Reviews for A Saturnalia Canticle
Kiala Karvos chapter 11 . 3/21/2012
I was finally able to reas this story as well.. and now im hooked.. on another one... this is all your fault! ;)
Sideris chapter 11 . 2/11/2012

I told you I'd not forgotten. I've just been really busy with school and such.

While this has no true bearing on the story, I'd like to point out I always liked the grim snowy Russia-Scandanavia that the Disith hailed from. So grim beyond the Grand Stream. Bless those malfunctioning Dysonsphere wacko Exiles. Moving on!

Oh, Apraxin, you card. Never change. Or stop shaking the little children.

Alex saying, "Sounds legit" is perhaps the most unnerving and amusing thing I can ever imagine for that character. Bravo.

Despite his powerful mood swings, Alex seems a bit too far on the emotional side. I mean, yes, we've seen him fly into a rage at the drop of a hat over Delphine. Mm, I'm not sure about it. And cold as it sounds, seeing Apraxin approaching desperate or even sad filled me with a certain joy. He IS quite the unlikable man.

Euris wasn't kidding about her writing skill. :P It's perhaps the first and only take I've ever seen anyone pursue regarding Euris. I mean, we walk in a quiet fandom, but I never really see anyone deal with the what ifs that could come up with Euris. Sure, it's just as easy to write her off as dead (and really, it's usually the most common course), but to write her as alive and with Guild entanglements is a nice breath of fresh air. Fun times.

Overall, nice dialogue, a nice expository chapter on Euris fate and the strange cult that's grown around her since Delphine swooped in to take her away. I like it. And I do look forward to the next chapter, even if I'm a bit late.

Anonymous reviewer chapter 10 . 1/10/2012
It's really impressive how you've expanded on what hints were given of the background given in Last Exile. I'm having difficulty sorting the "official" background from your elaborations, which is a good sign.
Sideris chapter 10 . 12/17/2011
I'm on the ball tonight!

Alex Row, once more defied by decorum. He'll sadly never learn. HA! I forgot about those shoes. There's a horrifying mental image. If Sophia weren't so worried, she'd laugh at him. Though that'd hardly go well, wouldn't it?

There must be a short omake made for the holiday season of our friend Alex dancing in those shoes, completely stone faced as usual.

Minor quibble! "I wish to extract information from Apraxin's dear old auntie not, scare her to death." Nothing big.

It's a nice little scene of them squawking at one another in the way fans love. Though Sophia's fangirl crush did shine through a little at the end. Luckily snide Yukino swoops in to save the day! Cue incessant murmurings if Lupan bedded Yukino. Them damned devil wimminz.

O, Yukino. That beguiling hussy. Hurray for seduction! Poor fool guards. They know not! They know not. The owl and his winged omens was quite amusing, though-and this isn't more a quibble with you as with years of tabletop roleplay-I loathe smartass oracles and messengers. The haughtiness, oh, what I'd give for Alex to simply swat the bird off the rail. But that's just me.

Ah, Ourea, I like her scenes. I know she has a dream aspect to her and sylphs are generally associated with fairies or air spirits or even angels, I find it intriguing to have this relationship in dreams and such and have the waking world. I've wanted to use a similar concept for years, but words typically fail me.

Oh, Apraxin, you putz. I like the back and forth on faith between the two and the slight sense of NO U also going between them. It reminds me of old two-fisted tales to a point. And I think that's a charming part of this fic-each chapter tells a little tale in its own way. Not exactly like chapters in a book, though, obviously that's there. Each chapter has it's own self contained issue that is dealt with and linked to the greater story. I like it.

And it always comes back to those charming rain birds. I need to rewatch LE soon.

Sideris chapter 9 . 8/20/2011
Oh, Lupan, you roguish drunk.

Wipe to the Heavens indeed. Why, he'll charm the knickers off of Yukino in no time! Fan fiction of fan fiction! Surely, it will happen. Small omission in this beginning section, though, where Sophia first speaks.

"...and flight deck?' asked Sophia. Afterwards we'll have dinner.'" Just a forgotten apostrophe.

A fine little back and forth on the mythology of Orpheus between Suave-man and Yukino, it's always been a fun one to read time and again. The sudden tension in the conversation with our ever-present ball of rage Alex was quite nice. Lupanarius is a gland old man of Eraclea. The mystery heightens! This whole section reminds me of something like a radio play, I'd say. The dialogue focus and the mounting details, tension, so on. I like it.

The Rashamon style question of how they met was a nice insertion and it chopped things up in such a way as to keep things fresh. Alexander and Payson, causing too much damned trouble as usual. :P Good show! I rather enjoyed this chapter, looking forward to the next!

Also, forgive my tardiness, college issues and work have been keeping me from reading in a timely manner. Kudos again!
Sideris chapter 8 . 5/28/2011
Oh Miyako, queen of queens. And gasp! Alex with a sense of humor! The horror! :P

The Ensigns of the Silvana shall weep with PTSD-horror at mention of their dire queen.

I digress. Overall, a fine chapter with an all-too amusing title. The innuendo, oh god, all the innuendo in the chapter, such fun. You can practically hear Sophia's inner teenager (well, a younger one) squee when she receives the barrette.

Monsieur Dagobert amuses once more with his droll self. He and Alex's banter is very fine, especially Alex's raging alcoholism. Clever little Bones insert at the end of their section.

Pfffft, eloquent death poems to lovers, how Romantic. Don't they know all the cool kids are carrying around vials of their lovers blood or something utterly macabre like that? You'd swear he and Euris LOVED one another. Pfah!

And even in the world of Exile, the age old terror of clowns still reigns supreme. Poor Nav crew. Poor Wina!

That part dooooooooes, however, bring up one little error that once I saw, I couldn't unsee: 'Alex chuckled out load at the thought of the navigation crew's stunned faces...' A small thing, but it niggles at the back your mind like a popcorn kernel in the teeth.

And Alex shall never be smooth enough to recover from sex with a coughing fit. He may be a badass in combat, but I can't see that going well for anyone! The poems, as an aside, were all rather fine again. :D

All in all, though, a fine chapter. Looking toward the upswing next chapter between Alex and Nikator!
Sideris chapter 7 . 3/30/2011
One, apologies on the grossly delayed review.

Two, very interesting chapter. Took a far different turn than I expected it to, truly.

Three, for real thoughts, let us commence!

I enjoyed the back and forth plan making in the first section. Pascal is always a joy and the appearance Lescius warmed my heart. The deal with the unregistered salvage group sparks a small idea for a fic. I may pursue it later on.

I really enjoyed the whole vision quest sort of event in Alex's past. A really big change to what we all accept for Last Exile. A nice twist with a good flavor to it. I'll admit when his ancestor first popped up, I was somewhat skeptical. It felt a bit too much. But I've re-read three times now. I rather like it.

The man's guilt about Euris weighs as much as any several airships. Our Yukino is there to save the day. I can't help but feel for her. She's been with the man for years, loves him dearly, had his child and is okay with Euris, loved her herself. Just, I don't know, she seems like she too is dying on the inside because of this.

And not just because of the loss of their mutual friend.

Also, d'awww Miyako.

Back to the spiritual visitation. I like the symbolism and his constant doubts. Man's got baggage enough for a few trains. How the ending of the show must have capped things off perfectly. Revenge, but no closure. I hope you'll have a slightly symbolic epilogue dealing with such.

As always, a delight to read. Keep at it! Cheers!
Sideris chapter 6 . 2/13/2011
Paging Pateras Apraxin, please come to the white courtesy phone, a mister Rasputin would like a word...


Fun times. Alex Row, in a theological discussion and offending priests. Is there no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? I think not. I think I see what you mean by offending some folks, or what you mentioned would, anyhow. I don't see why, but then I've never had use for religion, really.

Fiction is no-holds-barred sort of thing. Never apologize for what you write unless it is blatant, directed hate. Who cares what your characters may say or do? They may not even be your full opinion on matters. Go wild, and to hell with the naysayers.

Hell, galvanizing fiction is part of the fun. Where would we be without the scathing words of authors, non-fiction or cut-and-dry fiction?

Onward thoughts. Poor, poor Nikator. Under the boot heel of a holy man.

I did enjoy the church segment. Row flagellating himself again and again through simply looking at murals and that ominous date. The Disith always were a cheery folk. Eesh. I remember their colonization rockets. The joys of living inside a conjoined, dying Dyson Sphere.

Color me intrigued once more! Need more LE action! I must get back to reading Saving Captain Row and drive through that dense fiction a bit more. My eyes are open, waiting, searching for the next update to Canticle as well.

Sideris chapter 5 . 2/8/2011
More thoughts with three and four and five under my belt. Poor, poor Sophia. Eesh. Jealousy of an eighteen-year-old and competing against Row's memories of Euris and hot-fox-Yukino. Yeah, poor girl is schooled.

Miyako, d'awww. The little crutch-fighter.

I'm still very happy and pleasantly surprised by how well you've fleshed out the LE world and its religion. It's a pointed and wonderful bit that adds many layers to everything done in the series and in this piece without taking up oodles of space.

Pascal, bahahahaha, ah, how I missed him. Smart ass.

The dreams, Ourea returns! Touching in its own execution. There's a lot of pathos in both this and Saving Ensign Row. God, I must be some sort of romantic at heart. Oh dread! My secret is out!

Writing is still very fine and the dialogue-fantastic. Pardon if the review is a little short, tis very late. I absolutely adore this fic, top to bottom.

Sideris chapter 2 . 2/8/2011

I told you I'd get to this. And my lord, how glad am I?

I've not read the whole of Saving Captain Row, obviously, but this chapter was marvelous. The first all the tension and gruff, haunted nature I've come to expect of Row. A plus. Sophia's fumbled overtures to him, perfect.

But chapter two, ah, Yukino, she's always a pleasure to read. I dare say I d'awwed at Miyako's...well, everything. She's adorable. The emotion was well wrought. Her question of adoption very strong and something in Alex's stilted, off-guard response was moving.

The poem in his journal, excellent. The haunted nature of Row, again, is pitch perfect. Even the stolidity of how, in my mind, he said 'It's all I have' is undeniably sad.

And Sophia, ever the horrid spy. Very amusing back-and-forth there and Alex's to the pain reminder.

Fabulous work as per usual. I'm loving this piece. Looking forward to the rest. Please, strive on.

JustLikePagliacciDid chapter 2 . 12/31/2010
How do I get a ship full of hot babes and a moe little girl?

Very mysterious, building up to something exciting.