Reviews for The Harem Plan Commences
kalied blood chapter 6 . 11/5
sorry for a late review even though a have read this story many times..your a good author in this genre so keep it up!
Joe chapter 3 . 8/25
About nana not liking rito thats not true at the beginning she didnt like him but with the anime progressing she begun to like rito more and more you can read about her on wiki pedia and it wil tell you everything in the anime it self you can see rito hug her there it is beginning that she likes him with a bit of tsundere thing but i like it so far now and a other thing momo will never do that with a pollen she is waiting when rito is opening up to the girls
Guest chapter 17 . 7/3
hahaha the 2nd ending was funny
tibo chapter 10 . 6/4
Holy snapin assholes i love it
Jeff chapter 17 . 5/28
Rito is so damn lucky
DanvilleBengal chapter 17 . 5/6
Considering this ending, and that at the very end, Rito and Lala got into each other (if the Lala chapter was any indication, both of them are gonna be a bit indisposed for a day or two), looks like King Gid and Queen Selphie are gonna be grandparents soon. As a matter of fact they could be grandparents at least three times over. Remember, Momo and Nana got taken by the pollen as well.

And base on all the other girls, I'm expecting that at least half of them have baby bumps in a few months. I kinda would like to see if Yui and Haruna get knocked up the most out of all the girls. Run as well. Mikan's too young.

Guess that is what a sequel is for. :D
martrixe chapter 17 . 3/24
Awsome final
Bigfluffy97 chapter 17 . 3/16
I really loved this story it is by far the best To love ru fanfic I have ever read and I loved the alt ending because its good to see everyone happy :D
uzuuchi007 chapter 17 . 2/2
WeberCode chapter 16 . 12/21/2014
Sequel , please
Vantopoa chapter 17 . 11/30/2014
Nice I love it
love to love you chapter 17 . 10/22/2014
Sequeal yes your missing 3 people
Lordblaze chapter 17 . 10/13/2014
Lol not a good story line but all the lemon scenes are great. Second ending is much better. Thank you for taking time to write story.
Zionchar11 chapter 3 . 9/23/2014
99.3 degrees? holy fuck dude rito is boiling xD.. anyway im on chapter 3 its all good here :D
LoveGlutton chapter 17 . 8/1/2014
*licks lips* heheheheh delicious
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