Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
Witty Reference Goes Here chapter 69 . 4/23
The first 20-25 chapters or so I got nervous that you were going to keep reusing the same 'amateur' things. The asterisk-actions for Hayate and Asuma, the constant flashbacks, etc. Instead what I got was a surprisingly good mix of humor, adventure, along with a pairing (NaruIno) that is getting very solid development. It really was a treat seeing the story get to be as good as it is.
Jean Danjou chapter 69 . 4/23
See? Hanabi as his little sister, in a not a sick perveted way thank you. Ino/Naruto/Hinata, make it happen. It is the OTP.
Jean Danjou chapter 68 . 4/23
Damn, this is getting interesting. Fuck Iwa, good mid range antagonists. Now, I always liked Hinata, specially the hot blood version from that movie, whose name I forget. And like I already said, I do love your Ino. The romance is damn good.

Now, you developed Hinata too much, she is too likeable, we understand her and her reasons. You have to make a 3 way pairing now, such a shame, but that how it goes. At first I thought that scene where it's clear they don't have much in common was your of telling that it wouldn't happen, then Hinata drops that verbal bomb, telling how much she admires Naruto. That's deep man. And her catty interactions with Ino are a beauty to see.

Ino/Naruto is much more developed then any relation he has with Hinata, and you would some massive development to not feel like it's cheaper than the former, but it could work. It could really work. This could be the first poly relationship to work in a fanfic (that I read). Imagine the smut? Man. Maaaaan. The hottest girls meƔge. Maaaaaaaan.
CuddleFluff chapter 21 . 4/23
I'm really starting to love Naruto and ino's relationship they seem to act like a couple and bestfrieneds all at the same time it's really sweet
Russell chapter 69 . 4/22
why? this not finished!
eugenio4079 chapter 45 . 4/21
Okay have not reviewed any of your chapters till now but this chapter was awesome. I like how naruto made his own jutsu and every thing
Jose19 chapter 12 . 4/21
I can't believe that Naruto is a smoker in this story because Asuma is the only one and Shikimaru because this Naruto is not the canon Naruto that I know of, and where is his addiction to Ramen.
Jean Danjou chapter 55 . 4/21
Harsh, and poor Omoi at that. Your multiple simultaneous fights always make me dizzy. This scene illustrate well that what we desire in anger isn't necessarily what we want. Did we want payback for the low blow? Hell yeah. But poor Omoi. Great work making them likeable and doing the hard choice.

A real shame, let's see how you will treat this rift with Kumo. Man, fuck A. All for a vanity mission.
Mudsaur chapter 68 . 4/20
You certainly enjoy your TFS
premsagar.raju chapter 67 . 4/20
Dude. That was awesome. But please tell me you didn't destroy Samehada. I like the machete but I think Naruto is ready to out grow it. Naruto Samehada sounds too awesome not to explore ?
Jean Danjou chapter 48 . 4/19
Lol. You had to explain that a scale of 1-5 isn't exactly precise? That's just depressing man. Didn't mentioned it before, but really interesting way of portraying Fuu. Not exactly I imagined her being from her appearence alone. Jiraya is awesome. Nuff said.
Jean Danjou chapter 45 . 4/19
Man, your writing is good, it needs some work though. It nevers feel clunky, but it does get repetitive, you need to learn to use more commas and a dictionary. And you keep writing obvious things, trust your readers more.

Sadao rolled his eyes, not that anyone could see inside his dark sunglasses. We know that. You told us lots of times. Since I'm binge reading, these troubles seem much worse, but sometimes you did that things like that on the same phrase. It's like you love stating the obvious. As an example, you describe Haku creating mist, then in the next sentence you say it's hard to see because of thick mist Haku created. (This is just an likewise example, not an in story one). Trust us more.

Your characters are awesome though, Anko and Asuma are awesome to watch. Shikamaru is a great and imtelligent characters, and it's amazing what you did with Ino and Naruto, keep them in-character and yet change them so much. I never cared for Ino very much, but yours Ino really grew on me.

The romance id slow and well done, although I think you could have made Ino 'forget' about Sasuke a few chapters earlier, 1-2.

Something that you do that annoys me, Kami isn't a substitute for God. Just god. Get it? Japanes don't use expressions like by Kami or such. It's quite grating. They aren't monotheistic abrahamic religious. A suggestion that I read in a fic and worked great was using In-Universe references, like by the Sage, damn to the Six Paths.
Deadliestbeef chapter 69 . 4/17
Im too lazy to log in but i just wanted to let you know that i stopped reading fanfics for about 3 years now, and this story threw me right back in. So i just want to thank you for writing a kick-ass story that could renew my love of reading these. Keep up the fantastic work Kenchi. P.S. im enjoying the blazeblack lp
PredatorPuck chapter 7 . 4/17
I really like your how to train your genin
PredatorPuck chapter 4 . 4/16
I really like your Shiho's after note
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