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StoryReiter chapter 44 . 5h
I really like your stories as well as your bitter sweet endings. I wish I could have read more is what I think but when considering how you wrote it, I think that is for the best. It was enjoyable and perhaps we won't be able to see more of you on fanfiction and you've written quite a lot and for that I am really thankful. There is a part of me though that is just wondering, are you still writing somewhere? It is simply a passing thought and as for this review that is neither coherent nor proper. Thank you for writing such and amazing story, I like the character developments especially Shirou and the twist involving Minaka's plan as well as the ending hinting towards the Type Jupiter and A-rays. Thank you author and have a great day and take care of yourself.
HAHAHAHAHA chapter 44 . 7/21
If there was a word to say how good this story was it would be "one of the best I've read". yes, it's more than one word but i don't care. Thank you for this great, amazing, beautiful and wonderful story!
warpterror chapter 8 . 7/18
Well. That ending was both disturbing and hot.
assassins.attack chapter 44 . 7/12
Just finished my binge, and Holy Shit. Welcome to the list of best fanfictions I have and will ever read. Ever time I thought I knew what you where going to do next, you would just flip the world upside down. I enjoyed ever second. Keep up the excellent work!
warpterror chapter 3 . 7/12
Ah, now I see why Sikerei was listed as Shojo in the wikipedia ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
warpterror chapter 2 . 7/12
warpterror chapter 1 . 7/11
Aww. The feels.
And a very amusing way to end the chapter :D
Nasnaraer Astaroth-Belial chapter 1 . 7/6
i personally have only watched sekirei, but your story is interesting enough to where i want to read the whole thing. good job.
alexkellar chapter 1 . 7/6
Shit, waoh, sure I will not say anything that another has not said or felt already. But really, I really love this story, I was not really a fan
Of sekirei, but it is the fault of the protagonist. But this is without a doubt another thing ! I sat there, spending more than a week reading and really, I'm with a ... Forgive the word "erection" metaphorical. From the first chapter I got hooked, and waoh, I'm missing words. Of course, I ended up wanting to see Haruka dead, but that does not take away the coolness of the job. I'm sorry if I'm a bit simple with the words I use, I'm really very excited after finishing the story and I'm short for words, for this story as well as sword spine, THANK YOU FOR THE HARD WORK !
HelpfulNudge chapter 40 . 6/28
Just reread the scenes revolving around the flock learning about Shirou's distortion... This is one of my favorite fanfiction chapters I've ever read, top 3 certainly. I read this over a year ago and I still love it. Splendid job. I hope you come back to write another fic, you're still one of my favorites.
HaPPy2901 chapter 24 . 6/25
This was my favorite chapter if all chapters I've read all I wanted is to cry from all that frustration oh shirou... but really the last line is so unexpected gosh...
HaPPy2901 chapter 22 . 6/25
I wish the sekirei, rin and saber would finally meet. The mayhem that would occured would be epic! I really don't like harem and I really like the shirou who is loyal to one person but it really is interesting how you add harem to shirou's life even though shirou have the same luck as lancer when it comes to love life. God it reminds me of Fate carnival when shirou choose the harem route.
Rakan chapter 44 . 6/24
I didn't really expect crossovers to be one of the things that I would enjoy reading. But In Flight has rapidly become one of my favorite stories. I rarely reread things, but I couldn't keep myself from rereading this. Thanks for the excellent story. I'm sure I'll be back to reread it again in the future.
Lordsunshine64 chapter 32 . 6/19
ya know, i read that fable by Robert Jordan to, i always thought it ironically also could be told as a warning against parents or other people in Authority forcing people into things. in the parents in the Fable had been a bit more patient, they could have encouraged the relationship instead of demandeding it, and things probably would have been fine. but instead of slowly coaxing thier (very typically) rebellious daughter into the relationship over time and trusting her to realize that her husband to be was a good man on her own time, they shoved her into it, and she pushed back (like EVERY HUMAN WHO HAS EVER BEEN FORCED INTO ANYTHING EVER, SERIOUSLY IVE SEEN IT IN MULTIPLE DATING ADVICE THINGS). sure, she could have shown the emotional maturity wildly disproportional to her age, or they could have shown some fricken patience. anyway, thats my thoughts on that fable, sorry for ranting, thats been bugging me for over a decade. enjoying the story!
envy34 chapter 44 . 6/13
not sure if you still write her or will get this but I just read this story over the course off the last three days and want to thank you for it. sekerie has a lot of potential in my eyes nd I loved this a lot so thank you for the excellent read :D!
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