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Junior VB chapter 9 . 9h
Naruto y Sasuke tuvieron éxito en su primera interrogación.

Ahora Naruto debe luchar contra Haku.
Naruto and Sasuke succeeded in their first interrogation.

Now Naruto must fight against Haku.
Junior VB chapter 8 . 14h
Naruto conoció a Haku.

Asuma ha visto el potencial de Naruto.

Naruto es un ejército de un hombre.
Naruto met Haku.

Asuma has seen Naruto's potential.

Naruto is a one man army.
Junior VB chapter 7 . 15h
Me gusta el encuentro entre el Equipo 10 y el Equipo 7.
I like the meeting between Team 10 and Team 7.
Junior VB chapter 6 . 18h
Fumar es malo para la salud.

Me gusta la interacción entre Ino y Naruto.

El equipo de Naruto completó una misión de rango C.
Smoking is bad for health.

I like the interaction between Ino and Naruto.

Naruto's team completed a C-ranked mission.
Junior VB chapter 5 . 20h
Shikamaru es muy perezoso.

Naruto logró impresionar a Ino.

Parece que Shiho tiene grandes planes para Naruto.
Shikamaru is very lazy.

Naruto managed to impress Ino.

It seems that Shiho has big plans for Naruto.
Junior VB chapter 4 . 22h
Neji es un cretino.

Naruto no entiende a las chicas, jaja.

Naruto, Ino y Shikamaru tienen su primera misión.
Neji is a jerk.

Naruto does not understand girls, haha.

Naruto, Ino and Shikamaru have their first mission.
Junior VB chapter 3 . 9/25
Konohamaru hace su aparición.

Asuma va a ser el maestro de Naruto.
Konohamaru makes his appearance.

Asuma is going to be Naruto's teacher.
Junior VB chapter 2 . 9/25
Tenten es muy fuerte.

Me gustan las bibliotecas.

Los clones de sombra son geniales.
Tenten is very strong.

I like libraries.

The shadow clones are great.
Junior VB chapter 1 . 9/24
Mizuki tuvo lo que se merecía.

Naruto aprendió un nuevo jutsu.
Mizuki got what he deserved.

Naruto learned a new jutsu.
Logic Soldier chapter 33 . 9/21
You're giving the illusion of strength from Naruto but in reality, he isn't all that strong. In Canon, by this time, he was able to defeat Gara with brute force alone even in his Small 1 Tails form. Yet here, he was barely doing damage to him even with Kyuubi's Chakra. You give Naruto more training and giving him more ability's but he still does the same thing he did in canon. Spam clones until he wins. Seems you switched Canon around. Naruto is weaker, (Not fodder, but weaker) but is more tactical and skilled. For whatever reasons you keep give Naruto minor as fuck Jutsu that will not give him any advantage without some planing involved. He learns the Shadow clone secret yet hasn't used it to learn any big Jutsu. Do you know how much easier the Exam would have been if you gave him one Ranged Wind Jutsu? The one he did have he couldn't use all the time as for unknown reasons.

You haven't give him a single Wind Jutsu, (Not counting the one 2 with the Machete since he needs a weapon to preform it) You have yet to give him the Rasengan nor Toad Summons despite the having more then enough time to learn it before the Chunin exams final round. Now that it's over you still aren't giving him these ability's.

Only reason i see you do this is so Naruto won't have a assured way to win or a fall back Jutsu and him needing to use his Head to win instead of his power. I have no problem with this, but there are ways to do this without making him weaker. What made Naruto fights in Canon boring was the Clone spam, same thing is happening here which i don't like. You're giving Naruto these small jutsu that some random weakass Chunin would have, not the MC. If you gave Naruto some heavy hitting Wind Jutsu like the few Danzo used then i'd be alright with him not having the Rasengan, but you haven't done it.

Also, Naruto was being pushed to his limited against Gara and Fuu with the Kyuubi Chakra yet he never once formed a Tail. The longer the Battled continued the more Tails should have increased as seen against his battle with Sasuke, yet it didn't happen. He should be able to form 2 Tails and still be in control. You can't use the argument of (He only learned about it a month before the Final round) Because that's irrelevant. Emotions, duration is what increases the Tails, not how many times he used its base power. Like before, it would have been easiler if he has the Chakra cloak and could form Chakra Claws, it would have evened the Battle out.

While i like that you kept Naruto in character but made him not a dumbass, it doesn't really help if you still keep the boring fighting style of overwhelm his opponents but this time with more tactics.
thebestofall chapter 2 . 9/20
thank god. a not dumb Naruto is always appreciated
Lanky Nathan chapter 67 . 9/19
StormEyeDragon chapter 76 . 9/16
Over 5.3 million words of Naruto including crossovers if you were still wondering. And that’s lowballing by a few thousand.

I’ve read this story and sealed Kunai. I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan of how you’ve done these stories.

I’m going to have to re read this big lump of lovely Naruto words over again soon.

And if I could be a bit selfish here:
If you have any tips on how to overcome burnout/writers block I would much appreciate them.
Guest chapter 76 . 9/11
Dude. I devoured this story (had to reread it cause it's been a while), Your my favorite writer on this site... I want to be like you dude ( I mean, of course, my own man... but you get the idea).

Thanks so much for putting out this awesomeness.
Guest chapter 76 . 9/10
I discovered this story quite some time back in the year, when I ad just picked up Naruto again, working ym way through the latter half of Shippuden on DVD. I blitzed through the first 50 chapters or so in a couple of days, and then tailed off to one occasionally. (I tend not to review until I reach the leading edge, which is why it has taken me so long to get here.)

Why? Simply put, because I realised that as long as I had some unread chapters, I would always have a good story - an excellent story - to come back to and savour, rather than having to try and find more gems in the morass of stuff.

And this is excellent. I can't understand how I missed it the first time around (for a few years up to the start of My Little Pony, I read Naruto fanfic daily) I wonder if it might have been the underlined/translated jutsu format you used - I found it very glaring in at the start, but the story grabbed me enough I didn't notice it after a while. And that, there, is my only niggle with this story.

Otherwise, what is not to like? Ino/Naruto is a fun pairing, for a change from Naruto/Hinata, we have a likeable Sasuke, a living Third, a much more threatening Orochimaru [1], excellent fight sequences, a great mix of humour and drama (I believe the former is very important to have aroud in any story), encylopedic use of secondary and filler characters (to the point I'm surprised when it ISN'T someone I can look up on Narutopedia - I was actually taken aback by the Guardians when I couldn't find them there!) and an original storyline which keeps everything nice and fresh.

It has, then, become one of my all-time favourites.

I commend your work, and not least that this has been running on for eight years.

Reaching this latest chapter, then is something of a bittersuite moment, since now I will have to wait - patiently, as I always do - until you update again.

So thank you, then, for all your efforts thus far.

[1]Until I caught up enough to see the *real* Madara Uchiha (who is an amazingly villain, like in the best ever level category), I was bemoaning Roachy was not the final villain of the series.
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