Reviews for Face Down
VallorgChristensen chapter 4 . 9/1/2016
I don't know why you only have 13 reviews, it's supposed to be more. Although it has only 4 chapters, but they are lengthy and fun to read.

I love the way you wrote this story. The first chapter made me hate it. I'm not saying that the story was bad of some sort, because the fic was really good. It made me really hate Itachi due to the fact that he treated his little brother less than him. Compared to the other fics, this one wasn't about Itachi as the loving sibling, but the opposite. It's not about all sweet and romantic and such, but damn... Lol! Idk what to say, but I really really love it.

And about Madara, I like it when he punched more sense to Itachi, though Sasuke's wordly beatings did that, at least, because of that he was more than afraid to lose Sasuke than ever he had before. That sexy hot bastard deserved it for all the things he'd done to his little brother hahaha. Eventhough he was against incest, he favoured Sasuke's happines and pushed aside morals just for him. And for Naruto, I felt bad for him. I just wanted to give him a hug.

Hopefully, I see more of itasasu fics from you in the future. I hope.
A chapter 4 . 10/14/2014
It is a shame this doesnt have more reviews!

Your Naruto was such a Perfect side character, great for everyone to bounce off of while being hilarious and interesting himself! Itachi's sexual display of Sasuke felt awkward and OOC, and Madara's acceptance of incest as long as Sasuke was happy/safe was a hand wave, but the rest of the story has such excellent beats I accepted it for the plot device it is.

The lines about Sasuke being terrible at revenge when it comes to Itachi made me lol at the meta of it (oh Sasuke, you are TERRIBLE at blocking out your brother no matter what universe youre in), and the examinations about Itachi being terrible at communication, and just as much of a brat as Sasuke at times, are a couple of examples of why I ended up enjoying this to the end.
LouiseUchiha chapter 2 . 5/25/2014
really...Itachi doenst respect him..
LouiseUchiha chapter 1 . 5/25/2014
I will be very mad too...Itachi it was horrible... you treat Sasu like a dont care about him...
Good job Sasu...Itachi has to learn to respect and love you.
Lurker chapter 4 . 9/21/2011
For gods sake this is an ItaSasu story- so why WHY in the name of all that's sacred am I so fixated on the idea Madara/Naruto? *head-desk*

Still I liked this story. People who write incest and make it all fluffy bunnies and rainbows seem to really not grasp the situation. Of course there's going to be problems. Still it's good they worked out in the end _
Kyarei chapter 4 . 7/17/2011
Geez-I'm sorry I haven't reviewed this until now; I feel just awful! Especially because I had been waiting so long for your updates and you did such a good job!

I am saddened that this story has finished, however I love it all the same. It's short, sweet, and full of juicy and adorable brotherly love. You truly are a very good writer; I hope you write many more fanfictions! I would read them all! :D

Madara beating Itachi up made me sad. But things worked out okay, I suppose. Except for Orochimaru. xP Ah, poor bastard wasn't even that evil in this ff and he still got burned. Oh well, he shouldn't have tried to break up the Uchiha brothers' smexiness! lol.

Oh and, to reply to your message (lolthisissolateandI'msosorry...), I'm really happy that you found my review encouraging! That's what they're there for, right? I'm happy to hear it boosted your confidence, if even a little. :) I hope you take what I said to heart and continue to write! This fanfiction community seems to be dwindling a lot recently and we need talented writers like you to keep it alive! (Ack, sorry, I'm not trying to pressure you!...much)

P.s. I look forward to The Artist update. :D I'm still a loyal fan to that story! Keep up the great work, my friend.
ishala8 chapter 4 . 7/8/2011
As possitive as that ending turned out to be that is sure one complicated relationship. Though for incest I think they did rather well.

If there is one thing that bugs me, it's Naruto. I absolutedly LOVED the way you portrayed him and it was kind of a let down that the fic ended with him still mooning over the best friend that would be forever out of his reach.

Thanks for the fic, by the way. I really enjoyed it.
InsertGenericPenNameHere chapter 4 . 7/5/2011
I like the way you wrote this story. It's not all flowers and cotton candy- because a relationship like theirs wouldn't be simple.

I'm wondering if you ever plan to mention Izuna (Madara's lil bro) and the potential uchihacest vibes that surround them.

Also do I spy Madara x Naruto? AWESOMSAUCE.
ebrith chapter 4 . 7/1/2011
I'm sure I did review this before but it's not showing up so I dont know - maybe my internet connection screwed me again... But anyway!

I wanted to congratulate you on a very yummie helping of Uchiha smexiness... It was so very delicious and I absolutely adored it to pieces!
BelovedShadow chapter 3 . 5/3/2011
THIS STORY IS AMAZING! How do you only have four reviews? Lovely, hot, and funny. All wrapped up in one delicious burrito- wait... not a burrito. Aigoo! I think I got Naruto-Kun's ADHD -grrr!- EXCELLENT FIC! I think I'll go check out your other one and see if it's for a fandom I like xD KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!

GotCinnamonPunkC13 chapter 4 . 4/18/2011
That was amazing.

I-I am going to read this when I feel like crying then giggling then crying xD


Your kinda amazing at keeping le ending unknown xD

Kyarei chapter 2 . 12/19/2010
My friend, forgive the sudden intrusive question, but where have you been all my life?

Seriously though- you are quite talented. I've just finished reading your other story and plan on reviewing that next, but I must say, I am already immensely fond of your writing.

Lately I've been feeling that the fanfiction community has been dying, and so my inspiration to write fanfics has been affected also. But you appeared just at the right time and boosted my motivation completely. So truly, thank you!

Now, about the actual story-I adore that Itachi is willing to change his behavior for Sasuke's sake, but it is quite sad that they're "breaking up" consequently. (Although I have to admit, the way they act when they're just being brothers is absolutely endearing). And now Madara has found out, and we're all left wondering what's going to happen next.

My rather useless hint of criticism, however, is that Itachi seemed to undergo an entire personality change between the two chapters. In the first chapter, he was bossy and controlling, and vindictive, and seemed to be so cold that even if Sasuke tried to leave him, he either wouldn't care, or would continue doing things the way he wanted against his will. And yet, the minute Sasuke raised his voice, he dropped all of his devil-may-care attitude and became, for lack of a better word, spineless.

You have compensated for that a bit, though. Through subtle hints, us readers are led to believe that Itachi is masking his rather insecure personality with his dominating behavior towards Sasuke, which isn't uncommon among relationships (especially familial ones). Also, at the beginning of the second chapter, Itachi was questioning himself which shows us that he was seriously considering Sasuke's reactions towards him; and that is quite realistic and therefore believable.

On a tiny side-note, I totally freaking loved the Code Geass references!

And Orochimaru being a college student is so unheard of it makes me giggle.

(Please excuse the inner-fangirl which is vehemently shouting "UPDATE OMFG I LUFF YOU U R SO AWSUM UPDATE NAOOO!" because despite my upmost attempt to strangle her, she would like to add to this review as well.)

I want to say something about the scene where Itachi humiliated Sasuke in front of his friends, but I really can't think of anything halfway intelligent. Other than it was sad. But that wasn't halfway intelligent. Ugh. -shuts up-

Another tiny worthless bit of "criticism" (not really), you might want to consider a mild summary change. Don't get me wrong, it's just a suggestion, and the only reason I'm even mentioning it at all is because it really doesn't do the story justice. (I was unsure about reading this one, but I'm very glad I did, and I want to kick myself for almost letting it slip away). Just a thought. :)

Okay, I think I've ranted enough. I'm sorry, I'm about to do it again to your other story. :( And I have a feeling that one might be longer. I hope your eyes don't hurt, lol.

In case you don't update before then- Merry Christmas! Or, perhaps, Happy Holidays, whichever is more suited. :D
Sasuke-Fan-723 chapter 2 . 12/18/2010
this is super long but its super duper awesome and very interesting... and OMGosh... madara now knows... what will happen next... but i hope he will change his mind though... itachi and sasuke are meant to be... please update this magnificent fic of yours its very interesting... want more of it...
Sasuke-Fan-723 chapter 1 . 12/18/2010
this is really an amazing fic you wrote... and really sad in the end... but all in all it was hot... love this.. please please update soon...