Reviews for In Flight
MPrevilO chapter 44 . 10/18
The actual best story I have read on this website
Jjoo9 chapter 1 . 10/16
Hah... ini fanfic bukan kanon
sondowth chapter 44 . 9/23
Uh-oh! Gaia is starting to die!
Dudtheman chapter 44 . 9/22
loved it from start to finish thank you very much
Arikawan chapter 12 . 9/21
Issei ODR chapter 44 . 9/19
Me gusto la historia tarde un mes en pero aun asi me gusto el final.
AlernateReality chapter 21 . 9/16
If the Sekirei are using Od for their Ninitos wouldn't Shirou make the logical leap that the other Ashikabi are magi? Or at least capable of being one?
AlernateReality chapter 15 . 9/16
Listen, I like your story. It's interesting. BUT I cannot stand how OOC Shirou is and you not informing the reader in the first chapter. This isn't Shirou's personality, especially in UBW. He'd dislike his 'mother' for her part in the Sekirei Plan and would definitely go after MBI.

It's common courtesy to say he is OOC at the beginning, or maybe you could have even put in that he gave up his ideals like in the HF route. A HF Shirou would work way better for this story personality wise.
AlernateReality chapter 2 . 9/15
ALSO (I forgot to add this in my last review of chapter 1), I think Shirou would be MUCH more concerned about something drenched in the smell of blood. He is an Ally of Justice
AlernateReality chapter 1 . 9/15
Shirou is OOC af in the first chapter. I have no doubt that it wouldn't phase him much finding out this information. He is distorted after all.
Kane77 chapter 43 . 9/11
Excalibur the strongest Noble Phantasm, except for all those other ea, visava Shakti, rhongmyriad that other Excalibur
Mr.Vegerott23 chapter 44 . 9/8
Really good story.
Crimson green flame chapter 44 . 9/7
Holy... This was good
giovvaniauditore chapter 44 . 8/26
Well I finished it.
This was great.
Nameless Phantasm chapter 3 . 8/20
z get zz as xx zzxzz?!z?z?がが『がz?zxz?zがzxzzzzzっz
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