Reviews for December Baby: Yuui and The Boy
Tomi Lang chapter 1 . 4/14/2011
What a cute story~! I love the way you sneaked the story of how Yuui and Syaoron met into the general Horitsuba story. It makes lot of sense, and it's seen clearly that you have done some research before writing this, which I really like~ You also made each and every character reliable, even Syaoron's family! Since as you wrote, you don't know what they are called and what kind of people they are, you wrote them very well and I loved that! This is definitely going into my favorites!

Just a few notes, because it bothered me:

1) As you listened to all of the CDs, as I see from your story, you already know that Syaoron is the older brother out of the Syao twins (and finally someone calls them the Syao twins and not the Syaoran twins as Yuuko and Fai did!). However, Syaoron calls his brother "Otoutou", which is the way people refer to the little brothers in Japanese.

2) Syaoron's family - I don't say you have to change that, because as I wrote before, you wrote them in a very convincing way. I just thought it would be nice to mention that since Syaoron's family members are intriguing: in CCS, as told in medias out of the manga, Syaoran has four sisters named Fuutie, Siefa, Fanren and Fei-Mei, and his mother is called Yelang. They appear on th CCS first movie so some of their personalities is shown there. I don't know Syaoran's father's name, unfortunately, but it is mentioned that he died when Syaoran was very young.

Again, I don't say you have changed anything as I loved the way you wrote this story (I also loved how you made Yuui French~ It's a refreshing idea~) and I clearly see myself reading this over and over again in the future.

Thank you for a wonderful story~!

~Tomi Lang
Karija chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
This story was so... subtle :) (Just like Summer rain and Its side effects and its sequel) I like the fact that you pay so much attention to the details, to the whole backgroud. It makes the characters much more real! And you actually did some research on the chinese names. That's a true scientist! hahaha

I'd like to read more stories about Yuui/Shaoron (and Kuro/Fai as well), so don't stop writing fics about them! Thanks. Regards from Poland!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
D'awww... that's a really nice story.

I probably never would have thought of connecting SyaoYuui to Death in Venice, but it's an interesting idea. The chatting was also funny

'To order a coffee in Italy was a whole new battlefield'

Yes, I can agree with that wholeheartedly

"Young man, don't play dumb on me. You couldn't even hide your smutty little magazines from me, why do you think I don't notice how you stopped flirting with our female customers?"

That just made me laugh so hard! I love how you've written his mom

"Well, I don't know much about inevitability. But you traveled into a city where you don't know a single soul, just to meet the only person whose twin brother is at the same place as yours. This has to be more than a coincidence."

Of course this is more than a coincidence - it's Hitsuzen! ;)

I think it's great how you managed to include that part of the treasure hunt at the end. It fits really well... and now I want a second chapter, with Yuui getting used to school life XD They need more love

TrueDespair chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
Man, that was a type-ful. (The correct term would be mouthful but you're not saying this; you're writing it...or typing it...XD)

First of all, i was pulled into this wonderful story from the first paragraph. It was such a wonderful background tale for Yuui and Syaoron. I, i never thought of that before and if i did i would feel like i copied from you or something. XD

though the explanation of Syaoron's family and background made a lot more sense. Though it's been a long time since i have seen CCS and haven't even read it (can't find it for the life of me.)

the chat part was a good touch and sort of a other side of those two interacting. The twilight zone thing was a little random on yuui's part but hey; this is Yuui we're talking about. XD

I also like the fact that Syaoron was confronting Yuui about the real problem of why he wasn't visiting Fai for whatever reason and wanted him to make a choice.

The rest was just either pure 'haha!' or 'aww~!'

In short, you did a wonderful job and made me a very happy birthday girl~! Thank you so much~! _