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kgtab chapter 26 . 1/24/2023
Miya's view of the situation is hilarious. It's so funny how she created her own reality in her head lmao.

Shirou finally revealing the truth is really nice. They deserve to know it especially after NotBazette showed up with a party.
Also I don't think that others would've been alright if Shirou got captured by mages. Considering their policy they would've been investigated and found out as aliens, which in turn would've made them into targets as well.

Tbh feel like Shirou shouldn't be surprised by then getting sad with his flock getting hurt by his selflessness. After all Rin, Saber and Archer have already beat the truth into his head.
Also kinda surprised there was no classical monologue about him not being worthy of them. Seemed like the right time.
Though I wonder is his dream kept "secret" from them for future reveal?

Ps: welcome back to the part of the review where I talk about lore stuff. As I IIRC already said Shirou's projections don't disappear, since they come from an entirely different world and are so perfect that world doesn't see anything wrong with them. And he didn't develop UBW in 2 weeks. It started developing from the moment he was reborn in Fuyuki fire, otherwise he wouldn't have had small army of random projected stuff in his shed which was there for several years.
Also kinda feel that something like Caladbolg, caliburn or any other old sword would've worked as a proof, but they may have simply not believed him so it goes both ways I guess
kgtab chapter 22 . 1/22/2023
Tbh I disagree with this fic's portrayal of his relationships with Rin and Saber. He clearly fell in love with Rin and she fell for him. This is rather blatant with him just outright stating that they're dating to lancer and picking a fight with him because he was jealous. It goes even further when you realize that the only reason Rin kept Saber around is that Shirou would've been devastated without her, since the only difference between "True" and "Good" ends are how close Shirou is to Artoria and has nothing to do with Rin herself. She sabotaged her own magus abilities, the ONLY thing she cared about prior to UBW, for him. His love for Saber is a bit more vague, but it's much easier to explain since he did indeed fell for her from the moment she showed up and Nasu himself describes her as his soulmate. As for Saber well she's pretty much outright states that Shirou is her master even though Rin holds the command spells lol. They didn't enter relationship just to maintain Saber around, well Rin maybe did but not Shirou. He genuinely fell in love with them during the 2 weeks of the war, just like they did with him.

Their "break up" however is pretty much one of the only ways it could've happened. Really don't have any problems there. Except if association found out what his RM does, cause if yes than Rin and Saber would've been tortured to death to find Shirou. Actually depending on how important genuine RM's are for mages (and they very much are considering that they're almost as rare as literal true magic in living humans) it would've happened regardless. The only way in which they would've been at least somewhat safe is either Shirou committing suicide, or taking them with him

His "interpretation" of 5th HGW events are hilarious tho lmfao
kgtab chapter 21 . 1/22/2023
An amazing chapter. I imagine this is pretty much exactly how post UBW Shirou would've handled the situation, or at least very close. He definitely would've wanted to help Haruka, but would've seen the problems with their escape. Instead just keeping them safe is a much better alternative. But I completely disagree with him going with "the path of the shura". Entire point of his fight with Archer is to not compromise on justice and try to save everyone. He would help them in the best way he can regardless of consequences, it's just that sending them away to their own death is not the best course of actions for anyone. Kerrys way has been shown to be very wrong numerous times through the series and Shirou saw the results firsthand

On the other note IIRC church isn't actually xenophobic. They specifically hate dead apostles for being dead apostles (eating humans, being a threat to human order and gaia by just existing and other wholesome stuff being the reason). Daemons are specifically exercised as a non violent way of dealing with them. Don't remember for sure but they don't have much problems with oni's and phantasmals either...ofc this won't stop Burial agency heads from being a little bit silly and causing either composite genocide of their species for funnies, or forcing them into slavery, or just experimenting/torturing them
kgtab chapter 17 . 1/20/2023
Writing this now is kinda pointless in regards to the story itself, but it may help people who read reviews so yep

Shirou's projections don't have a time limit on them that we know of. Bare minimum they can exist up to several years and still showed no signs of degradation. And it was before he even knew that his powers come from UBW. After he traces an object it for all intents and purposes exists as a real thing and doesn't even directly connect to his prana, so even Kiritsugu's origin bullet might not work on them

Other thing is that Shirou doesn't use 7 steps as of end of UBW and instead just "pulls" weapons out of his RM. All steps are done automatically by UBW. This greatly increases his already ridiculous speed of projections (even in Fate where he used 7 steps, Shirou still was able to react to Gil's GoB spam, project Caliburn and block Goldie's arrows by copying Artorias skills and stats)

Also I don't know where "equivalent exchange" thing about Rule breaker comes from. There are no mentions of it anywhere I looked for and this would mean that Shirou has more magical energy than Holy grail since RB severed connection between it and Sakura, which makes little sense. To begin with UBW, as a RM, already goes around equivalent exchange by creating objects like Caliburn for very low amount of od

Btw I kinda wonder why Shirou didn't just NP spam him? Whom am I kidding we all know that the reason is that his Archer ass doesn't like to show his abilities and prefers to be on a deathbed instead

Fight itself is amazing tho. I really like this style of writing where every little step is properly explained
kgtab chapter 12 . 1/18/2023
"I never had a pet before"
Did Shirou just forget about Fuji-nee? What is she if not a pet tiger?
kgtab chapter 11 . 1/18/2023
I am definitely quite late for this review but better now than never ryt?

Really like the story so far. Secondary characters feel alive and like they actually have thought behind them instead of being a simple decoration. Pacing while kinda slow, feels just right for the events that happen. Fanservice is pretty fun too.

Shirou while may have some traits that I disagree with, ultimately is pretty close to the original. I'm rather baffled however by the whole "on-the-run" stuff and how Rin and Saber just left him. Yes sure, there are reasons as to why, but unless they're literally forced to do so I just can't see a situation where this would happen. Even Shirou himself wouldn't have been able to stop them from following him and they for sure would've been able to run away with him.

Next is that Shirou isn't clueless about his harem protagonist ex. Instead he deliberately ignores his rizz due to his mental illness and problems with self worth. I felt like this was what you were going for due to his monologues, but seems like I was wrong. The breakdown of this chapter still would've happened, but not because he didn't know if their feelings, but because of him "not deserving" this happiness.

Also his problems with technology are kinda funny, but not really in character. Ultimately Shirou spent most of his youth as a "normal" person and should know about basic electronics. More importantly tho is that computers and Internet specifically would be of great help in his path of justice and Shirou as a machine he is would learn everything that will be of use for him.

Don't want to sound like I didn't enjoy the story. As I already said I really did, it's just that its much easier for me to list things I didn't find "accurate"
kageknuser2710 chapter 5 . 1/16/2023
... Is he going to be so annoyingly passive all the time? Like, just tell them to dress properly. I know he doesn't want to 'force them', but since they have no concept of normal clothing customs, it is beyond stupid to just allow them to wear what they 'want'. They literally know nothing except for what the perverted scientists told them. Just put them in normal damn pants and shirts like the rest of the world. SMH
Insulted fan chapter 35 . 12/26/2022
Candy. True, the author does not understand Fate very much, but oh well.
jaimehuizar2005 chapter 34 . 12/22/2022
it's funny noticing jokes that I haven't noticed in previous times like the upside down pineapple cake
realfan16 chapter 1 . 12/20/2022
hmm what? what? WHAT?...? like...dang!...well it's my first time seeing someone pull off the Shirou's biological parents still lives...
declanbeech97 chapter 44 . 12/19/2022
well damn it, it actually ends. thank you for this wonderful story, now I'm gonna go look for more things to read.
Lazy Servant chapter 44 . 11/3/2022
Thanks for the chapters.
Sorry, cant think in better words.
tank2u1wood chapter 44 . 10/16/2022
Thank you for this story author, I enjoyed immensely. Laughing, crying, and everything in between; the sole regret being that I didn't get more of the after math, seo, uzume, matsu, and all the others. I wish I could have but this is probably for the better, thank you again.

This story is complex, it mixes type-moon Canon with Sekirei Canon quite spectacularly, Shirou is a good character who isn't overpowered at the start but has grown from a 17 year old with next to no skills, and by the end is incredible. The Villian is complex and 3 dimensional twists that I didn't forsee and character developments that I couldn't predict lead to a roller coaster of emotions, humor, romance, anger, and many other emotional queues are well handled. Minor spelling issues are really the only apparent downside, apart from fandoms raging over how things turn out I'm sure. Even if you end up hating it at the end, or as is more likely immensely enjoying the story and it's development. I can 100% recommend this even now
TheSlySage chapter 44 . 9/17/2022
beautiful. open ending on Miya potentially joining. kinda wish more than just Kuu and Shirou were in the ending would have enjoyed some dialogue with all the ladies lol
shernum16 chapter 44 . 9/14/2022
That was pretty good.
The comedy was a strong point, but the absolute best part, I think, is the depiction of Shirou - especially the scene where he “breaks up” with Rin and Saber.
That being said, the final fight was super lackluster, and the ending, while it had some good bits, like all the Notes references, was a bit disappointing in how little it actually showed. It felt like a description, like someone just listing out factoids.
But in general, despite the ending, this fic was really good. One of the best Fate docs out there - and completed, to boot! That never happens!

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