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FairyJuice chapter 6 . 7h
Forcing a new genin (12 year old I believe) to smoke two cartons in one go sounds like much.

But then again, this is a world with some people who think child soldiers is fine.
KingAntbo chapter 1 . 9h
Spent the last week reading and this is amazing keep up the great work I wonder is naruto going to learn the flying raijn after sage mode and will jiraiya get through to nagato
Staravia8600 chapter 24 . 11h
Seems like a lot of readers don't know but a guy named Beyond Plus Ultra Man is reading this story with voice acting and sound effects on his YouTube channel, y'all should go check it out!
Junior VB chapter 24 . 18h
Fuu tiene serios problemas de ira.
Fuu has serious anger issues.
firewhiskeyP chapter 81 . 11/22
Guest chapter 22 . 11/19
It is very god bless
Guest chapter 81 . 11/19
when will the next chapter come out
Panjason chapter 71 . 11/18
I feel exactly the same as the dude who reviewed before me, although I won’t be explaining as deeply.
I’d pay money to see this animated.
I mean come on! The fanfic for dragon ball got animated, right? That stuff wasn’t half as good as your work.
I wouldn’t even be that upset if this fic never finished. Sure I’d be extremely disappointed, but with a place to stop at like in the chapter I’m on, this fic was already a work of art.
Yeah... if this fic completes, then it might just be the practically undisputed king of Naruto fanfics. I’ve bet you have shaken quite a bit of Naruhina fans from what I recall about some recommendations of your fic (including me).
KhemAnialator1000 chapter 81 . 11/18
Man...this story has been a wiillddd ride so far! This is definitely the best Naruto Fanfic I’ve ever read, it’s a butterfly effect kind of story which is my favorite since the setting and story is pretty much the same but now you have all the freedom in the world to shake things up but my favorite part of this story Is unironically: Naruto himself.

Naruto is my favorite Character of the show but I’ve always hated how Kishimoto seems to love turning him into the butt of literally every joke to such an extent that his real personality never really shines as bright as it could outside of his “talk-no-Jutsu” moments
1. He’s constantly getting punched by Sakura every episode(because that never gets old...)
2. He’s constantly portrayed as an idiot and an incompetent Shinobi(Even after the pain ark for Christ’s sake)
3. His exaggerated goofy demeanor is WAY too prevalent in spite of his sarcastic and gritty nature(which you’ve fixed splendidly)
4. Kishimoto’s power scaling in regards to him is fucking retarded. He’s only ever as strong as the plot needs him to be so he can constantly get his ass kicked until the last “shonen” minute so he can be “the underdog”.

I could list more but we’d be here all day. My point is that Naruto Uzumaki has a badass grit to him that’s too rarely shown.(Ex. His confrontation with Pain) He’s goofy and we love him for it but it needs to be used in moderation. He doesn’t always need to be acting like an ADHD patient in every conversation he has.

You’ve perfected his character if you ask me. He’s still goofy and a lovable idiot sometimes but that’s not his only trait outside of life or death situations. Like in cannon in rare cases...he’s kind of an asshole sometimes. He’s not afraid to anyone’s ruffle feathers and he’s blunt with his words as long as it’s the truth. He’s sarcastic and he likes to get under peoples skin sometimes. He’s completely confident in himself because he knows that he literally has no choice but to be if he wants to accomplish his dream of becoming Hokage because of he doesn’t believe in it than who will? One of my favorite moments in the story was during the month break before the Chunin Exam finals when Ino asked Naruto “why he was always so confident in himself even when he kind of sucked at everything.” He said “Doubt Fucks with Everything”. And it was such a faithful quote to who Naruto really is. I felt inspired just reading it, the same felling I felt from watching the show when he says similar things. You’ve mixed his grit and his goofiness so seamlessly that it makes him feel so much more emotionally deep and complex.

I can’t wait to read more of this story man. I’ve ranted enough but other characters are exceptionally executed as well. Especially Ino, Shika, and Sasuke. Naruti and Ino’s relationship was executed perfectly, it was a slow but satisfying burn and it held weight to it when they finally got together. Shikamaru is pretty mix just like his canon counterpart, but you can tell that in certain ways Naruto has rubbed off on him and vice verse. Sasuke’s character is refreshing tbh, Whenever Naruto is on another team in a fanfic, usually the Author just does away with Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry and understanding of each other entirely, but you came through yet again and fulfilled another one of me fanfic wishes bro. This is pretty much the fanfic I’ve looked for for years so that’s why I’m so animated about this. Thank you for writing this man, it’s a stellar work of art. I’d Literally pay GOLD to see this animated, or even made into a comic. It’s THAT good bro!
DarkTriumvirate Writes chapter 81 . 11/18
welp guess i made it to the end...RIP ME need to find some more good naruino fics
Blindguy95 chapter 81 . 11/17
Bruh you are a monster of a writer. You are such a good author its cray cray. I cant wait to read more! Like i just got done re reading this fic from start to now and its HUGE! Oh and because i did read it in its entirety y recently im seeing a plot hole forming. After naruto returned from the guardians by a few chapters you have him working on senjutsu ith jirayia. He says he had been working on it for over 6 months at that time. If he has already been working on meditation and trying to feel out nature energy then shouldnt he already know about all this before these last few chapters? Anyway amazing story so far! Im loving it and again cant wait to read more!
DarkTriumvirate Writes chapter 61 . 11/17
CROxley chapter 1 . 11/14
Very well written. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
KhemAnialator1000 chapter 64 . 11/16
It’s a crime that no one recognized the Player Haters Ball reference from the Chappelle show. Loving this story man keep up the amazing work bro
papireaz chapter 81 . 11/16
Just caught up!

Love it!

Hope a new chapter comes out soon
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