Reviews for Christmas Cards
jtbwriter chapter 5 . 12/30/2010
What a lovely Christmas gift of a story-thank you! I especially loved the "forbidden" Christmas Party and how the island girls helped Leslie out. This was a real treat-thank you for another great "trip to the Island" and I look forward to more in 2011!:)
Harry2 chapter 5 . 12/23/2010
A very nice ending to the story. And may the Christmas season bring you much joy and happiness. As for 2011, I will wait paitentily to see what you have in mind.
Harry2 chapter 4 . 12/23/2010
Well, at leqast Christian DID try to get Leslie what would be the best gift for her for the holiday.
Harry2 chapter 3 . 12/23/2010
Well, this proves how much Leslie has grown since those days. She now has a family that she feels a part of, and is proud of it!
Harry2 chapter 2 . 12/23/2010
So THIS is how Leslie managed to get a holiday party with her friends! BRAVO!
Harry2 chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
Ahh, the days of youth. Its refreshing to reminiss about days of old, when Leslie didn't have Christian and the Triplets to deal with for the holidays. This should be a interesting tale!
PDXWiz chapter 5 . 12/22/2010
A coming out party...coming out as lesbian. Hah! Christian is funny unintentionally...

I forgot to say, those are three good choices, especially the former member of Swedenstar, for Leslie's autograph.

Oh cool, a white-tunic prince outfit complete with the red sashes and the epaulets...excellent! I can so see Christian wearing that...

Oh! and Carl Johan is wearing that as well...nice...

Good, first two autographs are clicked! One to go...

Wupsy, Karin Grimsby alert... Well, at least she is nice. Unlike Ingela le beech...

Nice of him to confide in Karin. Oh, if only she could meet Leslie. She's the one lady that would be ... well, not happy to meet Leslie, but happy for Christian finding her and be pleasant to her (if highly jealous...but at least not catty or worse, in Ingela's case!).

Glad that she liked the note, the picture, and the autographs so much...

No, nothing was wrong with you, Christian. Karin is a good person. But the timing was bad, and ultimately, Leslie was your destiny. :)

Good dialogue about not having decorated until he had married Leslie...

Hmm, interesting, I hadn't heard about Edward getting involved in television. Sorry it didn't work out.

Yes, she has a poet's soul. Dunno if she had it when she came to FI, but it definitely nurtured the spark!

So that was where that paperweight came from! I seem to recall it, but the recollection is more as though I had seen it in a tv episode, lol. I don't recall much about her buying it in Santi Arcuros. I only really remember the trip to Lilla Jordsö aspect of it... Oh! That's right, she also went to Paris and hung out with Tattoo's family. That was great, and we met little Mireille...

Romances, cool!! I don't want you breaking up any of the couples I like! Not any of Christian's family, or Leslie's friends and their families... Well, maybe the Duke might break up with someone... and it's probably time for Janine to get a big surprise by falling in love with some guy and getting past Christian (although that new relationship won't last long, I fear). Maybe it's time for Anton to get married, or Haruko's friend (the one who is Nyah's daughter) could find love.

Great chapter, great story, and I'm sorry it's over...

PDXWiz chapter 4 . 12/22/2010
Great 'historical' scene here from all those years ago... And yes, who cooked for Marina? Clearly, she could not be in the league of Manaolana or Mariki, for they would have been happy to give Leslie a few cooking lessons or at least tips.

Cool discussions of what to give her... Nice to see Jörgen and Karla, it's been too long since we saw the employees of the Sundborg office. Thank you! :)

Now, the autograph idea is BRILLIANT! How could he pull this one off? Other than his autograph, of course. LOL

Yes. Whose autograph? :P She'll get Christian's, of course. Hmm, I am so glad Leslie is friends with these people. I keep seeing them as they I picture them...ten years hence.

And there is Ceci! Thank you again!

Astrid Franzen! Haha! Great idea, if impractical for several reasons as Christian points out...

Oo! An Asplundh reference! Wowzers, you are blowing me away in this chapter!

Wow, yes, Anna-Kristina DOES get to fall in love with someone like Leslie, in the person of Kai. Although I think Kai's girls in this case would be a reverse analogue to Leslie's sisters. Oh, I hope Shannon is taking good care of them!

Ahah! A Swedenstar reference, groovantha! (does a happy dance)

Oh crud, the chapter ended. Another great one. Onward!

PDXWiz chapter 3 . 12/20/2010
Summer vacation, wahoo!

Yes, that should be interesting to meet the Coral Islanders...

Good question: how should you treat Roarke, especially in light of the upcoming Father's Day? A card, at least, to thank him for being your guardian would be nice and appropriate.

Um. Did France have an equivalent to the US Mother's Day and Father's Day when Tattoo was growing up?

The discussion here between Leslie and Tattoo, and then Leslie and her friends, is pretty cool.

What a brilliant gift! A thank-you letter! Very cool...

Aw, that first note from Christian is such a cool idea...

Rats! End of the chapter (and another good one at that!)... Oh, I can't wait to see what story he is going to tell here!

PDXWiz chapter 2 . 12/18/2010
Admission of sneakiness...and the girls realize they could get in trouble, too, or at least lose out on a party altogether. They won't tell anyone until it's too late except their moms...

Toki! You doofus... He's got it pretty bad for Leslie. Still...I'm glad he finally turned out okay, despite all the marital problems he had in both of his marriages...

Her preparations this week are amazing... Very absorbing reading, well done!

Hmm. Not surprised a lot of people would send him Christmas cards. After all, it's a way for people to say thanks and let him know what's happening in their lives, since he helped them with their fantasies. (Especially in the case of the couples he brought together.)

OH. MY. GOSH. The staff Christmas party will be there as well? Oh no! Poor Leslie... :(

Well, good. They can help decorate and keep the decorations for later. Okay, that works. So far, so good. Now get the girls there...

Uh oh! He's caught her! :(

Oh. WHEW! It's not so bad, after all. Just embarassing... And it turned out okay!

Oh, yeah. That certainly would be the worst Christmas of his bad as the worst one of HER life...

Nice little substories...

Oh, cool! Her first Father's Day on the island! This should be a good one!

Great chapter, can't wait for the next one!

PDXWiz chapter 1 . 12/18/2010
YAY! Holiday tales!

Yay! Cute triplets scene! :)

Interesting. did she get in trouble as a senior? A party at the Main House? tsk tsk tsk...

I never had parties like this when I was a kid in high school. I remember going to exactly one, the wrap party for a school musical, Carousel, that I had a non-singing part in.

Oh, wow... Well, the opera house *IS* a good idea. I'm sure they could easily enough set up the party tables and sleeping bags on the stage. Very different, but doable. But why didn't she just ask to rent a bungalow? They aren't always full; you've indicated as much a couple of times. I'm kind of surprised Roarke didn't agree to let her host one, somewhere, if there was a place available. After all, she has an interest in helping out in her fantasies, and hosting & planning a Christmas party, while a big deal, would be good practice. (scratches head) Well, I don't pretend to understand Roarke. I hope he won't be *TOO* upset with Leslie afterwards. Maybe not too bad, since she hasn't mentioned getting in trouble for this, before now. (Certainly not as bad as getting trouble with Mephi boy when Mandy Breem came, or that snooty English kid was off in time by himself, or even accidentally ingesting that drop of x-ray vision potion.)

Great chapter, onward!