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Guest chapter 12 . 9/5/2015
I know this was posted ages ago and you probably don't even write fop fics anymore, but i just had to say something.

This fanfic screwed me up dude.

How dare you make me feel so many feels. It's not like I can go vent them to somebody, then I'll have to admit to them I read angsty fairly oddparents fanfiction.

But seriously, this was beautifully written. Especially the flashbacks, those were just cruel!
Nightfrightpony chapter 12 . 12/17/2014
Please make a sequal
Kess chapter 12 . 7/7/2013
Gosh, that was an emotional roller-coaster. Great Cosmo characterisation and the entire thing played on my soft spots brilliantly, totally worth reading until 3AM. Thanks for writing this.
Elvis is MY King chapter 10 . 1/27/2013
This is probably the most beautiful fanfic EVER! I've read it a few times before but I just HAD to re-read this part. I'm crying... truly sobbing. I NEEDED to cry( I felt suffocated) and that is why I decided to read it again. Thanks for creating something so great. AND I LOVE the use of Elvis songs as titles and in the fic. As you can tell, I'm an Elvis fan and I think ITS AWESOME that Poof is too so I declare it canon XD Anyways... thanks
Alexandria M chapter 12 . 8/11/2012


Julia chapter 11 . 7/28/2012
A FOP STORY IS NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME CRY! I don't even like FOP and you're breaking my heart for them all!
madier1095 chapter 12 . 1/1/2012
I can't tell you how awesome it has been to read all your FOP stories. Every single one made me just gush with all kinds of emotions (and tears), and each was a pleasure to read.

So please, don't ever stop writing. Ever. :D
madier1095 chapter 2 . 1/1/2012
Oh my goodness, this two chapters had me crying like a baby! And when Cosmo was thinking of her, my heart just broke and crumbled.

I'm glad Poof is kinda like Wanda now. I think it's cute he can take her role just a bit.
Sub Zero0 chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
i'ma likein' it so far! oh and dont eat gold fish and read cuz i got gold fish in my keybord now! :O

ThePancake chapter 12 . 3/13/2011

Okay and now with a little more content. In the beginning I was confused and didn't know what Anna could want in fairy world. Wow, Anna is really brave! How many kids dare to face Jorgen voluntary? Yeah, in the end love won! _ I liked Poof's speech and how Jorgen (somehow) admitted that Cosmo is a good fairy godfather. Because he is and I want him to be my fairy godfather as well. _~ So Poof finally decided to go to fairy acadamy! That's wonderful because now making progress and doesn't gamble away his life anymore. You know what I mean? _ I think Poof would make a good fairy godfather too but I don't think that this is the way he'll chose. But who knows? The only thing I know that that he'll decide for the right thing!

I'm glad that Poof will come over on weekends and that they didn't have to say good-bye to each other. The scene with Cosmo and Anna watching a movie was really cute too. As the movie had a good ending I guess that's a good sign for the future. Cosmo really found his way back to life and that's wonderful! I'm sure Wanda is proud of him and yes, their daughter could really have been like Anna.

The very last scene was a wonderful conclusion. So Jorgen did take Anna seriously and changed the rules a bit. I hope now that Tammy starts remembering Cosmo and Wanda she'll feel better too. After all Cosmo is right. She's not a bad mother, she's just busy. Maybe Cosmo can even tell her one day why he and Wanda left Tammy and Tommy. Oh, there's so much hope and light! It makes me feel good. :)

All in all you've written a very wonderful and heartwarming story. Everyone had their fights and everyone won. If I remember the complicated situation in the beginning and all the pain and the sadness...and compare it now to that wonderful and believable ending... Wow! Great job! :)
ThePancake chapter 11 . 3/11/2011
When Anna thought about changing back her last name I knew it! I knew that it would be Turner! That really is a great connection and it makes the story whole. It connects certain events with each other... Great! I can't say more.

That was so heartbreaking how they went back into the past and how Cosmo saw Wanda but couldn't reach her... It really made me sad when past-Cosmo said that Wanda has a bad breath and future-Cosmo wanted his past self to say how much he loves her.

Maybe there's still a way how Cosmo can tell Tammy how sorry he is? I really hope so. Oh, my heart... ;3;

Just one thing! Doesn't this stoty take place in 2044 and isn't Poof 52? That means Poof would be born in 1992 and they went back to 2002. Well, correct me if I'm wrong! (I'm really not sure if I remember the numbers correctly.)

As for the last chapter...I really hope that Anna will get her molding clay! Yes, I do!
weirdgirl332 chapter 12 . 3/9/2011
A lot of stories that are about cartoons such as this have a less serious tone. I honestly didnt know what to think when I began to read this story. All I knew was that Poof was OOC, there was a OC and you had killed Wanda. I really didnt know if I was going to like it. But I was amazed. The way you wrote it was amazing. I cant tell you how many times I have read a story where a main character is killed only because the author doesnt like him/her, or worst, they forget how that affects everyone they knew. But Wanda here is still in this story, not physically, but in how much her death is affecting her husband and son. And the main character is not a Mary Sue, despite being the granddaughter of Timmy. I was extremely relieved by that. I just wished this story hadnt ended, but I loved it anyways. Great job.
ThePancake chapter 10 . 3/9/2011
Wow, this was long. I needed some days for reading but nevertheless...

OMG, aren't Cosmo and Wanda the best, sweetest und purest couple EVER? That "Go away - Come here"-thing made me laugh. And oh, Cosmo is such a sweet idiot! X3 Don't you just have to love him? These kiss-scenes were...sugar. Cosmo's proposal was so typical for him! Writing it down surely is the safer thing...unless you lose the second page. X3 It was interesting to read how you also explained why Cosmo was sometimes a total jerk towards Wanda. (I prefer ignoring that whole phase in my stories. XD)

I totally liked the scene when Cosmo was pregnant and they fought for the better bed and then the whole thing was ended by the simple words "Go away" and "Come here". Oh, how sweet was that? Really, a wonderful idea!

Another good idea was how Poof's fascination for Elvis settled their complications. The scene when Cosmo told Anna about Wanda was very touching as well. Cosmo told so many negative things about Wanda in such a sweet and adoring way. Cosmo's self-doubts are...a pure torture! I'm so glad Anna could take some of them away. It was very cute how they got together again. atari! Whooo! I still remember that one too.

You know, you told all the flashback scenes in an a little bit random order but still I now have a complete picture of everything that happened back then. I don't have any problem to put them in some kind of order in my brain, you know? I have no idea how you did that but wonderful job.

The last flashback scene was good too and I could totally understand Poof's reaction. When he said "F... you" I was somehow...surprised but these were the exact right words to say in that situation. Well done, Poof! What I had a little problem with were the reactions of Mama Cosma and Big Daddy. I read it already yesterday and had some time to think about it. By now I think their past experiences burden them in that situation (the death of Cosmo's Dad and Wanda's Mum) and that is why they reacted how they did. But while reading what they said was a little too intense, especially Mama Cosma's words. I mean calling the dead mother of your grandson a shrew (while he hears it) is simply cruel. I guess she really was beside herself as her only son was in life danger but still she should have taken her anger out on Big Daddy and not on the dead Wanda. I think I would have slapped her in Poof's situation and her "excuse" was...simply poor. Big Daddy's was at least one and I think I could have forgiven him...after some time. But I would never talk one word again to Mama Cosma. But as I said as already her husband died there probably is a good reason for her reaction but it didn't come out that well. After all it was pain and loss and fear the three of them had in common in that situation and it could have brought them together so well.

Nice ending. Many things are said now and that's a good thing. I'm wondering what's still to come.

That review isn't as long as your chapter but still I tried my best.
ThePancake chapter 9 . 3/3/2011
It was so nice to read how Anna has become more self-confident. :) I guess saving the world gives you a lot of self-esteem. But it really is a shame that no one else knows.

Well, let's hope that Jorgen will be satisfied with Poof's report.

Oh no, Anna said Wanda's name...I guess something like this had to happen, right? Oh, poor Cosmo... Good that Poof was there to tell Anna about Wanda's death and that Cosmo is no murderer. I'm wondering how Cosmo will react to Anna's question and how much he'll tell her.
ThePancake chapter 8 . 2/27/2011
This chapter was so dramatic and nerve-wracking and yet it left me with a good feeling in the end.

Well, Poof was a real idiot in the beginning of this chapter but when he accepted the responsibility for what happened he made it up again. I'm wondering if we'll get to know what happened to Poof when he was punished.

Well, Cosmo's hangover disappeared incredibly quickly. _~ But I guess that's just how it is with fairies, right?

I've got to admit that I was mad at Anna for not understanding but after all she doesn't know about Wanda... These flashbacks were so sad again. Feelings of guilt are really a terrible thing. Oh, poor Cosmo. Poor Poof. They both had/have such a hard time. I'm so glad Cosmo finally managed to tell Poof how grateful he is for saving his life, for not giving him up.

In the end I could understand Anna and that she's affraid that her fairies are like her parents. I'm just glad they all got together again. How nerve-wrecking...!
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