Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
Guest chapter 53 . 16h
F*ing Danzo... Uh
jmdailey13 chapter 52 . 12/4
Love the chapter! Omio in particular was sooo funny! Also just a question but is there anyway that at least one team can have the main person in ratings be a female? I mean come one! Just once I would love for the female on the team to be able to kick the males asses in an all out showdown... Sami is there when Darui is not on the team sooo that is close
The Dutch Debater chapter 5 . 12/4
jmdailey13 chapter 51 . 12/4
Cool chapter... Can't wait to see how Sai players in. Danzo just makes me mad though and I hope he dies in a special kind of hell
jmdailey13 chapter 50 . 12/4
Good arc and great fight scenes!
jmdailey13 chapter 49 . 12/1
Another good chapter... The banter between Naruto and Itachi is awesome! Also I love how you put in Itachis illness
zanguetsu chapter 47 . 11/29
you're right about Anderson Silva
jmdailey13 chapter 48 . 11/29
Good chapter
jmdailey13 chapter 47 . 11/28
Love the flashbacks after the chapter... They are funny
jmdailey13 chapter 46 . 11/28
Awe I hope Asuma lives this time! Also Anko is the best!
jmdailey13 chapter 45 . 11/28
Yes gettem guys
jmdailey13 chapter 44 . 11/27
I am always just so surprised where you take your stories... It is really rare to find a fanfic that holds true to the original characters but ends up going in such a completely different direction... I truly do think you have done a wonderful job and this fic has very honestly quickly shot up to one of my favorites! Highly recommend
Guest chapter 16 . 11/27
Why does everyone make him so forgiving? Nnaruto father basically put a demon in him, for good reasons but still it was a betrayal. The third did nothing for naruto emotional well being which is super important for kids and more for jinchuriki...Jiraiya literally abandoned him and was a sucky teacher who only passed on naive platitudes...I hate n arutos charecterit is so irritating and unrealistic
jmdailey13 chapter 43 . 11/26
Lol love Asuma in this one with his paranoia
jmdailey13 chapter 42 . 11/26
Love the chapter can't wait to see what you have Naruto do in the capital
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