Reviews for Quandary
Lupa Dracolis chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
Riled-up-Rogue is great, isn't she? Pfft, 'forgot'. Of course she didn't forget.
Lord Shade chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
Even though I beta'd this and I already knew what was gonna happen, I still enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work, Fluffy Fox.
aecul chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
Fun. I'm dying of fluff overdose here. Oh, Remy. Good descriptions.
queenith2 chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
nuzzling...i love that word
blackberryhunttress chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
Oh you're good. But can you do THIS! *Proceeds to pat head and rub stomach at the same time*

Huh? HUH? Yeah, sweet, 'cause I can't either! But I can TYPE that I can. The miracles of writing!

But Remy and Roguey are experimentin' huh? That sounded so dirty. (That's what she said! Go Elvenmuggle!) Remy's reaction to Roguey fighting is always entertaining.

But I did like the 'Did you forget to tell me somethin'?' Exactly how long did it take for him to figure it out on his lonesome, hmmm? ;)

-Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men! Blackberry ;)
Indigo-Night-Wisp chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
You would not believe the giggles this kicked up. I'm beginning to contemplate heading over to AtLA to read some Lord Shade stuff, just off of this alone.