Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
tgms177 chapter 84 . 15h
took me about 2 months but I reread the entire story. great heart to heart between jiraiya and Naruto. can't wait for the next chapter
tgms177 chapter 82 . 11/27
I was curious how you would write this "fight" between Naruto and pain, cause Naruto would stand no chance against pain without sage jutsu. very clever. the moment Naruto whispered into ino's ear, I knew that the plan was to wait for a reverse summon from the toads
tgms177 chapter 80 . 11/26
I started to re-read this story (for like the third or forth time) about a month or two ago and I never got this far before. I said this before and I'll say it again, this by far the best Naruto ff ever written hands downI'm lost for word at how great it is. the fight between the sannin was awesome, not to long and I'm glad you didn't make orochimaru too powerful. I'm really glad that you're still update this story and I hope you get to complete it.
Guest chapter 84 . 11/21
This has to be the best naruto fanfic of its genre. Hands down. And the war is just starting. Kudos and thanks for the effort put into your writting
Guest chapter 36 . 11/20
and now the story gets more trash
Lucky4leafclo chapter 1 . 11/18
What is different in this fanfic
SpudyPotato chapter 84 . 11/18
Great read, enjoying the direction.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 84 . 11/13
good fucking god IM CAUGHT UP.



ive gone nuts int he staying late at the last 20 chapters or so, but THANK YOU. sink my TEETH into a long story like this its been FOREVER.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 83 . 11/13
cool. Jiraya needs a new hand! cause he gotta general.

but all the good talk good things.

Obito being horrific and insidious like that is a delight, just got to just appreciate the sheer utter fuckery appalling blood snarl this will turn into.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 82 . 11/13
Tobi and Pain playing games at each other cause they arnt rushing is FUN. really good fun honestly.

naruto doing a distract was cool and sacrifice team leader! 1 day from retirement!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 81 . 11/13
course Leaf fights suna and Iwa, but then Kumo jumps them.
and then like MABY Mist help? Leaf jsut took out sound but that was their fault in the first place...

also why no kidnap of Karin. she is useful. dang it Kabu.


but yeah Rain getting dragged into the war while wait for the Sanbi is funny.

Sora only existing to deny the kingaku and ginkaku bit... alas.

but hey! team 8 might find out Atatsuki and THAT means everyone in the domestic stage gets a oh surprise Rain was stealing all your bijju. lol.

but they are down to like 4 S ranks now right? Obito, Konan, Nagato and Bomb boy..
and like Kabuto pre Sage mode could probabbly take Hidan.
so 5ish now!

really fun set up.
Sasuke doing smart Eternal is going to be interesting.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 80 . 11/13
good fight and stuff.
really good counter and moves using the sake bottle and Tsunade AND the super genjutsu was inventive and unique.

I love the big jutsu used along with something simple as a henge.

something about that really HITS you know?

anyway sheesh so much ant to praise and enjoy just thank you for writing.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 79 . 11/13
almost there...

hy take away my buddy toads man? course pokemon toad battle is bad.

but yeah! murder war time! and samurai stomping around doing ar stuff ALL OVER is nice.

Kabuto! you shall take over after this! it shall be fun.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 78 . 11/13
Arnt they all plant people and a bit hive mind with each other?

Ah well.

Kazaku kind of went out like a punk, bit sad that he did no training off screen.
Ah well not everyone on top of their game.

did like that no, you dont get to disarm the bomb last moment sadly!

also General man! you almost got murdered!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 77 . 11/13
good and wonderful murderizing.
Teenagers not going to get help when in over their heads is bad. Bad teenagers.

would have thought waterfall be easier target , but that might leave Cloud to strong to mess with easily once the wars and all that start.

also super spies! fun stuff.

honestly the whole daymio shogun thing never seemed to go anywhere in canon, im glad you working with it, Ive had speculations thoughts and ideas on a system and how that work, but im liking yours so far.

how Sand would even know means poor baby Garra might be in dead trouble.

existence proven and murderized.

still yeah there are really hard targets soon, Jinchuriniks that are S class shinobi in their own right on the basis of their own skills are RARE but right now you got Three of sorts.

big thing in canon really Naruto Sage mode already S class, exhausted Pain after exhausting himself taking out the village, and THEN fighting the 9 tails? no dice.
like Pain fully rested fighting a Full free and berserk 9 tails id give it to Pain but tired? alas.

still! lovely fights for the future!
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