong thing to say to Ms. Sage.

[I can speak to him about allowing you to provide the week's catering menu, should you desire it.] Hahaha, a brilliant idea, Yuan! Well, not for the victims, but...

At any rate, what an amazing prompt given you, and I'm glad I read this little story. It was a very enjoyable read, and fun besides.

Thanks for posting!