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Jacob9594 chapter 3 . 3/25
A new evolution
Jacob9594 chapter 2 . 3/25
And the plot thickens
Jacob9594 chapter 1 . 3/16
Looks like a great prologue chapter. Will love what happens next
Mechapunk87 chapter 33 . 10/6/2013
this a other review for you man look if anything i somewhat like your stories man i do, but i hate kensuke's attitude some times like take this chapter for instance after the with Blightmon he pushes the ninja twins away when they trying to help him all because he lost? dude should be thankful he not dead! and this is what i was talking about in the other dude gotta lose some times what does'nt kill you make you stronger

now if i was an asshole in the last review i give you few hours ago then i'm sorry but you got to take one good at your stories man and focus more on your other characters beside kensuke and his digmon army. i'm trying help you man hope this review help you.

p.s i know Mikato is a bitch but you kind of her a bitch in the first place.
Sword Dancer Sapphy chapter 2 . 8/13/2013

Hey... Does Lunamon really have a 'Kimono Attire'? Cuz, I'm making a story about her, and I always thought it was some sort of Skin Suit. Maybe I'll make it a 'Kimono Skin Suit'. Anyway, I like it!
Kanius chapter 50 . 12/3/2012
Oh, yeah, this chapter epitomizes the fall of Dramon X.

Definitely an effective way to end a season. Good cliff hanger until the second season.

We're introduced to Griel, Paradisomon, and the Evo-lites. We learn of their purpose, their method of becoming Ascendants, and why they require Ken to complete their group. But, things don't go their way when Ken turns them down. Then, things go south when Ken learns they've killed his parents and then Helena gets killed. Things get messy and gone completely wrong once GranDracmon's curse takes effect and causes Ken to lose his mind.

The way things have gone down Ken's lost the trust of Maki and now possibly hundreds of people were killed by the Phoenix Dragon replica. X, Rei, and Hiei being the only witnesses thus far is going to put a lot of pressure on them, especially X and Mars. Who knows when Karin will learn of this, but she felt that aching vibe.

Interesting choices for the Evo-lite group: characters from other worlds. Burter, twin characters from Gun X Sword, Caster from Fate/Stay Night, and the infamous Terumi from BlazeBlu. And then we got this Krieg guy, who seems to be a pro wrestler type guy (and who we got to see in his Ascendant form). Well, now they lose one member already (Burter/Imperial X) to Dramon X. They've retreated for now, but this won't be the last we see of them.

Now Ken's getting into deeper situations in season 2. I look forward to this mini-arc and Ken confronting the rest of the Evo-lites (and finding that object that came out of Helena). Until the next update, Chaos!
Ford1114 chapter 50 . 12/2/2012
After the special ended, we have this episode to cumilate Season 1 and onto Season 2.

It's pretty rough to see Dramon X being cursed, and the fact that his parents are now dead. We can see why he's really angry..
-I bet that since Beyond and Paradixalmon are darkness, Griel and Paradisomon are light only that its 'Light is Not Good'

I never expect more rouge ascendants that were on Griel's side, especially Burter and Gun x Sword.

Stay tune! (listening to Assassins Creed Brotherhood Literal in preparing for Season 2)
JNaegi chapter 50 . 12/2/2012
Oh man that was a good season one ending. It's hard to believe that the Evo-Lites killed his parents and they struck down Helena and now is dead?! Now Ken is crazy with grief and massacred a lot of innocents.

I'm not sure how he is going to recover from all this. Griel was something, getting a majority of those characters from various anime series. You were right about it getting crazy.

By the old gods Yuki Terumi? So you went with the troll after all. He is going to enjoy trolling Ken.

Burter didn't last long did he? Damn that's rough.

So Maki is out for a while, well hopefully he'll come back.

Again good work with the end of season 1.

JNaegi chapter 49 . 9/6/2012
A good conclusion to what is going to happen on the collab story.

Maki is finally back only to stop his digimon from going any further to darkness, Himura, Inumon get their tresure along with seeing Rika, Renamon and Yui and DarkGabumon.

The battle with the two Inumon was very good. Looks like Yui has herself a little fan and now the battle with GranDracmon will commence soon. I wonder which characters from YYGDM will arrive to help given that the roster in that universe has expanded quite a bit.

Ken's got more Digimon and on a side note it is good that Kouji and Kouichi were able to get back to their dimimension thanks to Ryo.

So much to expect until Siege starts and it is going to be good.

Good job with Season 1.
Kingdark chapter 49 . 9/6/2012
I just wanted to point out two things. The first 'problem' can be fixed with autoreplace that should be a feature in any word processor you use. You used 'i' a few times in an example like 'i'm instead of I'm and 'i' alone too. Autoreplace that with the capital I and it should be alright.

The next is suprised that you wrote which should be surprised. There needs to be an r before the p. Didn't your spelling checker catch it this time or is it a simple typo?
Kanius chapter 49 . 9/6/2012
All right, we've finally come to the end of Season 1. Though, now thinking about it... the Siege of GranDracmon is technically the Season 1 finale.

Good chapter and we learn about these sacred treasures. Good to see Karin gaining more resolve for her fight with Andes. Ken shows his maturity by letting his sis take the fight.

We know who Aegisdramon truly is, and Ken knows, too. Granny's still with him.

Glad I could help with the items and the fight between Himura's Inumon & the Chief. I liked the Inuyasha reference bit when Himura took the Byakko Fang.

We've finally hit the point for our second collab, Chaos. The Siege is coming. Three universes unite again for the final battle with GranDracmon and his remaining forces! I can't wait (But do work on your grammar and the spelling of Digimon names so it's less work for me, ok?). Nice ending and can't wait for the next side story! Great job making it this far.
Ford1114 chapter 49 . 9/5/2012
So here it is the last chapter of Season 1 to cumulate Siege of GranDracmon as the season finale. Knowing there's a Season 2 planned that will take place before the D-Reaper Saga.

The Holy Beasts weapons are interesting in their first appearance.

Okay, I should get this out of the way. I know the story is interesting, but you should check your grammar and spelling. Its 'Zhuqiaomon' not 'Zhequemon' as an example. Just to watch out when ready for your second collab with Kanius and subsequent chapters.
Kanius chapter 48 . 9/2/2012
And with that, the war comes to a close. You top it off with a bloody fight with Ken and Andes. That got intense and those watching were on edge. Sedna, Dimitri, and Ryo finally make it. Nice to see Sedna lay out Andes (setting up their future encounter) and tend to Ken.

You weren't kidding when you said it would get gory. Haha, Yamato's throwing a fit was great to see. He needs to get over it. There'll always be others stronger than you.

Ken is the luckiest guy to ever walk his dimension. If Slade and the others didn't get there, this would've been the end for him. That talk with Slade was intense. Ken's teetering to the direction leading to immortality, a curse in itself. I hope Ken never goes down that direction for his own sake (and Helena's), but the future is uncertain.

The others manage to stop Arkadimon's rampage, but that's not the last we see of him. Heh, ObeliskMegaGargomon still remembers Kiva's hammer. Oh, neat, it's Ophanimon Falldown Mode.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the revealing of these treasures. Next time, GranDracmon prepares his forces for the Siege and Himura & Inumon get ready to receive undergo the test for one of the sacred treasures. I can't wait for us to second collab!
JNaegi chapter 48 . 9/1/2012
So the war has come to an end. Ken and Andes battle was just as you warned; bloody and limbs getting hacked off. Oh come on when it's his turn to get hit in the nads it doesn't hurt. He's lucky he was just going on instinct.

It's good that Sedna, Dimitri and Ryo were able to make it in time but now Ken is getting his body fixed and met up with Slade who warns him to control his emotions.

Ken as an immortal would be kind of interesting but I'm hoping that doesn't come to pass. If it does than his future would be nothing but living day to day life in solitude.

I see you went with Nu's theme from Blazblue. It really is a theme that caputed the moment.

Yamato having a temper tantrum because all sorts of cosmic beings are stronger than him, please their powers are beyond human comprehension, that ego of his needs to be turned down a notch for everyone's sake.

So the Sacred treasures will be next in the line huh? Getting psyched for it and once again GranDracmon is trying to revive his cronies once again and ObeliskMegaGagomon still living in fear of Kiva's trusted hammer!

Good work Chaos!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Hey, K, here.

I forgot to mention in my review Arkadimon is back. He made an example out of Ken's two Digimon and is on a rampage. The Ascendants, including Metalla X, better look out. That's all I had to say.
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