Reviews for In Flight
Ann chapter 10 . 1/13
Loved the conversations in this! Seo, Miya, and Shirou was a delight! The subtext and manipulative probbing was masterfully done. Shirou's got enough experience with sly images to suspect subtle powerplays and how to counteract it. Plus, Seo and Miya is always fun.
Shirou wants /aaaall/ the information. He's got to build a strategy and he's got the experience to know he should get info on every player, Sekirei or Ashikabi, active or already defeated. After all, knowing which Sekirei are bound to whom, defeated or not, gives an idea of forces. Knowing the Ashikabi can give hints as to next actions and alliance potential. No one was expecting Shirou's focus! He ain't playin'. He knows just how bad a war can get.
Ann chapter 9 . 1/12
Seems like Homura didn't notice his physical changes until Shirou asked. That tracks, since the changes seemed to take a while in Sekirei canon (though those, I thought it was his body's attempt to entice his Ashikabi into Winging him since living in the same inn didn't seem to be doing the job). Speaking of Shirou, his life is such an anime! He just keeps surprising everyone! Especially Matsu (especially Miya), who will definitely be upset she didn't find records of the technical issue that drew freaking Karasuba to the airport and resulted in Shirou finding some living family. It was funny to contrast Musubi's reaction to the Black Sekirei against literally everyone else XD.
We get to learn what happened in Britain! So it was his Reality Marble after all, coupled with not tolerating bullies. I should have expected the bullies thing, Shirou likes helping people and Rin lost most of her family fortune thanks to Kirei. And they worked to keep Saber on the downlow. Definitely best for Shirou to flee rather than try and fight. I can only imagine both Rin and Saber gritting their teeth against the situation.
Ann chapter 8 . 1/12
Excellent fight! I greatly enjoyed Miya and Shirou feeling each other out and then ramping up the intensity, with neither unleashed their full potential. Homura freaking out over Shirou's style was *chef's kiss*. He is highly disturbed, especially if that is the style Shirou used against that other Sekirei he defeated - now Shirou isn't simply a reckless squishy human, he's a reckless squishy human with a suicidal sword style! Uzume was just as stunned (probably dreading ever having to go against this faction in the Plan). And Matsu makes her grand entrance! Though she might just be able to tell Shirou why exactly Homura has been so easily flustered by Uzume's teasing.
Lol, Takami has kept Shirou's relation to her on the downlow so well Matsu didn't find out.
Shinigami200 chapter 32 . 1/9
Honestly at this point its pretty gotten pretty annoying the problem i have with your writing is that you over explain and write too much when yoy dont need to for example when Shirou is explaining the moonlight world and someone inturupts with something irrelevant or something like that you will go on talking about that fir multiple paragraphs before getting back to the topic at hand just for it to happen again and again with a story like this where the passing is slow and long chapters where barely anything happens its a detriment to your story
Shinigami200 chapter 26 . 1/8
I get what you’re trying to do here but to me all this comes across as it being wrong and stupid to not want his Flock and the other Sekiri to be dissected despite it being completely reasonable like yeah sure they dont get to help Shirou with his problems but in this case if they did they would be putting their entire species at risk i dont see how Shirou would struggle with a decision like that just because his Sekiri were upset about it
Ann chapter 6 . 1/8
Ooh, tying Sekirei crests to mage crests! I am /loving/ the lore in this. Everyone feels so real too! You're a great writer.
I enjoyed Shirou and Moya's conversation. Can't wait to see them interact more and eventually highlight the differences between 01 and the rest of the Sekirei.
Shirou finally has a veranda to relax on! It's wonderful reading his simple joy in drinking tea in the early morning.
There is so much in this chapter! The character interactions and reactions to Shirou's unusual antics are great. Look at Shirou, over here applies Grail War protocols to this Sekirei Plan. Lol, even if Sekirei can't attack Ashikabi, that won't stop Ashikabi from fighting each other! I'm sure Shirou is already making battle plans.
Cookie Sharter chapter 13 . 1/7
always hated tsunderes, abusive bitches who get away with it because of masochistic MCs, absolutely fucking hate tsukiumi because despite all of her murder attempts they just brush it aside because "oh she's been winged so she can't do shit to harm you" winging doesn't excuse the fact that she tried to murder you, and was being extremely rude too
Ann chapter 5 . 1/7
Excellent fight scene! Loved Shirou fighting and winning, yet with no witnesses. Certainly adds to his mystery even more, while still keeping magecraft secret. And Kuu wasn't winged! I'm here for Shirou's morals and his struggles to keep his annoyance in check every time someone seems incredulous about him not winging an 8 year old. Also, his continued lack of understanding about technological advances. Lol, don't text Shirou! He's unlikely to notice. Homura is over here shaking his head while also marveling at his good fortune in Ashikabi. And also giving into the notion of moving his Ashibaki (and his winged Sekirei, and his unwinged Sekirei, and his scrapped number) into a house with two other Sekirei. XD certainly looking forward to Shirou meeting the demon of the North and competing over the kitchen!
Ann chapter 4 . 1/7
Akitsu issues discussed far sooner than canon! Love it. I really enjoyed Musubi's entrance, and the conversation Shirou started by calling Homura. Yeah... if Shirou had met Musubi first, he would have avoided her, but because he winged Homura first (nothing short of mortal danger being enough to prompt him into doing more than looking after Akitsu), he had someone to ask. And Minaka finally called! He was absolutely gobsmacked at Shirou's lack of technological literacy (I can imagine Takami facepalming while Rin stares in incomprehension stronger than Shirou's) and simultaneously pleased and surprised by Shirou quick questions and assertive comments. Lol, Shirou knows way more than the average person about the Age of the God's. Loved the little tidbits about the 5th Holy Grail War, btw!
Poor Shirou, stuck in another war he didn't sign up for. But he's also very suspicious about it and it's organizers. This whole Sekirei thing, new aliens that are released into the city from a lab? A medical organization who has taken over the city and has been watching Shirou? Sketchy~ Can't wait for Shirou to start setting up magical defenses, or trying to convince Takami to help him find a more suitable living place (that kitchenette is /not/ going to survive two Sekirei).
Ann chapter 3 . 1/5
I absolutely loved the conversation between Kagami and Shirou! I guess Kagami reached the end of his rope so much faster than canon because Shirou is a trained magus, with stronger magic circuits. (And who's that i spy in the distance- Musubi?) It's fun to think how the Sekirei view themselves through the lense of MBI, with a basis in science, whereas Shirou looks at them from a mage perspective. Not so much just genetic compatibility as also od.
Oh my God, Yukari noooo. Very in character for her, I'm impressed. Akitsu- *facepalm* Poor Shirou.
Ann chapter 2 . 1/5
I nearly forgot to include this, but I really loved Shirou's offense at the apartment's so-called kitchen. Dude takes cooking seriously!
Ann chapter 2 . 1/5
Already we've got changes! Of course Shirou wouldn't leave Akizu in the park. She's not very cognitive right now, but she also has no issue telling him things.
I am enjoying your world building and story telling style! (Lmao, the hint about Rin v Luvia!) It is certainly an odd situation Shirou found himself in, with a living bio family. But it certainly is helpful to hiding from Clocktower. I'm guessing he never continued to Fuyuki, which is good since his home town is where any trackers would no doubt look. And it doesn't look like he told Fujimura anything so she'd be a dead-end too. Speaking of Taiga, loved Shirou's reflections on her place in his life (both as mother figure and the friend who eats all his food) and on Kiritsugu. And the explanation for how Saber is still in the world was great! I'm looking forward to more Fate things sprinkled in the Sekirei world. It's neat to see Sekirei from a Fate mage's pov.
Lol, Shirou and Kagami damn near got into a fight! Looking forward to more of that! Kagami is one of my favorite characters so I'm interested to see how his journey will change with Shirou in the vicinity. Tbh, I'm rooting for the pseudo-kouhai
Ann chapter 1 . 1/5
I'm normally not one for protagonist replacement stories, since they generally don't change much of the plot or acknowledge the skills the new protagonist can utilize the skills or resources they have from their original story. But this doesn't seem to be that kind of story. I loved Shirou's reactions to Karasuba, and how they discovered the relation between him and Takami. I'm looking forward to seeing how Shirou approaches the Sekirei war differently than the far less confident Minato. Shirou's already gone through his growing up journey so I'm excited to see what he does.
Similarly, I find the mystery of his departure from London intriguing. With UBW, how did Saber manage to stick around? And Rin was so determined that Shirou wouldn't follow Archer's sad fate that she determined to drag him along to mage school. I'm fairly certain Shirou was lying about most of what he said to Takami, what with being on the run from the Clocktower. Did Rin and Saber "cut ties" so they could figure stuff out from the inside? Does the Clocktower know about Saber continued existence? This is all so intriguing and I can't wait to see it eventually get explained as Shirou deals with MBI's schemes.
Shinigami200 chapter 5 . 1/2
Look listen Shirou is not so bad with tec that hes having this much trouble with a phone its basically saying he doesnt know how to use a dvd player because hes so dumb he doesnt know what a text ishe doesnt even know how text work wouldn’t know what a text is thats Tohsaka’s gag
Loxias Walker chapter 44 . 12/25/2023
I really like this fic, even if I didn't read or watch anything about sekirei the way the author explain make it easy to see a picture in my head. Even if its sometimes feels like an info dump it help to graps some conceps and the conection between both works.
The fights, the dynamic between characters and the comedy feels well executed,I don't really have many complains about this work,if they could have been called complains to begin.
First is that, well, the fic is long, don't take me wrong I enjoyed it with all my being, but sometimes it's feels like it's was unnesesary or some situations could be done in a short manner.
Second is that the final battle feels a bit anticlimactic, I neen, yeah theres no way Shirou at that point could lose, but i felt a bit disappointed.
Third it's about the epilogue,don't take me wrong, I love it, it's just that I would like to see what happened to some of the other characters.
Overall it's was a great read and I coul recomendate to everyone, I would say that at least you should have a minimal knowledge of fate, but the way the author explained some of the tidbits of fate were well to undestand, so as far as I'm corncerned, you would love it all.
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