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ClearMortality chapter 13 . 8/18/2014
I absolutely love how you ended this story. Actually scratch that. I love this story as a whole. I do so adore happily-ever-afters after quite a bout of angst and fluff. My favorite parts would /still/ be those dedicated to KuroFai. I do wish you had added in a bit more mayhem at the hands of Mokona though. /That/ would have been something that would have made my day even better.
Eijentu chapter 13 . 7/26/2014

i think you already know how much i adore this fic but i just. love it. i adore watanuki's arc and OH MY GOD THAT CLOSING THE DISTANCE THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANTED FOR HIM BUT BETTER? ;_; also now he can keep a record of Days With a Boyfriend, not that he would because that would give that stupid ex-centaur tickets on himself clearly :x your yuuko is just flawless, as always, and and and FAI AND KUROGANE WALTZING IN THE AIR CURRENTS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH? fai's hand curling about kurogane's, fai melting into kurogane with the music and warmth and just ;_; i love how married and perfect and bickering they are in this world (tho fai will gloat forever that he literally set kuro's pants on fire with their first kiss :3)

basically i just love everything about this fic and i am so happy you're writing more! &hearts
Guest chapter 12 . 7/26/2014

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is gorgeous - I love the KuroFai shenanigans in the kitchen. They are SO CUTE, I think I'm going to die of the squeals. I'm so glad that Fai is finally finding a way to allow himself to be a pretty fairy, again, even if it is under the cover of avoiding weird rumors about their sex life. (... no, really, as cute as goats are, they are just not *that* sexy. Apart from the horns, obviously.)

Touya and Yukito hiding in a tree and spying on siblings is almost as great as Syaoran and Sakura getting it on underneath a kitchen table. It was hightime for the kids, negl. And Eriol is likely the biggest troll in this whole story, followed shortly by Yukito who will still be teasing Touya relentlessly when they are 80 years old.

Kimihiro and Doumeki amuse me endlessly. And I'm excited for him to finally get some more of his memories back, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

FaithfulAizen chapter 11 . 9/13/2012
Well that is one way to get Watanuki to leave with Doumeki
Jenmoon1 chapter 11 . 4/9/2012
good update soon
Tarmachan chapter 11 . 3/27/2012
I LOVE the way you poke fun at the original events!

"Alternatively, you can go back on your own and I can stay here and marry her granddaughter." was a definite highlight XD

"That bastard was lobbing eggs at him!" why was this not a solution in the manga? Maybe if Troll!Doumeki threw enough eggs at him, he might chase him and leave the shop!

Anyway, this fic never fails to make me giggle. Which is terrible because I tend to read it at unsociable hours. Shame on you XD
Tinted Basket chapter 11 . 3/27/2012

Sorry for the lateness of this review. I've been wrapped up in life and schoolwork. Again. XD

I was surprised by the fact that Watanuki actually toned it down a bit when he was talking to Doumeki. Usually he's a bit more high strung, but it seemed like he still felt guilty about what happened. Which we see later on when he admits he thinks what happened is his fault. To which I went "Aw...that's so sweet." I grinned irrepressably at Watanuki's shouted apology. ;) Doumeki took that bit about the book and Watanuki's memories in stride (no surprise there), though he seemed to think Watanuki was best going on alone without having to wait for him to heal. I was surprised that Doumeki (a bit glumy I think) said he could just stay there and if he had to he'd take up the old woman's offer about marrying her granddaughter (dunno if he'd have to or not or if it was a separate offer). Watanuki wouldn't have it "No! Mine! Mine! Mine!" and oh by the way Doumeki, he wouldn't mind kissing you now to speed things up. With tongue if that's what works. :P

It was SO adorkably cute! The makeout scene. Not gonna lie, I've been awaiting this for a while now. Doumeki seemed to enjoy it too, though he was a bit surprised, I thought, that Watanuki even gave him one. Fortunately for them Doumeki's broken legs were the false ones (I wonder if that effected his balance any?) and they were set to go on their way. I have a feeling Watanuki's meeting with Syaoran and Eriol is going to be an interesting one, particularly considering he can't remember what he's supposed to complain about around them (because he's knows there's something...particularly about Eriol that's worth ranting about).

I love how Fai woke up and thought he'd used bad judgment and had a one night stand with some stranger. The comment about the horns being the same style as Kurogane's was interesting. I guess Fai has a type. *wink**wink* I bet he thought he'd betrayed his "unrequited" love interest by sleeping with someone else. Ah well, jokes on him, said love interest already found him and put him up for the night. Not to mention Fai's mixture of angst and shock is extremely adorable. Especially when we now know that Kurogane feels the same way and is likely to blab said fact to his companion some time soon. This was a most likable bit of fanservice though, leading up to it. Fai doesn't even dare to be happy, despite wanting to make the most of his friend's company while he can. :D

It was also kind of amusing seeing Fai call Kuro by his "real" and full name that many times in a row. I kept waiting for the jumbled honorifics and forgot exactly why they weren't there until the angst came back between sentences. Force of habit. lol ;)

(Oh and the "griffons tapdancing on this skull" comment pretty much made my day. That's an excellent way to describe a hangover...I've seen people with less lucidity than that when they wake up, so yeah, it amused me as well. :P Just saying.)

And then they argued like this centuries old fairy married couple. It's kind of like what I always pictured (and see in fanfics) Leon and Count D. doing for centuries ever after they FINALlY realize how they feel about one another and deal with it. Also, Fai seemed utterly determined to "convince" Kurogane that this was no place for him and that he needed to get-go back to his old job and life. Which he probaby will, his old life anyway with his friends, after he brings Fai back with him. aheh That final bit certainly seems to have convinced Fai though. It was an adorable makeout scene without getting too much into detail. Not that I mind detail, I just get that some things have been written so many times over in other fics, that originality is sometimes needed. And sometimes finding the words for overt details is hard, news ones anyway (been there).

Speaking of original, 'that' was a easy, non-drawn-out way of telling us that Takeshi and Kentaro are married. I mean that in a good way, because it tells us bits about them in a cute little argument filled with fanservice without making it boring. Nice going. Takeshi reading Yuko's 'touching' letter verbatim...with stage directions. (ahahah) So now they're both going to that wedding, which Doumeki is going to preside over. Doumeki couldn't see them, now that took me by surprise. Though he seemed to understand what had gone on, at least to some extent. He defused that situation with Watanuki in a generally good way. If anything they've started down the road to truly being friends (and likely more at some point), because Watanuki seemed to honestly understand Doumeki's efforts to get him out of his gloom. It was terribly cute and the end result was something minutely companionable.

Overall this was really well executed. I can't wait to see what happens next with either couple in this storyline, though I have a particular soft spot for Kurogane and Fai. You definitely got to the good stuff and it was completely worth the wait. ;) So, thanks for a good bit of reading with an awesome entertainment value. See you next time. Oh and Happy Spring!
Bottan chapter 11 . 2/26/2012

MANDA, THIS IS FABULOUS! I laughed and 'bawww'ed and wanted to hug them all (except maybe Watanuki, that little ass) through the whole of this!

Best parts of this chapter: Doumeki regaining his form (Watanuki, you suck at kissing, you obviously need to practice more), Kurogane making breakfast, KUROFAI HORNGRAB KISS (AMG, CAN I JUST MARRY YOU! *SHOWERS YOU WITH LOVE*), Takeshi thrusting out his hip (OF COURSE SHE WOULD WRITE HIM A SCRIPT! OF COURSE HE WOULD ACT IT OUT! :'DDD), and Doumeki lugging eggs at Watanuki (he needed having slimy things thrown at him. Badly).

I love this. THIS FIC IS A BEAUTIFUL BEAST! And this chapter makes me feel all fuzzy on the inside and giggly, especially the KuroFai parts - THEY'RE THE MOST ADORABLE THING, EVER! KUROGANE FINALLY REVEALED WHAT HE MEANS WHEN HE CALLS FAI A DUMBASS! :DDD

Irene Gerke chapter 11 . 2/26/2012
ROLF - So much goodness - Pummel him with egg Doumeki, throw away your membership card to Subaru's "Club of Masochists and Angst" - be a man and take a leaf from Touya's book and ride him like he's contender for the Triple Crown!
HappyHam chapter 11 . 2/26/2012
YAY! I love kissy chapters! Update soon!
May chapter 11 . 2/26/2012
thanks for updating, this was a very emotional chapter haha everyone is becoming all lovey dovey but its sad about watanuki and yuuko, i loved doumeki's solution to watanuki's wallowing, cant wait for more excellent writing.
pseudo-quill chapter 10 . 12/23/2011
Haha, love how you write Fai when he's drunk. And I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to tell you here instead of in a separate that I love how you had the reference to Sakura and Syaoran's rivalry over Yukito after Mokona's kiss. I love CCS though I also love TRC so I really thought it was nice how you had TRC SakuSyao's relationship at the beginning, but still showed the rivalry and brattiness from CCS. I trip over myself in glee when I see slight CCS Sakura and Syaoran character references in TRC fics. Please continue soon!
Tinted Basket chapter 10 . 11/15/2011
Okay this part of Watanuki's diary amused me. I don't know why. It just did. "Days without a girlfriend: 6,661". He seems so miserable there. Mind you, he's Watanuki Kimihiro so he likes being miserable. I mean Kimihiro Li. It's a clever name, I'll grant you that. It suits him in a way. Much better than Watanuki, even though I like that version too. This one sounds bit more dignified. Like he's prissy, but dignified about it. lol

It figures that he's actually Eriol and Syaoran's brother. Some of the other reviews saw that one coming. Though I really thought it was Doumeki, which means that he has an even more interesting family story that'll come up later on I'd be willing to bet. It was also really interesting to see how exactly Watanuki wound up with the faeries in the first place. He must have been looking for Eriol. Which almost makes his situation Eriol's fault for not phoning home for five years. Really Eriol, really? Also it seems as though Kohane has been completely subverted. Nice to know. She's playing herself in a way, without actually interfering with the yaoi subplot. Which is good, because I've always liked her. I didn't even hate her when Clamp pulled what they did in cannon, I was just really really annoyed. Because it sort of altered hers and Doumeki's characters in a way that seemed wrong. Sorry spoiler alert! if you haven't read the end of xxxHolic, but I figured you probably had since most net junkies have by now. eh heh XD

That's right Sakura, you don't have to get married right now. Just because everyone told you that young princesses are only for the marrying straightaways, doesn't mean they are. Oh and right on Tomoyo for pointing her in the right direction. ;)

I also like Tomoyo's little admission as it continues the CCS subplot as well as the "why Tomoyo's mother died" subplot. Even in this universe she mourned Nadeshiko in an extreme way, because she was such a part of her life.

Fai's drunk! Oh dear lord. He really was being emo and completely doesn't realize that he's actually seeing Kurogane again as a fawn. The fact that Fai's still a fawn surprises me, but he must have been serving a bigger sentence than Kurogane, being the most likely cause of the fire in the first place or so I gathered. When he sobers up, it's going to be such a cute scene! Oh and Kurogane totally did get turned into a fawn, I knew it. I can't wait to see how that goes over with Fai as well as the fact that Kurogane totally has feelings for him and has now fully admitted it.

Sakura and Syaoran, a quiet night in the kitchen...or not. I'm guessing those were some very discrete cooks, otherwise Touya, who is probably still indisposed, would have found out about their little escapade into X-rated-ness. He probably will anyway. Either that or Yukito will keep it quiet for the sake of Touya not making that sort of deal with Yuko ever again. Which is probably for the best considering.

This was a delightful chapter filled with plenty of much wanted fanservice and a KuroFai calling card. Thanks so much for it. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed all of the new plot twists. We're getting further and further into the story now and things are starting to make sense, well most of them. Cheers, it was another awesome chapter to a terribly amusing fic.
Tinted Basket chapter 9 . 11/15/2011
You had Duklyon as Yuko's palace guards. I admit I didn't see that one coming. Though I adore both Takeshi and Kentarou.

They're one of my Clamp OTP's. Nuff said.

Kurogane actually going to see Yuko, setting down not only his pride, but possibly his wings as it turns out, is definately something to see. Yuko was actually amused that he did it. It was like she almost thought that he wouldn't. Even though it's a great test of whether or not his and Fai's feelings are actually mutual, since she obviously knows how Fai feels right now. It's still a great little scene seeing Kurogane "fight off" Yuko's guards and then have to confront her about what he wants and why. Well, she "knows" the why, which he'd normally find extremely annoying...only he doesn't care right about now. He wants his chipper blonde companion back and he's going to get him. Even if it costs him his left eye. No really. ;)

Eriol is Eriol-ish. Owlish more like. He's the current hitch in the storyline as it were. Oh and Chiharu and Yamazaki are always a cute backdrop in any scene. Tomoyo also makes for a nice foil for Eriol. Certainly keeps him from completely picking on Syaoran the 'entire' time.

And Touya and Yukito once they finally appeared on the scene were so delightfully awkward that I found myself giggling a bit over their antics. All while describing Akizuki. It boggles the mind.

Also Yay! Doumeki and Watanuki are finally getting closer and closer. I was kind of afraid that Kohane was going to get in the way, but that was subverted, at least for now. The fortune teller is always a joy to see. She's so quirky. It's like there's this cheery little grandmother who in no way will ever ever ever be shocked by anything these three do. Particularly Watanuki and Doumeki. In fact I suspect she ships them, in this universe and in cannon. Oh and points go to Kohane for being inhumanly strong. You go girl!

Oh and Chii's a cat sprite! That image made me want to squee really really loudly. It's such an adorable image. So cute!

Lastly, hmmm...the rutting season. Is Yuko going to do what I 'think' she's going to do? I sense an evil laugh coming on from her side of the room. It's looming and...yep Kurogane's doomed. XD

Well, when he finally finds Fai it's going to be interesting. And possibly, very possibly, very very kawaii!

So thanks for a most awesome chapter. I'll go on to read and review the next one now. I've kind of been off the net for a bit. Started Graduate school this fall and turns out it is actually as much work as you think it is. So I'm sorry for not reviewing sooner, especially since you posted two chapters so close together. :)

So, cheers and I'll see you next time you update. I'll definitely keep better track of my alerts from now on. heh Count on it.
Koichama chapter 10 . 10/10/2011
I would like to point out that first, I have not read a multichapter in a while, and second, I stayed up late, despite needing to get up the next morning, just to read the next chapter. I am afraid that I was so engrossed in the story, that I forgot to stop, and take the time to review each chapter.

This is such a fleshed out story. Each character has been added lovingly into this fairy tale. I love all the fitting cameos, especially our Duklyon heroes with beetle wings. All the stories are connected in the narrative.

The humor. I have not been more entertained by any other author's humor on FFN quite like yours. I derive some sort of sick pleasure from the thought of interspecies relationship counselors. Whoever said there were no psychologists in fanfiction never considered fairy folk.

The heartwarming scenes balance out the humor. You highlight Tomoyo's complete and utter devotion for Sakura very well. The tenderness she treats Sakura is sweet in a good way.

I admit, I was in this story for the Kurofai, but my interest in this story had expanded beyond them. Even though it I am still a happy fangirl with each of their scene.

The story has good pacing. I do not feel as if it is rushed or that you are using filler. Keep it up. ;)

I am eagerly looking forward to the update. Thanks for writing this story.
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