Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
Stormhound12 chapter 83 . 1/13
I just realized that the pain invasion might not happen like in canon. You might just jump into the war and the. Have the confrontation with pain be somewhere completely different. Food for thought I guess.
Itack23 chapter 16 . 1/13
Took it better than I thought he'd do
Stormhound12 chapter 80 . 1/13
After SM training would Naruto's stats change? It's not like his own strength, speed, and stamina actually go up, they are just boosted by the technique. Huh. can we also see some of the stats for Nagato, Konan, Hiruzen and possibly Naruto and Sasuke during the pain invasion? I honestly am bouncing in my seat in excitement. The scene where Naruto gets summoned to konoha is one of the coolest scenes ever. Kudos, I really love how you write your fight scenes, so keep on writing!
Itack23 chapter 15 . 1/13
Wow, just... It's exactly how I'd imagine Jiraiya or even Naruto writing a book xD
It's insane x)
Itack23 chapter 13 . 1/12
I feel like Ino and Shikamaru will try to prove their worth in next chapter...
Third kill for Naruto, I thought you'd make a moment for him to ponder about it but it doesn't seem so
Itack23 chapter 12 . 1/12
A chapter rich in information, and in some realization for me.
First, ino seem to be more and more interested in Naruto (I REALLY want to know what was the last way she used to speak of him that her father implied)
Second, poor Hinata doesn't seem to realize that Naruto's getting pissed by the stalking... (pretty sure it's her)
Third, seems like you're directing Naruto in a way where he acquire the capacities of his parents or something similar? The localisation with chakra, being really good with Shunshin, his abilties in taijutsu. And he just got sealing supplies, and sealing is the specialty of the Uzumaki clan and his mother.
It's gonna be great! :D
Itack23 chapter 11 . 1/12
Nice, I hope (and think it will happen) we'll see Haku again! I wouldn't be surprised if we saw her way later, as the Mizukage or something
All the flirt and joking around with Ino and the others is great too, though I wonder how/when you'll make the relationship or even just feelings evolve ;)
Itack23 chapter 10 . 1/12
That was one hell of a fight!
I always liked the part with Zabuza and Haku, the first real strong ennemies in the story. I hoped that they may survive, but seems like it's only a possibility for Haku now...
Itack23 chapter 9 . 1/11
As a French, I'm kinda sad of your opinion of french... Whatever, let's see the end of this fight!
Itack23 chapter 8 . 1/11
The action's starting well!
Itack23 chapter 7 . 1/11
I always wondered what was the supposed speed of the shinobi too x)
I wonder how you'll modify the fight against Gato and his men, against Zabuza etc...
JadeDragon927 chapter 60 . 1/11
I really like how you made Kabuto and Orochimaru annoying enemies to face. As a reader, I want Naruto to curb stomp Kabuto but as a writer it is very well done.
Itack23 chapter 6 . 1/10
Oh? Action coming?
Hinata's cute when she react about Naruto 'smoking' xD
Yhe way the characters react feel so natural and smooth, it's a pleasure to read
Itack23 chapter 5 . 1/10
Hohoo? Ino seems to already take notice of Naruto, and the relations to other characters so far are shaping up more and more
Shea Vendar chapter 1 . 1/9
Please write more soon
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