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Ann chapter 36 . 15h
Noah. And unexpected twist! I wonder if Shirou will recruite Seo (who was supposed to kinda keep an eye on Yukari) for the Plan, or if he forgot about him. Like how in his initial plans he forgot about his Sekirei.
Man, it's hard to believe it's only been a week or so since Yukari left Izumo House. This is probably a needed (if harsh) wake up call to Yukari too - this isn't a game or manga, running around at night is dangerous.
Takami is gonna be even more missed once she learns what happened (whenever that is).
Ann chapter 35 . 4/12
How intense! Loved the battle sequence and the emotional conversations afterwards. Haha, Shirou was worried for a second he put off Chiho but she can't think badly of him. Now we've just got Yukari to worry about since Takami was clearly only worried after that battle.
Seimika chapter 1 . 4/11
Anyone know if this guy is still around? Just curious
Ann chapter 33 . 3/29
No breaks for Shirou lol!

It's Matsu's turn to recognize the distortion in a loved one, following in Rin's footsteps (and Shirou's). It certainly is upsetting (especially with little knowledge of magecraft) to see his just shrug off sword tearing through his skin. He might have to explain that he'd compressed his Realty Marble into himself to bleed it off rather than risk death. Knowing he can turn his flesh to steel would be something worth knowing, but I'm sure it'll be revealed in a very dramatic Frodo-is-actually-wearing-mithril-and-wasn't-impaled kind of way. It's also quite something to know your boyfriend/husband is running down his chosen path with eyes wide open - even a glimpse into the future not enough to make him rethink that approach as he instead insults his other self.
I appreciate the lore dump in this chapter, it straightened some Type Moon stuff out for me. I also enjoy how it's filtered through Shirou's pragmatic and un-learned way of seeing things.
Ann chapter 32 . 3/24
Welp... so much for Homura staying a man. I liked how you handled it. I'm really enjoying how poor Shirou just keeps getting one thing after another thrown at them, whether it's emotional, combat, or world altering.
What a first day for Chiho! And, of course, the outsider would be first to notice Homura's changes, what with having no real preconceived notions and not having been introduced to everyone yet.

Looks like Shirou Winged Yume too! He's definitely a bit weirded out by all... that. And he doesn't have the benefit(?) of Minato's first meeting with Yume keeping Musubi from getting terminated.
Ann chapter 30 . 3/21
That was AWESOME! I loved it, all of it! Uzume and Shirou having to reevaluate each other; Shirou forced to acknowledge that for all his prep work, he missed some things; Chiho's rescue!
I'm sure the others will be either miffed or bummed (talking about Musubi, of course) once the operation they missed out on is explained and I am looking forward to the conversations which will follow.
Ann chapter 29 . 3/18
Well damn! Uzume saw a chance and she leapt for it! Whether she went for Mikogami's prize (I'm assuming it's his and not the 2nd matches winner because he was actually broadcast in the story) of her own volition or at Higa's she's ready to commit to the North. Explanations of magic and Avalon probably planted the idea, but now she has negotiation material. Sorry, Kazehana, something has come up to interrupt sexy times.
Loved Shirou's reaction to the Jinki! And I enjoyed his analysis of the first battle. Lol, loved Yukari trying to get Seo to do stuff out if a Manga after his fist fight!
Shinigami200 chapter 44 . 3/3
Out of all my problems with this fic this is undoubtedly the worst i havent even gotten to half the chapter and im already disgusted. I was severely hoping that you wouldnt do something like this and not basically say that Shirou is going to start fucking the girl you could say he has essentially raised thats gross.
Shinigami200 chapter 42 . 3/2
why would he just say that Excalibur is the most powerful noble phantasm
E chapter 1 . 2/29
Coming back to this story after learning the basics on Fate lore... holy shit, even in this first chapter so much is wrong lmao. It's still a pretty decent story plot-wise and character arc wise, but god damn did my boy essentially write his own original fiction with a couple shared names.

I think out of the various things I can remember which are now obviously problematic, I'd say only Shirou's characterization and the relative powerlevel of Sekirei to Servants particularly bugs me. And for Shirou, I can vague accept that a whole bunch of shit happened off screen that made him how he is, but it still seems more like a cope move to justify writing him however you want. Saber being compared to Miya, though? Perhaps in raw lifting strength only. Damage output and durability are vastly in Saber's favor, not to mention all the other disparities.

I think I'll try and reread for the nostalgia, but it's definitely not like I remember it.
ityuii chapter 44 . 2/24
Thank you for this story.
Ann chapter 25 . 2/22
I was enjoying the upended dynamics of Izumo House and actually rooting for Tsukiumi to have her "wedding night" and then this happened. Lmao!
Mage Association (aka Proper Magi): "That 3rd rate fool is an apprentice who can barely do anything, but he has been researching the forbidden and has an interesting talent we'd like to study."
Shirou: *keeps up in a fight, without prior preparation*
Enforcers (aka Battle Magi): "Are you joking? This kid may not be able to do much but he's a master in what he can do and a credible threat."

In other words, I see it as:
Association- Bring in that hack mage.
Shirou- Did you think I survived the Grail War by hiding behind Tohsaka's skirts?
Enforcer- I thought you said he was a hack!
Ann chapter 24 . 2/18
What an awesome chapter! Poor Shirou. No one cut the conversation off, all too curious. Now the more worldly are very concerned about the future while others are either freaked out, uncaring, or ready to fight some new organization. Shirou finally confessed to being a proper fugitive and now basically everyone in his life knows. I wasn't expecting him to detail a magic-less Grail War but I think he did a good job. Now I wonder who, if anyone, will tie it together with Shirou's story about his ex-girlfriends.
Matsu is definitely in the doghouse. Excellent inclusion of the whiteboard! I really liked that element coming back.
Ann chapter 23 . 2/16
Akitsu! Whoo! Girl deserves it.
My, what a difference having someone who knows an esoteric, mystic practice in the Plan! Not super well, but he knows more than anyone stuck with just physical biology. I'm enjoying this exploration of Sekirei nature, all twisted up with confusion and outrage and theories being simultaneously supported and undermined. Miya certainly isn't pleased by Shirou's suppositions and what that might mean for her people.

Matsu... what did you find? I can see this upcoming conversation going a bunch of ways, from Shirou freaking out loudly, angrily, or silently to someone else noticing his horror and shutting down the party and sending everyone to bed.
Ann chapter 22 . 2/12
A ha! I knew it had to be something like this, with Rin and Saber only reluctantly staying behind in the Clock Tower. I'm sure if Archer was present he'd shake his head while calling Shirou a hero. As someone who has seen some period dramas, Shirou running off to take all the blame so his loves could thrive, while said loves swear to figure out a way to get him pardoned is so very fitting to the situation. It's either all fugitives with short lifespans and experimentation in the future, or one fugitive while the others try to salvage what they can.
On a lighter note, I enjoyed how the Sekirei were simultaneously enamored with the tragic tale and determined not to repeat it. And Yukari finally has something to share with mama Takami!

I had a lot of fun with the whiteboard! Shirou's finally feeling comfortable in establishing a firmer hand in the Sekirei-Ashikabi relationship, introducing his humanity into the equation now that the Sekirei in question have started getting along on their own accord. I loved the point about Miya's expenses! And poor Homura will be drawn further into group dynamics. Thankfully, he has experience in people vying for his favor so the competition for Tuesday is probably well enough in hand, just like Miya's control of the weekend. I didn't know about Japanese ways of writing the days of the week, so I learned something new too!
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