Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 83 . 11/13/2022
cool. Jiraya needs a new hand! cause he gotta general.

but all the good talk good things.

Obito being horrific and insidious like that is a delight, just got to just appreciate the sheer utter fuckery appalling blood snarl this will turn into.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 82 . 11/13/2022
Tobi and Pain playing games at each other cause they arnt rushing is FUN. really good fun honestly.

naruto doing a distract was cool and sacrifice team leader! 1 day from retirement!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 81 . 11/13/2022
course Leaf fights suna and Iwa, but then Kumo jumps them.
and then like MABY Mist help? Leaf jsut took out sound but that was their fault in the first place...

also why no kidnap of Karin. she is useful. dang it Kabu.


but yeah Rain getting dragged into the war while wait for the Sanbi is funny.

Sora only existing to deny the kingaku and ginkaku bit... alas.

but hey! team 8 might find out Atatsuki and THAT means everyone in the domestic stage gets a oh surprise Rain was stealing all your bijju. lol.

but they are down to like 4 S ranks now right? Obito, Konan, Nagato and Bomb boy..
and like Kabuto pre Sage mode could probabbly take Hidan.
so 5ish now!

really fun set up.
Sasuke doing smart Eternal is going to be interesting.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 80 . 11/13/2022
good fight and stuff.
really good counter and moves using the sake bottle and Tsunade AND the super genjutsu was inventive and unique.

I love the big jutsu used along with something simple as a henge.

something about that really HITS you know?

anyway sheesh so much ant to praise and enjoy just thank you for writing.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 79 . 11/13/2022
almost there...

hy take away my buddy toads man? course pokemon toad battle is bad.

but yeah! murder war time! and samurai stomping around doing ar stuff ALL OVER is nice.

Kabuto! you shall take over after this! it shall be fun.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 78 . 11/13/2022
Arnt they all plant people and a bit hive mind with each other?

Ah well.

Kazaku kind of went out like a punk, bit sad that he did no training off screen.
Ah well not everyone on top of their game.

did like that no, you dont get to disarm the bomb last moment sadly!

also General man! you almost got murdered!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 77 . 11/13/2022
good and wonderful murderizing.
Teenagers not going to get help when in over their heads is bad. Bad teenagers.

would have thought waterfall be easier target , but that might leave Cloud to strong to mess with easily once the wars and all that start.

also super spies! fun stuff.

honestly the whole daymio shogun thing never seemed to go anywhere in canon, im glad you working with it, Ive had speculations thoughts and ideas on a system and how that work, but im liking yours so far.

how Sand would even know means poor baby Garra might be in dead trouble.

existence proven and murderized.

still yeah there are really hard targets soon, Jinchuriniks that are S class shinobi in their own right on the basis of their own skills are RARE but right now you got Three of sorts.

big thing in canon really Naruto Sage mode already S class, exhausted Pain after exhausting himself taking out the village, and THEN fighting the 9 tails? no dice.
like Pain fully rested fighting a Full free and berserk 9 tails id give it to Pain but tired? alas.

still! lovely fights for the future!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 76 . 11/13/2022
im exhausted but YES.
so much good and im on BOARD.


you know its kind of funny int terms of war and stuff this action is going to Defang Suna and keep them on defensive, if you wanted war time walk into WaterFall, murder FU, or nuke the place via Dedira and move on...
Obito sorta kind of defending the Leaf in his own unconscious way?

course WaterFall would probably be next.

also Anko and jirayia, like you know what allow the ship.

also LOVE the idea that this gets jirayia the hokageship. Sarutobi is literally almost 80.
removes some war space for Iwa and Leaf as well as sand.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 75 . 11/13/2022
like the team up really makes loads of sense.

also Sarutobi they would have been looked at like villains when Danzou had been murdering them for years to steal their eyes, they got quarantined and threatened and then complete massacre which again how serious it could have been when the fucking HEIR did not want to go through it or their other S class kid and Fugaku just bowed and took it...
and the sheer ESCALAtion.

Like this is shit that like all the other clans can and should revolt over type of thing. Sarutobi and his revisionism. Prettying it up.

still you have so many plots going but they all tie IN to each other which works WONDERS and just AHHH.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 74 . 11/13/2022
YES. your handiling this very well.

im sorta worried that you ha dPain fight so stupidly and so I do a thing then stop and let Orochimaru analize and react...
like the three fights we sa of Nagato agaisnt jirayia , the Leaf, and Naruto should really be lloked at as one big one when it comes to information gathering and the like.

and the whole only one move for each path always did feel a tad... power rangers. like this is the maxed out sharengan can precieve all jsutsus where are your genjutsus, and you can apparently do all five chakra natures why no use?
like the Summoner was Cool and the Chakra absorber made good sense even if a bit plain cloths, and Gravity boy is GREAT but the others could have done with a tad more work thought out. as a fandom thing.

Still liked the Samurai being pissed now and interfering cause two S class pick a fight in your lands draws some notice!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 73 . 11/13/2022
interesting strategy going full paths of pain instead of the half thing then FUCKING SURPRISE Pain did against Jiaryia.
you got me Worried about punking out Nagato! Hopefully he has learned something here.

but hopefully both survive so like epic battle and Orochi goes ok dont go full ego.

good all others for everything else, Lee getting kids is sweet but his chakra issues... ah well.

also mask fun times! course got to master sage mode in the first place Toad boy! get it fully complete.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 72 . 11/13/2022
nice. just AHH so many good things and YES fuck up Sasuke's HEAD.

cause honestly fuck the village it deserves it Sasuke should just nuke nin the fuck out.

or kill Sarutobi. I mean He killed Danzou but like...


like that is such BULLSHIT on how much this "coup" even worked out god dang it.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 71 . 11/13/2022
ahh so much enjoy.

you hitting on the oh the world is actually fucking terrible imagine that is really satisfying.

Orochimaru turning everyone into essentially Soras is... something.

but yeah our cloud Boys have to up their game, they lost their heaviest hitters to some teenagers. granted one of them was suicidal but still.

team ups! just cheat outrageously! none of this only as many villians as the hero's can overcome! start moving as a group to attacking people and DECIMATE. I say this one time travel fic where set up was that just the sheer entire Atatsuki decided to roll up and knock out a Great Village and it worked.
anyway I feel you on the things enjoy but not money valuable marketable. uggg.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 70 . 11/13/2022
good solid sheer utter nonsnse.
hanging out at another village is good fun.

Orochi having a god complex ALONG with Nagatos god complex is fun!

Nagato really needs to fix his massive fucking weakness of being stuck in a chair it is SUCH a bad thing. his puppets are awesome especially if he built extras but STILL.

and about to throw down and do a war!

also hope the poor omake girl gets someone. good fun!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 69 . 11/13/2022
Reminder of the other antagonist and what they want is good.

All the murder. I mean Naruto Shadow clone TO DEATH FROM HELL and book it is an answer but hey.
Course got to have Sasuke depressing family time talks.

Good run into Hyuga eyes, can at least get the word out once they are out of the city for the poor gennin.

Also Sasuke not being an espionage type is LOVELY.
Also Tobi. You lazy ass. Lovely mysterious.

good work with the omakes as well Shika NO shame he WOULD be a blatant stripper and be proud of it at home good god.
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