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Kanius chapter 47 . 8/15/2012
Hey, forgot to add the bit about Arkadimon. He's really back and made an example out of two of Ken's Digimon. Where this goes could a likely showdown with the Ascendants.

Just wanted to add this since I accidentally left it out in the last review.
Kanius chapter 47 . 8/14/2012
Great chapter, Chaos. The arc is heating up to another level yet things are starting to wind down with the heavy fighting cooling down. For starters, Ken's Delta Burst Mode dissects Belialmon and removes his Beastial form. And we see DBM's drawbacks, which the Kai crew pointed out. Ken needs to work on that big flaw.

We also discover the sacred items, especially the feather inside Belialmon, the scale, and an item with a turtle symbol. Should be interesting where this goes.

Liked all the action going on. The bad guys are realizing they're getting outnumbered. Funny to see their reactions to Shoutmon X7.

Poor Dimitri has to tell Karin about his dad freaking out. With those two and Ryo heading out, they have to get there before Ken and Andes prepare to rip each other into pieces. Yeah, next chapter is going to be a bloodbath. I can't wait to how this arc closes out!
JNaegi chapter 47 . 8/13/2012
A lot of good developments Chaos.

Ken is using his new ability well but he burns up to much energy . His fight with Belialmon was good. The banter between them was funny and I have to say, I have never heard the use of sweet and sour sauce and rectum used in the same context, good stuff.

I see some fighting moves from Street Fighter and Blazblue. That was a cool attack Ken used the whole SOL aspect that Terumi likes to finish his opponents with.

So their are sacred treasures that will be coming up in the mix and what's this? Andes's mind is damaged and she and Ken are about to go at it like mindless puppets. Any grudges those two have will erupt when the battle gets heated up.

Funny about Dimtri telling Karin about his dad screming. Glad to know Dimitri, Karin and Ryo will arrive but will they make it in time. Arkadimon has regained his powers, it won't boad well for our heroes and the penguin really is causing all sorts of damage to the BWG.

So another good chapter, let's see where this will lead in the end.

Take care!
Kanius chapter 46 . 8/4/2012
Another great installment for the war arc. We're hitting the climax point of the five-parter.

Lots of events took place. Between the two Ascendants clashing, Astamon becoming CyberBeelzemon, and Dramon X reaching the third stage Delta Burst Mode, the battles were intense. I liked how Celesta X was truly testing Ken and he comes through for Kari & Gatomon with the soul of fist. Good on X for taking Kari to safety and giving them vitamins for recovery.

Shakamon takes the 'bullet' for Ken and makes the sacrifice to enable Ken to push to his third level stage. With his 'granny' gone, Ken prepares to face off with Belialmon.

Yamato sure took this hard (and deservedly so) and great nod to Team Four Star. Poor Dimitri can hear him all the way across the dimensions. Hehe. Karin thought he was crazy I bet.

You weren't kidding with all the cussing. The 'F' bombs went over the Richter scale.

So, Echidamon and Dagonmon are dead? I have a feeling they may be back if GranDracmon has his way. Next time, we'll see Dramon X take on Belialmon and find out about this drawback to Delta Burst Mode.

Great chapter and looking forward how this all comes to ahead.
JNaegi chapter 46 . 8/4/2012
Good chapter!

The clash with Ken and Kari was very good. He was able to reach to her by the soul of the fist; didn't they have that on G Gundam or something with you can reach someone's soul by fighting? Hey each is own and glad he saved Kari.

X was able to get into that universe and now has Kari in a safe place. So granny is gone huh, that sucks. Who is going to smack him upside the head when he gets out of turn for being a smart ass?

So Ken has reached Ascendant lv 3 and Yamato was not happy about that. Nice touch with his scream and having Dimitri hear it from YYDM's universe.

With every Blackwargraymon destroyed it is powering up the big bad, well I'll give Grandracmon respect for thinking up a twisted idea; going up against a Ascendant or someone who is like one you got to go all out.

The fusion between Ken and his Digimon was good and he still looks like a Gundam. Got to say that was a lot of F bombs being dropped and to continue to say it even when coming to death, that's commitment.

I wonder what the drawback for LV 3 is going to be, maybe he will have so much energy that causes his body to erode and break down?

Keep up the good work.
Kanius chapter 45 . 8/1/2012
Great show again, my friend.

The action was intense since this war started. Liked seeing Astamon, Titaniamon, and the rest of Ken's Digi-army taking names. Pikkan is getting reacquainted with Astamon. One has to wonder how strong Astamon in his Mega form will be. Always great to see Team Xros Heart in action and they sure surprised the villains!

Always fun to read Ken's banter with bad guys. I gotta say he's very honest about his view for Sailor Moon. And he get the main reason for not being favorable toward her: her Moon Tiara Disc. Though, she's not the only one who uses a tiara disc (Wonder woman uses one, too). Anyway, it was hilarious seeing Tyra's reaction to Ken calling her technique a 'Pokemon attack'. I can't wait to see Tyra and Ken meet. Heheh.

Oh man, that thing just turned into Hiei and unleashed the Dark Dragon. Good commentary from Hiei and Rei. Good move Blazer did absorbing that forbidden attack. That's something only Hiei and maybe his kids (especially Ryuuhi) should use.

Ken barely gets by that copycat freak, but now faces Celesta X. This will be a tough and emotional battle (even tougher for Tai). Belialmon now faces Shakamon, which will be interesting to see what plays out.

Great update! Keep it going with this war arc, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 45 . 7/31/2012
Wow this is getting better by the minute.

So that's why Ken is so anal about Sailor Moon because of her attack; even though she only used that attack in the first season and a little bit for the second before updating to scepters and than a sword (going by the YYDM route on this).

Tyra was P'Oed when he said her attack was from Pokemon and that ditto creature turned into the ever lovable Hiei and used a forbidden attack that it should never have used but good thing Blazer absorbed the attack.

So the Digi-destined from Xros come into play to help out Ken, but now he is facing Kari and he looks to be on the defensive.

So much chaos so little time, doing good dude.

Catch you later!
Kanius chapter 44 . 7/23/2012
Good chapter. The set-up was nicely done and the first wave finally kicks off. I wasn't disappointed with the destructive chaos (and lots of swearing, haha!) in this chapter.

That opening scene with Ken making that speech was inspiring. The speech, I believe, was from the Boondocks Saints. Am I right?

That explains how the BlackVictoryGreymon soldiers were able to acquire and use the heroes' techniques and abilities. I agree that the scene with Ken and Daipenmon was funny (good nod to the Avengers film between the Cap and Hulk esp. with the 'smash' bit). Also funny seeing the villains freak out over Ken ripping through the seven BKVGs.

Now, the other dimensions are on edge watching this war. Yamato and Hiei both don't think too highly of Ken is no surprise. If learning his sister's been taken captive, Tai has to be livid seeing his sister being used as GranDracmon's mindcontrolled tool. Poor Karin, Rei, and the others worrying over Ken.

Speaking of Karin, what Ditatroidmon did was messed up (but is a good mindtrip to throw off Ken) by turning himself into Sailor Sedna. The moment 'Mikato' didn't insult him, I knew there was something off. Good eye, Ken. Looks like he's ready to throw down with Diatroidmon!

I look forward to the rest of this five-parter. Things are going to get messy. Good job, Chaos.
JNaegi chapter 44 . 7/23/2012
You really wearn't kidding when you said their would be a lot of chaos and mass destruction. The fighting was good and wasn't expecting BlackWarGraymon's to have the attacks of the other heroes by getting there blood.

That sceane with Ken and Daipenmon was funny; totally reminded me of Captain America and the Hulk when Cap told him to "Smash".

GranDracomon really is a showboat if he is connecting the two universe's to see what happens to Ken. Hiei and Yamato still view him as an anomoly though.

I got no answer for that prayer so I don't know where it's from, all I got was the word Spiritus and I think it's Latin but I could be wrong.

Seriously did Ken take a lesson on speeches from Zero from Code Geass? He was very dramatic about it and for some reason I pictued him with that costume on and making gestures like him as well.

Anyway good job with this chapter and keep it up!
Kanius chapter 43 . 7/10/2012
Oh yes, great to see this chapter up. Things are shifting to Ken's favor and the good guys are getting prepped for the big war. He's going all out for this.

It was cool seeing Titaniamon giving Ken sword lessons. This can only benefit Ken and allow him to improve. I can't wait to see how well he fights with a sword. Titaniamon also proves herself beneficial giving the letter to the Accel Athenamon. There was a huge contrast between the two Athenamons. Glad to see this Athenamon offering to assist in the war.

Heh, I can't get over the 'You killed Kenny' line. Luckily, Ken knocked sense into that erratic Daipenmon.

And so, there's the big reveal to consider. Kari/Celesta X, after being captured, has turned into GranDracmon's Ascendant puppet sent to destroy Ken. Ken will have a difficult battle with another Ascendant. I can't wait to read the SSS chapter revealing how Kari got captured.

Now, I really can't wait for the big war arc. It will be a definite game changer in this story. See you on the next update, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 43 . 7/9/2012
Ken getting down to business with the big battle coming up. Titianamon was able to give Ken some good swordsmanship training.

Good deal with the letter getting past on to this version of Athenamon and that reference with the kiss of death; I'll say Ranma 1/2 when he met Shampoo in his girl form.

Didn't think that Kari from Kainus's Digimon Kai would be captured and now she will be an enemy to contend with. Got to love how Ken wants to use the heavey artilliry when it comes to the upcoming battle and funny with Mikato and Shizuka's digimon doing the whole "You killed Kenny" line; that doesn't get old.

Giant Daipenmon going on a rampage, what's the world coming too? At least they were able to knock his ass out.

Should prove to be an upcoming arc Chaos. Keep up the good work.
Kanius chapter 42 . 6/19/2012
Great chapter, Chaos! Ken and Nirak's duel was great and I liked how you've structured the whole thing. A lot happened in this duel. I didn't expect Obelisk to be played, but I guess it's a good thing Kiva stopped him from causing carnage.

I enjoyed Ken and Andes' banter. Again, it never gets old. Andes' mental breakdown begins, and this became more evident when she engaged Athenamon Victory Mode (your welcome on writing that fight :D). Next time Ken fights Andes, she won't be the same.

Ken gains two new partners (Titaniamon and Utopia) before leaving and giving a shout-out to Karin & Rei. Nice to see him gain support from the Amazons and Kentaurosmon. Next time, Ken returns home and GranDracmon has more aces up his sleeve. Looking forward to the next chapters, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 42 . 6/19/2012
Go Ken and kicking Nirak's ass again. Good duel; she really needs to learn more of the basics before doing that again and "Believe in the Heart of the Cards".

You had me laughing when Ken brought up hating Yuki Terumi; fedora wearing troll of the BlazBlue universe, but man I admit that guy is funny; in an evil way.

So now Ken has another digimon who is from YYGDM, should prove to be a good asset and now the big bad will be bringing the pain back in the Accel universe, wonder how Ken and his team will handle that?

Until next time!
JNaegi chapter 41 . 6/7/2012
Good chap dude!

Glad that Ken is doing all right from his duel with his 'sis'and battle with Uranus and Neptune. Looks like Ken didn't go into much deapth with that battle with the two Sailors with Mikato and Shizuka. Funny how he brought up how there could be a universe where Cloud was trying to kill the Sailor's; wonder why he'd think that?

Now Kentaurosmon has taken him to YYGDM world where he helps defeat and eradicate the Bikermon scurge. Quite nice that Ken of all people makes sure they stay dead, they got to give him a medal or something.

Anyway now he meets Titaniamon, the reincarnated Senshi and the Amazon queens. Poor Ken he still feels uncomfatable about the Yuri couple even when they had nothing to do about there counter-parts and now he is duels Nirak again.

Sely about to behead that warped clone for tarnishing Lionheart's name and now Echidamon is powering up to battle the rest. A tablet falling from the sky wonder what that's all about?

Until next time, See Ya!
Kanius chapter 41 . 6/7/2012
Another great chapter and plenty action-packed in the end.

It was good for Ken to fill Mikato and Shizuka on the whole Uranus & Neptune thing, and the deal with Takato/Mars/Phoenix situation. Now they know. Not to fear, Mars already told Uranus and Neptune to apologize to Takato (I haven't shown it, but wait until you see what happens when those two meet Takato again). Indeed, those two have cursed the multiverse.

Hmm, I see Lucemon's been giving Ken's Digimon some problems. We'll see how long these restraints will last.

Now Ken begins his short adventure in the YYGDM Digiworld. He meets Titaniamon and Ary. LoboBikermon and Bikermon won't be missed for sure. Ken and his crew really took them to school in gang warfare!

Interesting contrast describing the YYGDM Amazons with the ones Ken is familiar with. Ken nearly freaks out seeing the Amazoness Senshi (especially Ourany and Poseidy). Um, yeah Athenamon was really shocked to see Kentaurosmon again and even flabbergasted to learn he serves RaPhoenixmon.

Nirak is back to cause trouble but not without Echidnamon and the Saibamon. Nice start to Ken and Nirak's rematch. Sely sure was ticked to see Nirak use Wildheart to create an Evil Hero. I can't say I blame her or the other Amazons.

The Stardust Dragon is always a sight to behold every time. I can't wait to see what's coming from that tablet. Something big is about go down and cause chaos... but, since when isn't there chaos with Ken involved?

Good chapter, Chaos! Keep it up!
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