Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
Mqzzz chapter 85 . 10/19
When new chap?
Alehhandro chapter 85 . 10/18
How in the hells did i manage to miss a chappie of this magnificent piece?

Fun read over all and i feel like the luck of our friends is bound to run out soon. In a straight up battle, Kakashi just might lose out to Obito.
Guest chapter 83 . 10/13
You could have Naruto create a seal the allows a portion of Kurama’s chakra to be summoned out of the seal to & have it manifest in a physical form Kurama can protect his consciousness into the portion of his chakra being summoned out of the seal and get to roam freely while leaving a portion of his chakra within Naruto & have they’re mental connection still be a thing, also have it be an cooperation kind of thing where Bijuu & jinchuriki have to be cool with each other or it won’t work, cuz I really like Kurama & Naruto’s partnership, but I think Kurama deserves his freedom too, either way this is just an idea I got after reading chapter 83 hope you liked it.
Thastaer chapter 85 . 10/15
I got to say after reading this story multiple times. I am glad to see it being updated still. I honestly can't wait to see where it goes next
karatekid72700 chapter 64 . 10/13
I dont see how orochimaru could manage to beat tobi at this point tho, sure he's strong and can go full biju, so he can throw around a rediculous amount of jutsu without any trouble, but not only can none of those land because of kamui, tobi also has access to wood release which can suppress the power of the biju, and if that fails too, tobi already put yagura under a ganjutsu that turned him into tobi's personal puppet, and it's the same biju in this situation. so I don't see any way orochimaru could pull a win here
thedankestyeet chapter 29 . 10/11
shikamaru the sand rat is the best imagery of a character in a match I've ever heard hahahaha
benpg10 chapter 85 . 10/10
Gotta say I’ve really loved this fan fic so far hope you keep going with it, love this one more than the sealed kunai so far
Bosa chapter 85 . 10/4
Anyone now how often he updates this
Sheddendo chapter 1 . 10/6
wow I didn't know that iruka used both the metric and imperial system
Guest chapter 40 . 10/1
I love ur story home I've reread it at least 6 times but can I say I think u have deidadara intelligence score wrong dude was a teen Leaving his village and in the anime Sasori was the brains while he was the boom in their partnership
Luxo11 chapter 1 . 9/30
Havent read this yet but there is a gross comment further down that i feel needs to be deleted. Some people are truly degenerates and need to be put down. I am not sure if its possible but author, could you please delete the nasty comment?
Wattpad chapter 24 . 9/27
Do you like Boruto?
DokB chapter 31 . 9/20
Long ass arc, but the end was good. Nice gut punch to what truly matters; licensing.
prager152 chapter 85 . 9/19
Just read this entire Fanfic and what can I say, except one thing: Kenshi618 truly is the best.

Good fortune to you and thanks for writing this delicious shit.
karatekid72700 chapter 12 . 9/12
it takes a big man to be able to wu tang a full cigarette
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