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samm678lee chapter 18 . 3/31
What a great chapter packed with stories! Cameron deciphering whether she is alive, and starting to care about her existence is great! In addition, I'm happy she recognized the effect of Ellison's training John Henry, and that he didn't delete Cameron because of the morals and ethics that Ellison had taught him. The idea that teaching John Henry that human life is sacred/morals will cause John Henry to spare Cameron was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. I recall in chapter 12 he called overriding Cameron "murder" and also cared about John Connors's psychological well-being! John Henry's development is important, and I am happy you bring it back (even though John Henry is no longer an individual AI). Also, a good twist that John stayed and Derek and his friends barely made it because they were late.

The interaction between Ellison and Savannah is beautiful and touching, and John and Kyle talk about their relationships too. I like the back you gave Allison Young, she did not get much screen time in the show and I'm glad you are expanding this character.

The ending is well-written, using worm programs to bypass the security system is brilliant. This fanfic doesn't only have killing machines (literally) but computer science/cyber warfare in it.
samm678lee chapter 17 . 3/31
Nice as usual, didn't expect some folks from Derek's group to disappear, making their situation even more perilous. John had to make the hard decision about the disappeared folks; though tragic John is learning the tough realities of being a leader in a war. I appreciate the dynamics between the characters again, it seems like Cameron and Savannah were becoming friends. Savannah and Allison's mutual hostility was somewhat unexpected. The details about them crossing the forest, the road, and seeing the convey are suspenseful. I also liked the infrared reflecting canvas, thank you for covering the details here.

Good job on developing Camern right here, her identification with dead humans further shows her growth and learning the value of humanity and some empathy. Lastly, great Jameron story at the end. It was subtle but showed a lot!
samm678lee chapter 16 . 2/15
I enjoyed the interactions between all the characters. The conversation between Allison and Cameron stands out, as well as Allison and Kyle and people thinking about what to do when they get back. Your description of everyone feasting and partying is great! I enjoyed the Jameron moment in the end, it's very sweet.

You also portrayed Weaver very well in all the chapters thus far, icy and calculating, showing no pity or remorse, just like how a Terminator should be. This is very fitting to the vibe of Weaver in season 2 of TSCC. It is also great to see John's leadership here, managing to get both groups to work together. There is not a single bad moment in this chapter, great job!

PS. In the previous chapter when Cameron felt empathy for Victorviell, I wonder if the empathy came from John Henry who is now part of her. (I often realize I forget to write down something on a review after I submit it...) I do think you answered my question somewhat when Cameron is concerned for Savannah's well-being here, that was a nice touch!
samm678lee chapter 15 . 2/15
Nice twist in the story, Derek and others trying to leave only to run into John and his company. The Mexican standoff is very well written, especially with Weaver in the play. It is intense and very enjoyable to read.

Also interesting that Kyle and Allison are getting very close, considering how in the other Kyle (his father) was with Sarah Connor. This goes to show how much has changed due to John Connor jumping into the future, no photo of Sarah was given to Kyle, and no John Connor as leader of the resistance, thus Kyle did not fall for Sarah. I also like reading about Derek and other's plans to go to Mexico, and the wild boar. It might not have actions, but it is very immersive writing.

PS. Looking back at the past chapters the distance that John has gone into getting Cameron back says a lot. I like all the details you have about John's journey in restoring Cameron. It's obvious (through his actions) that it is not lust or infatuation but love, actions speak louder than words after all!
samm678lee chapter 14 . 2/12
Awesome chapter, very creative! I would not thought of merging John Henry and Cameron. It's great that Cameron has just become a much more powerful AI, not just the ability to control machines wirelessly, but that John Henry, a very powerful AI himself is now part of her.
I enjoy the benevolent John Henry AI, a contrast to Weaver who is cold and has no morals or ethics. I am presuming John Henry not wanting to erase Cameron, has to do with learning morals from James Ellison. It seems like John Henry possesses compassion. What is also interesting is that John Hnery appears to think sentient AIs are as valuable as humans ( at this point, I am pretty sure Cameron is sentient.)

Also, I find it quite amusing that Weaver thought about "humans lost spouses all the time". I guess it is obvious that John is in love with Cameron, even Weaver noticed it.

PS. Going back to chapter 12, interesting that John Henry asked if Cameron loved John. I think this is one reason why John Henry would agree she is sentient.
samm678lee chapter 13 . 2/12
I enjoyed reading John Henry and Cameron working together.
As for John trying so hard to find a T-888 chip, it surprises me that James and Savannah both agreed to help John get Cameron back, even risking their lives. It also seems weird at first that John wants them all to risk their lives for a machine; all I can say is he loves Cameron very much.
samm678lee chapter 12 . 2/12
I like the direction where the story is going, with Derek and his men realizing that John is not working for Skynet.

Great story about John trying to capture a T-888. As for Weaver, as much as I like her, she is starting to annoy me here. She is starting to become a threat to Cameron, hm.
samm678lee chapter 11 . 2/12
Very interesting chapter, especially the part where Allison Young saw Cameron from the coffin. Quite intense to see Allison, Kyle, and others relentlessly pursue John.
I like the way James Ellison wrapped up his story about Sarah and Judgement Day too. Another great chapter!
samm678lee chapter 6 . 2/12
Another great chapter with a vivid and dark description of John trapping a dog.
Loved the part where John got rescued by a UCAV, not what I was expecting for sure.
Enjoyed Sarah and James buying weapons too, it was fun to read.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/25
Sarah's last stand with the T-888 and the mercenaries was simultaneously badass and tragic. It makes me respect the character of Sarah Connor even more, you truly portray her as the most badass woman in sci-fi. I don't know what to say honestly, your story is honestly more gruesome than many Terminator films! Especially details like pulling out the teeth of the victims.

I was stunned upon finishing this chapter, the same feeling after watching one of my favorite TSCC episodes!
Guest chapter 9 . 1/25
The cemetery scene is really beautiful. Very good example of "show not tell", you are very good at creating an atmosphere. It is also interesting to see Savannah being so innocent here, a stark contrast to the tough, and somewhat angry Savannah from the future.

I appreciate Sarah's resourcefulness and creativity in infiltrating Zeira Corp. Very good teamwork with Ellison.

Lastly, the whole having a funeral for a terminator brings back the debate of what is human again, very thought-provoking (even though we all know it is not a funeral, but rather just a way of storing the deactivated body).
Guest chapter 8 . 1/25
I love that Savannah has grown up and has become a tough warrior just like Satah.

Great job telling stories of past and present. Very smart way of bringing Cameron's body back. I would never have thought of this, very creative!
Guest chapter 7 . 1/25
What a beautiful reunion of John and Cameron! As well as John with Ellison and Savannah. I enjoy the conversations John Henry has with Cameron, John Henry is a special AI/different from Skynet his "brother". I appreciate how human he seems when compared to Weaver.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/25
I appreciate how dark you portray the future. This is one of the reasons why I love this fanfic.

I briefly glanced at other "season 3" TSCC fanfic and chose to stay with yours because of this. The lack of trust humans have, the moral degradation, and the unsanitary conditions are quite haunting.

Great chemistry between Sarah Connor and James Ellison working together.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/25
Another amazing, chapter! I loved how you explored why Cameron did not kill any cops when rescuing Sarah in Born to Run. I think it is significant that she chose not to kill, unlike Uncle Bob was ordered by John not to. It shows how far Cameron has gone in developing herself and possibly becoming sentient.
Great description of Sarah's struggle with whether to burn Cameron or not. I love how you used this to show Sarah's love for her son. It was also an intense scene, I was so afraid for Cameron's safety... I cannot believe how anxious I felt while reading it. Again, your writing is very good.
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