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kalmaegi chapter 29 . 8/8/2015
This. Everything. I feel like this is the most accomplished fic Post P3P. That ties up all the loose ends after The Answer. For Minako's sake as well as theirs. The last of the cycle of Grief; Acceptance. With the added bonus of the Inaba Gang and Souji's quiet support in the sidelines. It was heart warming and everything I could have asked for without the annoying Deus Ex Machina bullshit that plague Fanfiction, especially her male counterpart.

I just...there is this sense of peace and wistfulness once the story comes full circle. I wonder, is this how people move on? It's a strange feeling.
chquine-harvinellisse chapter 29 . 4/1/2015
I read this in my fanfiction reader sometime ago and I couldn't stop reading it until I got to the end... I liked how you put a reason for Minako to get back in the picture and the way she was reunited with her former team mates... I do think that I would have liked it if they never crossed paths since I think it'd be better for them to settle with the fact that she's gone, but I think they needed the closure too... But I think it'd be better if they fought from different sides but... I just can't decide... But anyway I ship Minako and Shinjiro so yay! XD

I'm going to be honest, I've read about Greek Mythology and I've never encountered the others in this fic... I mean I know about Thanatos being brothers with Hypnos and I think I've read about Apate and the Hesperides (but not much really) before but the others, such as the Ker and Laelaps (?) and uh... Vercingetorix... XD are complete blanks... I only knew about the dog when I searched and she was involved with Procris was it? I forgot... But anyway your fic made me want to reread my mythology book... So random rant is over... XD

I really liked your fic... It's one of the fics that I read when I need to pass time because its engaging and intriguing at the same time... D I also liked how the ending was fitting and tragic... I like tragic endings especially if they fit but I feel really sorry for Shinjiro... I mean he just looked away and said nothing... It was physically painful when I read that part... Another thing that I liked about this fic is that it made me believe that a Mitsuru-Akihiko pairing is actually possible... Cause up until I read your fic their ship seemed to be more of the sisterly thing to me and when I found someone who agreed with me it just intensified... XD But yeah... I believe that they can be a legit romantic ship now... XD Plus that part where Apate used them against each other was just one of my favorites... I'm a sucker for those kinds of plots...

So anyway good job on this fic... I really liked it and though this review is really rather late I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it... D
KTDLover chapter 29 . 12/28/2014
This story was absolutely wonderfully, and one of the best stories I've ever read.
You did a wonderful job, and your portrayal of the characters was stunning, especially with Minako.
While the ending was tragic, I do believe it is the one that would most likely happen.
Well done on writing such a wonderful sequel to a wonderful game.
inkbender chapter 29 . 6/21/2014
Can't really speak. Tragic. Very much in the literary sense of the word too. There's closure, but it's not the Hollywood happy ending. Kudos for that. I'm... absolutely speechless. Thank you.
malletman chapter 29 . 11/26/2013
Just an in-the-moment review of a fic I should have dug into months ago.

Well done, you took a video game and brought the universal aspects of its story into incredibly sharp relief.

You're a magnificent character writer (I'm sure you've only improved since), and this is a roundabout way of saying I just sobbed like a child for a few minutes.

I needed that, thank you.
MaidenChina chapter 27 . 9/10/2013
You write beautifully. I love your fic, and this chapter especially stood out to me. All the "could have"s and "would have"s and "might have been"s are incredibly haunting to think about, and it's super sad to think about the future Minako will never be able to experience... I'm really looking forward to finishing your fic, but I want to savor the moment (laughs)

Keep writing! You're awesome! ...Apologies, I'm too lazy to log in to review. :x
smileintothechaos chapter 1 . 4/17/2013
what a fantastic first chapter!
Sivlare chapter 29 . 4/2/2013
The ending nearly made me cry, this story played to my heartstrings so much and it works even though I wish it could have ended in a happier way. I especially liked the part where Ker was making her dream of possibilities. Thank you for the story!
ShioriKurota chapter 29 . 3/13/2013
I absolutely love how you portrayed all the characters, especially Minako. I was literally talking to my computer screen in the part where they watched the video footage of Minako. ;w;

Inner fan girl for Shinjiro/Minako was hoping for a happier ending for the two of them, but pushing the fan girl aside and seeing the entire situation and the story's direction, I'm really happy that it turned out the way it did anyway. It feels more fitting and holds to the usual bittersweet tone that Persona 3 is famous for, but with the closure that the characters needed. So much drama, but oh so lovely

Haven't written a review for a while, but this story has really stuck to me for P3P. Keep up the awesome, awesome work and hope to see more of your writing. _
AeroShylph chapter 29 . 1/13/2013
Thank you sooo very much for writing. The way you write is very efdicient and keeping boredom away. I am not a fan of long, on-screen reading but your story is just so captivating.

The way you portray each character is beautiful! I must say especially Aigis. Oh and I forgot which chapter, when Mitsuru said she never really knew whether Junpei was joking put a smile to my face. Because I do think Junpei isn't just some idiot.

I am glad you didn't decide to have a way for Minako to stay (like many other stories). It respects her greatly.

Again I thank thee.
Inara Seraph chapter 29 . 9/2/2012
It was a fun story, but I can't help but feel there was a lack of unpredictability. No revelations or twists, it was rather straightforward- though it was still enjoyable.
itsmesamii chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
This is undeniably one of my most favourite fics! It is beautifully written, a great realistic plot, it has little to no mistakes as well. The characters' personalities were spot on too. One great fic, indeed!
I was also bawling at the end, which I rarely do unless it was a moving or powerful piece, so well done!
Extra Gone chapter 3 . 7/16/2012
Junpei is great, funny as usual and while I'm not a fan of Chidori coming back to life, it gives him a good connection and something to fight for.

So the Kirijo has caught a Shadow, huh. Looks like new things are coming up.

Huh, Yukari still wanted to go back during The Answer, even though it was Minako? Maybe she just felt that strongly about Minako as a friend. I have to wonder what you'll do with Ken in this story, given his ability to kill kers.

Koromaru's discovering Minako, eh? He's a smart dog, so he can do something about it.
Extra Gone chapter 2 . 7/16/2012
So things are getting started: Shadows are reemerging, even without the Dark Hour. Hmm, I wonder if it's got anything to do with the kers :P

With Junpei and Fuuka gone off to different parts of Japan, I wonder how Mitsuru will be- oh wait she's a Kirijo.

So Shinjiro's getting the Persona-suppressant drugs cleansed out of him, good for him!

Loved Shinjiro's scenes. Captured his gruff kindness well, and his confusion over why he's been feeling since 2010. And I especially like the little things you put in, like Koromaru going out to tour the city, and a description of the cooking books Shinji likes so much.

Igor and his assistants really like blue. Wonder if he really hates red then.

So Minako's adventure is starting
Extra Gone chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
Well, starting

I understand what you're getting at with Minako being the first person character, but I feel it's a bit jarring personally. Might be because I'm used to third person viewpoints in fanfiction though.

Stay strong, Theo!

Ah, so Ken finally gets a shot to be useful? I thought the kid was ok in P3, just needed a lot more character.

And Igor is a top troll
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