Reviews for Better Left Unsaid
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 69 . 11/13/2022
Reminder of the other antagonist and what they want is good.

All the murder. I mean Naruto Shadow clone TO DEATH FROM HELL and book it is an answer but hey.
Course got to have Sasuke depressing family time talks.

Good run into Hyuga eyes, can at least get the word out once they are out of the city for the poor gennin.

Also Sasuke not being an espionage type is LOVELY.
Also Tobi. You lazy ass. Lovely mysterious.

good work with the omakes as well Shika NO shame he WOULD be a blatant stripper and be proud of it at home good god.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 68 . 11/13/2022
Lovely stuff.

Course Sasuke now gonna get raped for baby stuff and someone else stole Tachis eyes!
or that be a smarter use of him long term.
Also yes! 4th ninja war time for hell.

Love the degree of severity that Jirayia has going on.

Course if your willing to send people on a mission like this with this team why not do it instead of the two young budding S class? But well cant lose your best I guess as first things.

Still! Great fun and love Sasuke don’t know don’t care fuck it approach. But Obito get off your ASS your much more competent then this is what id say. Course he is busy.
but like Danzo and Itachi are dead, Obito is probably busy stealing all of Danzo sharengan eyes.

Still love how escalation yeah were going there is going to go.

ALSO YES TRIAD IS A GO. that is my end goal happy times.
like I want all others to get some as well! but hey.

but good god im getting closer to catch up!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 67 . 11/13/2022
Sasuke you’ve had so much growth and power and SO PROUD OF YOU and ITACHI IS TOO good boy.

Wonder if the Bijju are going to fess up now that one survived the almost sealing and KNOW what oh fuck moment is going to happen to them. Cause MOTHER FUCK JUBBI might get them all talking, at least B and Hachibi would.
That fuck up the plan so badly, pain might divert and then Obito is FUCKED. Be forced to do every dang thing for himself! Lol.

Lovely fight with Kisame vs Naruto and Sasuke versus Itachi by the way, very nice.


And hey! Rescued the Damsel in distress!
Also Dang it Sasuke you dumb-dumb. I mean I GET IT SO MUCH but dang it. But proud!

still great fights.
B the dauck were you doing but hey.

Atatsuki is REALLY running out of heavy hitters and you just took out like two of the best. Im worried! you gave Kisame a excellent fight and Itachi is suicidal so hey.

and yeah they really shouldn't have done the Kisame sword turning thing, just write it that big Dang Hero moment of A showing up to save the day, force Kisame into a retreat. that double latreit was cool and all but not work stupid stuff.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 66 . 11/13/2022
Lovely stuff and YES give Neji turtle contract! Ninja Tutrles! It is too SACROSANCT to not be used!

Kisame and Naruto finding bro we get each other moment is awesome.

That hero bit of a different age, and different place is good stuff.


legit talk Shizuka was enough of a hottie, just do the reverse wife kidnapp it be fine! village bonding!
could see her with Sasuke. it have been fun.

ah well Lee it is.

still good stuff.
B get out here dang it.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 65 . 11/13/2022
lovely stuff. but ah such beauty of cluster fucks.

Atatsuki is probabbly going to have to change their structure to 4 man groups now, 2 man groups they are STRONG but they are just so sheer outnumbered at this point.

also giddy Orochi is best, but having a knocked down dragged out slug fight with Pain would be a good reminder your STRONG but cant get TO cocky yet.

the team four star bit was funny but come ON Obi has more gravitas then that!

but yeah not nice nasty blood letting! Military villages! this is what happens when you dont make friends!

id say that the 7 tail is the place should go in and sack after this for our boys. That or start recruiting lesser members cause you NEED SOME BODIES.
good reminder on pedigree for Naruto, he is super dope ridiculous.

I now feel Orochi is going to wait for our Fan boys to kill each other and then steal some eyes.

I love the sheer cluster fuck you got going on really.
course these third parties joining in really SHOULD find Peer enemies to match folks leading thing.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 64 . 11/12/2022
Oh the thing with power escalation and power creep is that EVERYONE has to get in on it.
if only one then series breaks.

Orochimaru getting the Sanbi? SUPER DUPER FUCKING DOPE.

HOWEVERR everyone not powering up in response to that IS a mess.

some suggestions if its even relevant to whatever this story is at. might not be the fact of Jirayia answering it with Sage training is good.
but ideas!

Dedira learns some sealing or whatever and gets some mother fucking ever good lord what have I done amount of Clay, and Preps to make like 50 Clay Dragon bombers.

he is a supply preparation Ninja its allowed.

Itachi? is powerful and dangerous but his health issues leave him a mite fucked, so got to compromise with say Obito to do it.

Obito seems to use Kamui causally easy and probabbly cause of Senju powers durability and hardyness.
Obi just use your other fucking eye for stuff.
I mean to be honest if Obito just Manned up and stole/took back Kakshi eye he would be ungodly King of the World what with both eye powers and Susano Flying thing.

but that would involve a huge emotional fall out talk thing.

Itachi got that cough? give me that good ol Zetsu/Hashirama cells to clear it up.

Kisame... im not sure with Kisame, he is a chakra absorber from hell. Fight Smarter is a tad hard.

PAIN build load more bodies to keep on trucking, or start sucking some life force to regain mobility in his main one and get healthy again.

Konan! learn more seals woman, or keep doing your Paper Logia thing its dope. greater endurance!

I kind of love the team you made but perfectly honest biggest and most important mission of time right now so like, throw Kakashi, Jirayia, Gai and Tsunade at it dang it.

but anyway I AM FINE with what you got going on, good stuff.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 63 . 11/12/2022
steal Danzo toys?

but yeah all Root NEED THERAPY. they start as KIDS and told KILL YOUR BRO. THAT AINT OK.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 62 . 11/12/2022
oh of the bullshit later abilities of the SHarengan while Izanagi was pushing it, it made sense, sacrifice your eye save your life essentially.

it was Itachis fucking eternal fucking loop genjutsu that sort of broke the back on Uchiah Hax fuck tard bullshit.

it was not helped via Sasuke not training for powers and super Orochi drugs but conceptually it WORKED one eye for each power , you bleed bad for it and kick ass Sasunno.
(REALLY Orochi? you diddnt put fucking seals or something on the kid to keep him pacified?)

anyway loving the fighting. loved the yeah Sarutobi actually knows cause the village TRUSTS HIM but you know when all the other clans find out that their response was kill an entire clan thing, that really should have been the Civil war time possible fracturing of the Leaf as an entity thing.
like not just kill Clan head elders and some fighters, or even harshest kill all males keep the females and children living, or the really horrific kill all adults leave kids living, those make SENSE, in the rules of old war fare...
State sanctioned genocide like that is BAD foundationally, especially taking their corpses to use as your new power base that should break all clan loyalty to the village.

I get if they wearnt dealing with end of the world crap at the time, and Danzou and Sarutobi helpfully being dead... well.

still! good fight.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 61 . 11/12/2022
love it. The Bro fist of talking is great.

also all the sheer BLATANT Dazno defying orders bit, Sarutobi has been horrifically incompetant for many years now letting this grow and gorw and grow out of control.

but also B consequences for his own actions! although youd think A would have sent someone.
course he just lost one of his best men and his strongest just ran off and only one to force him to return is himself so yeah.

but Kisame and Itachi is kinda a... everyone be DEAD.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 60 . 11/12/2022
CLEARLY the choice is just share him!
Like I know the hate and distaste for harems but triads are perfectly respectable!
The key is just to allow EVERYONE ELSE to also do romance stuff instead of making EVERYONE Asexual.

Also question, HOW durable is ninja clothing that survive explosions? Asking for a friend. Not just cause Gal is fighting explody man.
And YES loving flying ninja battle.

Aww poor Haky.
Still good fight and someone NOT fighting to the death at the first opportunity when in a bad situation and have no reason too… Deidara pulling up stakes makes load of sense in this situation.
(god dang it that I before e thing is THAT how you spell his name? is THAT what been fucking with me all this time cause translation things?)

Nice to see a leaf side got the disadvantage there with Lee poor guy.

Umm. UMMM. I could have SWORN Shikamaru did the same thing with ear plugs and it did not work?
Also buddy. BUDDY. What is with these a lot older Sound Four guys not growing AND not using curse marks or curse mark 2? I get if you gotta get them out of the way cause no idea what use besides minos but come on.

Oh she survived good. ALSO SHIPPING. Cause bad guys fuck as well so curious on who partners with who.
Oh Never mind Kabuto is a prick.
But FUN! And Snake Parable! But Yeah blame Danzo.
Nice respectable fighting Naruto is dangerous, but Kabu-Kun is fighting hand to hand with a jinchurinik, man playing with FIRE.

And yeah Sasori GOD were you arrogant, Orochimaru was your Elder S Class ninja Super Powerful and Skilled AND Dangerous as all fuck BEFORE the whole Jinchurinik thing, and like most others are kids that don’t get to develop themselves and their powers without the bijju Orochi had like 4 or 5 decades to be top of the heap.

Nice fight, good struggle but no pretend Sasori was in a good position there. Being a poison man against a super regen boddy saper is NOT a good place to be.

Although I kind of Love Orochimaru throwing down like this a FULL come at me Bro. its great.
I think only Pain , Itachi, Kisame and Obito can really take him as an equal with a good chance of winning, and none besides Obito and Perhaps Pain should really try it alone really.
Heaven forbid he steals some sharengan from Danzo at THAT point only Obito is really up for a full fight and what is terrifying is that THAT would be up in the air...

Cours ebe a mother fucker cheater and just throw Legions of Zetsu at him till he exausts himself as well with BLack Zetsu!

oh fuck he has Edo Tensai and Kabuto who is going to improve on it MOTHER FUCK he IS the biggest threat in the world now, got to do team up against him! Well done, WELL DONE.

I really must commend your goal and ability with tying Oroochimaru as an antagonist into the Main premise threat of the story, I dont think I have ever seen anyone do so and its GREAT cause it adds multiple groups and goals and THREAT and that us just a beauty.
Like that was a huge failing to tie in both sides to it, and you did in such a decent way that I just gotta COMMEND you.

truly can not stop praising you on that.

just Well done Smart organizational structure and work with. RESPECT.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 59 . 11/12/2022
Aww im sad. Kidimaru had one of the better fights as a sound four, and he didn’t get to show off here.
So Sad only Ninja to ever use a Bow in the entire show. So sad. Wished you got a better fight bro! but I get it alas, even a cool Spider summon….
Like I as hoping you continued with the Bad guys are allowed to train up as well….
Bah I can argue it in my head, the Sound four just had TERRIBLE match ups here, someone with lightning piercing against sticky Web man is not good, and body hopper fighting a JINCHURINIK is never a good idea.
Dope Void Lock Deny you Air fun times. Send a punk out into space!

Also Shika showing off his skills and other mess yikes. Hahah your to competent for that dumb-dumb. Course you ARE the bloody clan Heir dumb-dumb no way you can go for mediocrity unless your dad lives a long time and you make a super son.
And Danzou! Good ol starter of civil wars to defend the village. Course with Sarutobi putting it off and off and off again its gotten SO MUCH WORSE! Dumb fuck.
Twilight years here is right He and Ohnoki need some HEIRS now dang it. Course Clay Bomb boy ran off on Ohnoki so oh well.

Also Sasori is getting so PLAYED and it hurts If I remembered and understood it right considering his parents were killed by Sakumo, He is of Age with Kakashi. And now perfectly respectable S Rank, but hes fighting a S class from his Parents generation all alone that ALSO became a jinchurinik, WHILE having the faulty assumption of an ally in Kabuto.
He is getting so played it HURTS. That is DELIGHTFULL.

Also, Also the Iwa Nuke nin fighting Taki nin is GREAT AND FLYING BATTLE YES, YES.


And Orochi! And Kabuto sipping Tea ready to go down oh dear.

Love prank war fun. But SHika goanna slut it up or something and it be GLORIOUS.
Oh never mind, THAT IS evil.
And yeah Orochi is SCARY.
The worst thing now is his taijutsu and durability, this a man who can do his snake thing and cough up a new body so like super regeneration….
Itachi you might have to get off your ass for MURDER. that might not even BE ENOUGH.
OBITO might have to get off his ass for MURDER.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 58 . 11/12/2022
SHikamaru being the one with NO SHAME is amazing. Love it.

I was a stripper and id do it again energy. HA.

B is very interesting here and your hitting on that other people got family too vengance thing. course Kumo DID Fail to the greatest lesson, Start Shit, Get hit.

but hey! Naruto is throwing down with Kimimaru and Darui! hes strong enough to beat up the Second hand men of All the big boys! so proud! and with such inventive stuff! variety is the spice of life.

also YES prankster war between the to and bordum and spite is just beautifull.

also yep little kid hollow little frail glass people yikes.

orochimaru is gonna get into the jinchrunik game, and become the Sage and Jinchurinik himself!

like seriously when it comes to the ninja of the Atatsuki, Orochimaru is the eldest bar Kazaku out of all them so in terms of sheer EXPERIENCE He dwarfs them all, and now he has a power imbalance greater then All but Nagato, Kisame and probably Obito.

good god if he gets a sharengan hes going to have a sincere attempt at the Sage of Sixth paths thing.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 57 . 11/12/2022
im loving the idea of Jirayia and Killer B sitting there just talking it out, as well as the Mizuki nonsense thing.

giving Kabuto the respect as a super Spy is some great stuff. He IS high level but more importantly he is INSANELY regen can only be beat by Tsunade or some Jinchuriniks and that is fucking NUTS.

but I love me kill Iruka and make Naruto face some feels after. and Mizuki pulling some shit.

Kabuto is SUCH a super spy of super spy of super though. Totally ninja, just like Jirayia!

White Hair, Super Spy, Super Medic, and scientist pervy freaky freak, its almost like the Sannin had an orgy and made a baby!


still mass respect. MASS respect.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 56 . 11/12/2022
well you did murderize his student Naruto boy. so no training for you!

but I love the pain calling them off cause I am DONE with your nonsense. its fun.

and hmm the Womanz being the only ones to survive... on one hand yes keep Hotness Samui living she da best, but I did like Omi better then Karui...
course she does hot momma of sorts later hmmm...

also naruto and Garra doing CIVIL talky talks is fun. good humor!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 55 . 11/12/2022
cycle of vengeance! course also the immortal words, start shit, get hit.

loved so much of it. also Jirayias totally not his daughter no sir im not at all a slut is also hilarity.

but hey! yeah Kishi set up ALOT of good stuff. like the Kaguya stuff would have worked better if not Alien princess but isntead just THE one who was the Jinchurinik. if she had just ripped HERSELF out of Maddara cause he was arrogant that he could control it so casually then the final villian being the 10 tails would have been appropriate.
(when we saw how much effort it was for Obito)
really its Black Zetsu as ANOTHER manipulator that fucks it all up, cause he did not have the street cred to pull off everything.
like Obito had street cred of Maddara to have at beginning, but then we SAW him doing enough to build up himself, and then the reveal of Real Maddara cemented Street Cred, but Obito also had done ENOUGH work to also cement himself.
needed a tad better back story (mist vengeance training trip, and then reveal the leaf you fought for did WORSE with Root kill brother thing instead of kill class mates. but hey.
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