Reviews for The unofficial rules
James Birdsong chapter 5 . 4/28/2014
Still awesome
Lord Destroyer chapter 5 . 4/17/2014
Wait, blackout is a Subaru/Shinjiro fan? That's it, I'm boycotting this fic. I am a Gemini/Shinjiro fan...
James Birdsong chapter 5 . 4/13/2014
Awesome rules.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/30/2013
have only gemini can call shinjiro shiny of penslty of her sword
Mike The FF Reader chapter 4 . 7/30/2012
can you make more plz? _
Lord Destroyer chapter 4 . 10/8/2011
How's this one: Just because her/his name is Subaru does not mean you can ask if she/he as any family members that are named Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, or Nissan.
Lord Destroyer chapter 4 . 10/8/2011
How about this: Ratchet shall not be mistaken for the Autobot medic from Transfomers, so top worrying about when she'll toss a wrench at you for misbehaving. ...-BONK!- ow, on secon thought, she is That Ratchet. (Nursing a sore head due to a wrench thrown by the said woman)

Okay, how about this: Do not compare Rosita with Bumblebee from Transformers that got combined with Bluestreak and was given a Mexican...-Yowch!- (Dodging gunshots by Rosita)

Fine, how's this then: Do not expect either Gemini or her twin to win in a duel against Subaru, if an actual Samuri couldn't beat her, they won't be able to either.
The Unknown Alias chapter 4 . 6/12/2011
146. The gunblade for Gemini's star was not ordered from Squall Leonheart.

151. We must not question who this "Blackout2010" is and how he is able to make posts in the unofficial rulebook. -Posted by The Unknown Alias.

151a. Rule 151 must also be extended to 'The Unknown Alias."

151b. General not to all: update the security measures around the theatre... -Noted by Sunnyside.

154. Yumedono is hereby forbidden from using those purple tentacle things to control the STARs. This is not an 'M' rated game. -As amended by Diana.

155. Yes, Shinjiro's vision of the past did came during a dream. However, his ancestor or previous incarnation was one of the Five Ring Warriors in question so it is reliable and not a sign of Shinjiro going crazy. -As posted by Shinjiro and backed up by Nobunaga.

158. The use of the game's music in the auditorium was only to test the sound system. No one is allowed to use it to throw DJ parties! -Posted by Ratchet.

163. All of Mr. Wong's future acupuncture demonstrations for Diana must only be done so with Shinjiro as the demonstration subject. -Posted by Mr. Wong and Diana.

163a. I AM NOT A PINCUSHION! -Shinjiro.

164. Despite popular opinion, the gift of a necktie is not a girl's way of saying that she loves you. -Posted by Shinjiro.

164a. ...Right. -Ratchet.

166. When being interview for the radio, do not eat the microphone.

166a. What? It wasn't that bad... -Rosita.

168. We must not question, but instead be grateful, that all powerful demons from Hell use gigantic robots instead to fight.

168a. Truthfully, we just want to give you all a fighting chance. -Amended by Nobunaga with support of his followers.
The Unknown Alias chapter 3 . 1/3/2011
130. The emergency transport used when falling in battle was not ripped off of Star Trek.

132. We are living proof that you don't need Jews to succeed on Broadway.

135. TV was only just invented. Subaru cannot upgrade to a flat screen yet.

138. No one is allowed to ask how Cherry took those 'spicier' photos.

138a. Even though she is more than willing to give them out to anyone who gives her a good photo for the program? -Countered by Cheiron.

138b. Or even worse that Shinjiro was the one who collected all of them? -Anri.

138c. ...Excuse me? -Growled by Cheiron.

138d. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm going to die? -Shinjiro.

140. There is no rule 140.

141. Despite that there isn't a rule 140, there is a rule 141.

143. There is a big difference between Nobunaga in Shinjiro's head and Geminine in Gemini's head. Thus, she is not to be included in the exorcisms. -As clarified by Geminine and Nobunaga.

145. Do not ask where Anri got her AK-47.

146. Rule 145 also applies to Cherry and her bazooka.

149. Even though our radio signal reaches all over the battlefield, any personal conversations must be held when only 5 feet apart.

151. We must not question how Shinjiro can successfully act, dance, and sing like a girl on stage.

153. Our identities are meant to be secret. Thus, Sunnyside is hereby banned from making any more toys of us.

153a. Wait, there are toys of us? -Gemini.

153b. Yeah! Me and Shins saw them at the toy store! They light up and make sounds and everything!

153c. (Facepalm.) -Ratchet.

153d. What? They are just of the STARs... -Defended by Sunnyside.

153e. (Glare.) -Ratchet, Subaru, Cheiron and Shinjiro.

155. No, Diana's mechanical birds don't do anything except help her special attacks.

157. While Gemini is capable of talking to Larry, this does not extend to other animals.

157a. This also doesn't mean she knows Mr. Ed.
The Unknown Alias chapter 2 . 12/27/2010
87. Just because the name came to you in a dream doesn't mean 'KillCrusher' sounds cool.

87a. WHHHaaaaatttTTT? How dare you insult my brilliant smarts!

104. Just because she is close with birds doesn't mean Diana knows what the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow is.

104a. Well, it depends if it's an African or European swallow. -Amended by Diana.

123. Due to his soul directly connected with a Demon Lord, any seance services must be conducted with Shinjiro.

131. From now on any distributions of the Sakura Wars series with the Japanese voices must also have the properly translated text.

136. It is uncertain if Shinjiro inherited his harem abilities from his uncle so please don't ask.

139. No dogs allowed in the Little Lip Theatre or in the immediate vicinity of Cheiron Archer. EVER.

142. Since he was never mentioned before, there is to be no mentioning of Shinjiro's father.

142a. But, why not? -Shinjiro.

142b. Because the game writers never bothered, that's why! -Sunnyside.

153. No one other than Cherry is allowed to ask details of Anri's private measurements of Shinjiro.

153a. Oh, come on! Please? -Gemini.

154b. No, and that's final! -Anri.

156. Even though Shinjiro is Peppermint, it would still be rude to ask for his three measurements.

156a. Even though Anri already knows them and won't even tell us! -Cheiron.

156b. Uh, why would you girls want to know the measurements of my fake bust? -Shinjiro.

156c. ... No reason. -Gemini.

158. Despite the associated shame, the Demon Lord approves of Shinjiro often crossdressing. -Nobunaga.

158a. Oh come on! You too? -Shinjiro

165. No, Nobunaga's Sixth Heaven form doesn't come from the Dragonball series.
The Unknown Alias chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
47. Shinjiro's sword is NOT an acceptable substitute for a kitchen knife at the cafe.

47a. What about Gemini's?

47b. Don't even think about it Rosita.

54. Just because we're a musical theatre doesn't mean we will do High School Musical.

54a. Publicly, at least. Amended by Cherry.

59. Just because Peppermint is so popular doesn't mean Shin should be forced to cross-dress without good reason.

59a. 'To practice being feminine' is a good reason. Amended by Cherry.

59b. Only if I'm actually being forced to perform! Amended by Shinjiro.

59c. How about threat of certain pictures? Threatened by Anri.

59d. Ooh! You devil you! -Cherry.

59e. Rule 59 is now altered to accept any reason. Amended by Shinjiro.

59f. Expect to dress up soon Shin! -Cheiron.

63. Just because Shinjiro and Subaru are from Japan doesn't mean they have bootlegged hentai to sell so PLEASE STOP ASKING!