Reviews for When Jeuno Fell
Maico202 chapter 9 . 2/24/2011
That was an amazing story..

and your choice for words describing things as well as the demon's dialogue were simply superb! It was like watching a movie, or even playing through an expansion pack of the game with a much, much darker story to it.

I could almost feel a lump in my throat through some of the entries of Kaleidoscopic Memories.. it's so sad!

Now, to be honest.. I would have liked to see more on the Finale detailing what happened afterwards. Maybe telling of what went on with his team, what went on with Vana'diel after all that, if Jeuno was ever rebuilt, and if the rest of the world's civilization was able to stabilize. Though, it was cool to see who his father(if I'm guessing correctly, but won't spoil) actually was!

Anyways, I'm guessing in the end, over the years everything turned out okay.. so with that, I'll leave you this review and a big Thank You for letting me enjoy your story! :)
Maico202 chapter 2 . 2/17/2011
Just thought I would add to my last post:

The whole ordeal with the Turned and how the ihabitants of Vana'diel handle such an epidemic is so realistic, you could almost picture yourself in their shoes..
Maico202 chapter 1 . 2/17/2011
How does this story not have feedback! It's amazing!

I've been reading this fic the last three days and I've gotta say, it really taps into your emotions with all the chaos and killing going around.. just imagining my beloved Vana'diel falling like that makes me sad. It gives a sense of hopelessness, tragedy and loss but is still able to convey that Final Fantasy XI tradition of pushing through together, and adventuring to distant lands. The amount of work put into this is obviously vast, as I put at least an hour of reading into it throughout my day on my phone and am currently only on Chapter 4. It's really cool seeing how far Sectumsempra and his crew have bonded and gotten stronger over the days since Jeuno fell, and the way his character made a U-turn like *that* was very surprising. Aside from a few grammatical errors, the story is very well-written.

Looking forward to the next few chapters.