Reviews for In Flight
Guest chapter 44 . 7/7
“A-ray, then.”
Lord-Alucard-Smut-Hard-hentai chapter 44 . 7/3
de latino america te saludo una historia unica
demonicdie chapter 44 . 7/1
Hypervene chapter 44 . 6/29
Thank you very much for the great read! I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
Hypervene chapter 40 . 6/29
Fucking quality work.
demonicdie chapter 12 . 6/29
well... its feel OOC
demonicdie chapter 11 . 6/29
oh at some point i realy want rin and saber show up
Hypervene chapter 25 . 6/28
It's almost like a battle between Servants! You've come far, Shirou.
brokenstrings001 chapter 44 . 6/18
Piece of crap OC.
Black Doberman chapter 44 . 6/17
fucking beautiful. i found this by accident when i was looking for something to read at 3 in the morning. i was hesistant at first becasue i didnt think this type of crossover would work, but boi u did eveything right. the beginning and the relationships through out the story seem natrual and realistic, as realistic as a fanfiction can get at least. the dividing of rin and sber made sense and every single person that was introduced to the harem made sense. hell even karasuba's entrence at the end (even though i think she should have been in sooner, becasue she my favorite in the series).

so to conclude, you wrote my favorite fic on this site (at the moment) and becasue of that i thank you, and to anyone reading this. if you like either series thats apart of this crossover i highly recommend you stop reading this comment and start reading the fic.
Leander-the-Hawk chapter 44 . 6/16
I found your fanfiction completely by accident, but it was a fantastic accident that I am almost convinced was an act from the literary Gods finally taking pity on a poor soul and giving me something fantastic to read. I love how you combined these two worlds into something possible for both. The differing themes from both clashing was fantastic. I thank you very much for taking the time 2 let this fully form and then sharing it with us.
NerfGlaistigUaine chapter 32 . 6/8
I know it's been 5 years since you wrote this and you haven't been on fanfic in 4, but you know that Japanese has ungendered pronouns right? Shirou could've just used those when referring to/thinking of Homura
sasukesdoom chapter 44 . 5/31
jesus. that was amazing.
Shaydrall chapter 44 . 5/28
Your work has always been an inspiration, and is the hand that helps me back up whenever I fall down. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Trom chapter 44 . 5/28
Just read all 44 chapters over the Memorial Day weekend. Aah the eye strain!
Very nicely done. Great character development and research based on their manga origins.
Thanks for great piece of fiction for which you have given to us.
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