Reviews for When Chloe Met Jimmy
HotCrossBunnies chapter 8 . 12/31/2012
Brilliant story, in so few words you have captured all of the emotions. I loved it ... although I think that I just developed a crush on Jimmy Olseon - now there's a phrase I never thought that I would say.
c.b chapter 6 . 6/24/2012
you are a really good writer and i am glad that i had found this. this chapter and all the rest kept me reading and wanting more. keep writing you have a gift! and thank you! :)
rockyshadow chapter 6 . 5/12/2011
This is an adorable backstory for Chloe and Jimmy's relationship. I loved seeing how awkward they were with each other. I wish the show hadn't always put him as her second choice though.
Brijeana chapter 7 . 5/12/2011
Wow. I thought I was going to go chapter by chapter and leave a review for each one. But during chapter 3 I got so caught up in the story that before I knew it I was reading the author's note.

Wow. This story. I'm so happy that I found it just before the end of Smallville. I loved Chloe and Jimmy so much. I thought this would be a fluffy idealized view of Chimmy but I'm so glad that... it was more than that. Chloe's time at the fair with Jimmy was so FUN! I always wanted to hang out with them there.

I love the way you describe Jimmy as a magician when he told Chloe that he was going to make a memory with her. Hahaha! One of the writers for the show described him that way.

I like the way you really included so many details from the show regarding Chloe and Jimmy. The bow tie first impression Chloe had. You reconciled Chloe thinking Jimmy was the one with the REALLY FAST way the jumped into having sex and her comments to Lana about being sure before she sleeps with someone.

You were so TRUE to Chloe's love for Clark AND To Lois' rude engagement speech and I'm so glad that you were. When Chloe called Lana and Clark answered I WANTED TO BURST INTO TEARS. That's one of the signs of a great fanfic... when you feel what the characters feel. WOW! Fantastic writing. And all the fun that she had with Jimmy completely dissolved for me, just as it did for Chloe. It made sense that she wouldn't tell anyone about it.

I've thought this over a lot and I figured that Chloe... probably had something to do with Jimmy not calling back... but I didn't want it to be a Clark/Chloe/Jimmy triangle thing. I LOVE what you came up with. That Chloe avoided Jimmy after her conversation with Clark. And that makes what Jimmy says to her in Zod so... heartbreaking and sweet and self deprecating. The fact that it's the first thing he says to her... really shows how that summer has stuck with him all this time.

Your story has given me another HUGE gift. I expected the next scene after the phone call to be Chloe returning to Smallville at the top of season 2 and that hug between her and Clark. When it turned out to be ZOD I was so disoriented and I realized that there is a HUGE parallel from Chloe's return to Smallville and Clark's return from the Phantom Zone... there's a huge parallel between those two scenes! So exciting!

Once again, I love the way you wrote Chloe's subtext and I think you were right on the money with what Allison was doing without words in the scene. That's such a fun scene all around. LOL!

I LOVE what Chloe says about Jimmy at the end. It's what I've always felt about them. I think you leave room for... the show canon but you also give Chloe's love for Jimmy a chance to shine. So much went wrong for them and Jimmy is not at all secretive about how he feels about Chloe... but Chloe doesn't open up much and so it's all up for interpretation in the subtext. I love your interpretation. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY! You brought all the Chimmy canon together and made it make sense and kept everyone in character IMO. Lovely job!

I only have one tiny bit of constructive criticism because I got lost in the story and stopped thinking about trivialities.

Constructive Criticism

/So far, she had been on six rides, had had two things of cotton candy, and she had thrown up once./

Maybe you should think of a name for the units of cotton candy. Two bags of cotton candy? Two spools? Two helpings? Something besides things. Not a major criticism…

Thanks again! Enjoy the series finale! Oh and yay June for showing you some love! :D
Brijeana chapter 3 . 5/12/2011
This is my favorite chapter of the story so far! Fantastic job!

In this chapter you've captured everything that I love about Chloe/Jimmy. First of all they share a passion for Journalism. I really love that. I think that's one of the things that creates a mutual attraction between them... they are both so passionate about their work! So passionate that it's not really work. That exuberant glee that Chloe had in the early seasons for Journalism, I really saw that in Jimmy when it came to taking pictures and... to Chloe.

/She wanted to be with a guy who wanted her, who would maybe look at her the way Clark looked at Lana. Sometimes, she wondered if a guy would ever look at her like that./

Aw! So sweet.

/He was all right for a fourth of July party, but for some reason, she kept picturing him in a bow-tie. Something about the image just seemed to fit him./

Hee! Some people are annoyed that Jimmy Olsen is always saddled with a bowtie. But I LOVE IT!

/He did not say it in a sad way, a way that implied he should be pitied, that he was ill-treated, or lacked self-esteem. It was more a statement of fact. He knew his strengths and weaknesses. Getting noticed was not a strength he possessed. He was not at all bitter about it./

I LOVE this because I think it really nails Jimmy's character. He's very awkward and rather insecure... but he knows and accepts who he is. He's still upbeat and assertive.

Oh I love the entire Venus de Milo exchange. First Chloe is so much fun with her reactions. That's so in character IMO. Then Jimmy gets all flustered. I love being in Chloe's head with her as she's trying to figure Jimmy out and then SURPRISE! Out of nowhere he says the most lovely, interesting, insightful things! That's totally my experience of Jimmy. He can really bring magic to the ordinary. Well done. There's more to him than meets the eye.

Also, I do NOT see Chloe as a wallflower and I love that Jimmy doesn't either. 3

Finally, yes, yes, yes! Jimmy IS an old fashioned romantic. That totally won my heart.

Constructive Criticism:

More description! I want to experience all the lovely things you're writing about with my senses.

/He was all right for a fourth of July party, but for some reason, she kept picturing him in a bow-tie. Something about the image just seemed to fit him./

What do you mean he was “all right” for a fourth of July party? That makes it sound like Jimmy IS a fourth of July party. Maybe it would be clearer if you said, he LOOKED alright or he was DRESSED alright. Also, this would be a great place to describe what he’s wearing. I also really want to know what Chloe’s wearing. Chloe’s style of dressing has always been so fun… throughout the series.

/He blushed again, "Guess I'm just an old-fashioned romantic." Chloe smiled, "So, do you think maybe I could…call you, sometime?" he asked.

Chloe was surprised, but surprisingly, it was not a bad surprise, "Well, um, I guess not." She said. She took a pen out of her purse and wrote her number down on a cocktail napkin. Then, she handed it to him. He smiled, gratefully. Maybe coming tonight was not such a bad idea after all./

She says “I guess not.” But that sounds like she’s not going to give Jimmy her number. Either Jimmy should say, “Would you mind if I called you sometime?” and you could leave Chloe’s response as it’s written or… change Chloe’s response to something affirmative like, “Well, um, I guess so.” And leave Jimmy’s question as it’s written.

So far I love this story! And Thanks again for taking on this topic. I'm so thrilled.
Brittny chapter 2 . 5/12/2011
Aw. Jimmy's love at first sight moment with Chloe was so sweet. It also tugged at my heartstrings how insecure Jimmy is about landing the internship. 3

LOIS! Oh I was so happy to see her. Most of the fanfic I read is Clark/Lois and I'm so used to Chloe being the supportive friend and cousin who is there for Lois when she's down and out. So it's wonderful to see a story where Lois is there for Chloe in that way, supporting and encouraging her.

I don't know how much you've thought about the Chloe/Jimmy story as a whole, but I love that Jimmy's first view of Chloe goes with his wedding vows in "Bride." I also like that Lois' rude comments about Chloe and Jimmy still make sense and actually make even more since if she knew that he was the first person interested in her way back in the summer after Season 1. Yay!

My only constructive criticism is... I would love to SEE the Daily Planet through Jimmy's eyes and through Chloe's eyes. Also, rather than have Lois TALK about how Chloe has been moping around and not making good on her resolution to have an adventure, I'd love to SEE that happening. To hear Chloe's thoughts about not going out because she's still heartbroken over Clark or whatever. But seriously, good job so far!

I've just got to say THANK YOU for your hard work on this story. Chloe and Jimmy do not get much love in fandom so I'm beyond thrilled to find this story. I've thought a lot about how Chloe and Jimmy first meet so I'm really excited to read your take on things.
Brittny chapter 1 . 5/12/2011
I'm so excited to read this story! I love Chloe/Jimmy. It's my Chloe OTP.

Great job so far on Chloe's subtext. Allison Mack is so great at telling so much story without saying a word.

I'm excited to see some of what Chloe was up to during her first internship at the Daily Planet.
Anderson chapter 7 . 5/3/2011
That was great, I loved it! Remind me of the old days of Smallville. Chimmy all the way, much better than Chollie!
June chapter 6 . 4/13/2011
I love this, a lot. I shipped Chimmy, so it's nice to see it live on in fic. Excellent work! :)