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CragmiteBlaster chapter 8 . 4/11/2012
Darn, it's a shame the story is cancelled, but it's very good to hear you're starting a new, bigger and better story. :)

Looking at the plans for the rest of the story I have to say a few things.

First of ... I was right! I was certain from day 1 that Mel was a hypnotist.

I like the challenegs you had planned, they seemed very interesting. Umi got far so that makes me content.

Devin having a downfall by her own stupidity? Wish I couldf have seen that.

All in all, if you are concelling then that is fine. Your next story is going to be epic!

BTW; if you want you can use some of my characters for cameoes if you need to.

Shame the storty isd cancelled, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Still, for what its worth, you did GREAT on whaty was witten. :)

I hope you're enjoying Tween Tour; I noticed that some of your new characters seem slightly similar to some of mine such as an 'Over the top hero' and a'farmer'. I don't mnid though, it sounds great actually.

I'll be reviewing every chapter of your next story once it is published, I pinky promise!

Bad Asp chapter 7 . 8/30/2011
Mean Chef... should've just given Team Luck a chance.
The American King chapter 1 . 7/9/2011
Oh, this story is great! I love how Umi is annoying everyone with his fear of germs! Jasmine seems interesting, but I hope she doesn't spend all of her time focusing on matchmaking! There's a challenge at hand! I don't think I really like Devin. She seems like a spoiled brat, and I hope she goes home early. But then again, those type of people always stay long to ensure drama!

I can't wait to see what the challenge will bring! I'm off to go read the next chapter now!
Mallory16 chapter 6 . 6/9/2011
I understand not wanting to get rid of Devil... err, Devin, I mean. I think I liked Quell more than you meant for us to, though. She was just trying to do the right thing, and just had a bit of an extreme way of going about it. I'll miss her.

Ah, a mystery "villain"! Could just be Devin or Larry, I guess. Or maybe Yelda! I mean, we didn't see her very much this chapter, did we? Getting a little revenge, are we, Yelda? *waves little Yelda flag* Either way, I support you. If it is you, anyway.

Fabio's confessional was very, very random!

Harley is still extremely awesome. You'll get the hang of this friend thing eventually. Maybe. And not calling Oray homeless. Maybe.

Uh... Mel? You voted for Zaron instead of Igneous last time, instead of Igneous, for heaven-knows-why, remember? It's funny that you're saying that you can't get rid of Igneous when you were part of that problem P

Ooh, me, me! I want to see Greg's journal! Me!
Bad Asp chapter 6 . 6/8/2011

Quell is too obsessed with trying to protect trees from being chopped down - even though that's what you have to do in this challenge. Does she even get this? I bet Jennie, Mable, and Irene are watching this episode and facepalming right now...

23 contestants remain! Nice that you finally updated! Keep them chapters comin'! ;)
CragmiteBlaster chapter 5 . 4/22/2011
Great chapter as usual; I really liked this one ... because lets face it; whoever doesn't like an off season christmas challenge is a real ebenezer scrooge!

Kyle eating a suitcase? He may be funny but I REALLY doubt he'll last much longer.

I wonder what the bet is; is it to give Chris a wedgie? I'd pay good money to see that.

Cat fight! And boy; Devin is a complete bi*ch. I hope she gets a dose of extreme humiliation in the end.

Eating a raw steak? Does Xeno know the types of food poinoning you can get from raw meat? I suppose it depends on the animal it came from. And I'm guessing Larry is going to be the firts camper to loose has sanity no the Island.

He called Natalie dead wieght because of her disability? Hmmmm; he's going to regret that later on I bet.

Boy Jasmine sure is a matchmaker; though they DO say love is blind.

Pink Panties Fanservice alert! Woooo!

...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Umi cracks me up; coating the whole room in plastic to stop germs. I hope he lasts a while just for funny odd mannerisms like that.

And Casey is cheating? No surprise there, I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Lion Fur slippers? I don't think that PETA would like that. Still; just another reason to dislike the already pretty unlikable Devin.

Knockout! That was funny; and the mustache is just an extra insult to injury. I think Devin is going to be quite a butt monkey.

Quell probably won't like trees being cut down; she might protest.

Casey is trapped in a hole? I wonder how he'll get oout of that? When will people learn to bring a towel with them? According to Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy its the most useful tool anyone could have.

Go Yelda! Flip Devin off!

Another Cat Fight; celebrty manhunts Josh will be happy about that.

Donb't wory; Its fine to use one of my challenges; in fact, betwen you and me ... and whoever reads this review I have a megaman challenge planned for near the end of TDL, used with Frank's permission.

Keep up the good work; I'm really liknig this story so far!
Mallory16 chapter 5 . 4/21/2011
I'm not sure whether or not you wanted us to like Igneous. Destroying all of Yelda's belongings doesn't improve my opinion on her. Really, she'd have come off better if she'd just done it for kicks, instead of being Devin's little pawn there. Well, not that Devin had to convince her much, I imagine.

Ah, Greg versus Larry. The anti-villainish one versus the regular villainish one. Go Greg! Show Larry how... err... how good you are at complaining! Yeah!

Wow, Harley's good at building things! I can't imagine there were many prime wheelchair parts just lying around the camp.

Don't worry, Patrick Star. Casey will be back.

Aww, keep trying, Wendy! You never know... sometimes, the crazy girl can start rubbing off on the spoiled snotty girl!

Thou liketh Tay's royal Sharpie! Err... I do. She hits pretty hard, apparently.

Way to go, Quell! Use your powers for good... err, annoying Devin! I'm pretty sure I like her way more than I'm supposed to.

Aww, it's so sorta' sweet how Harley's disgusted by Oray, but wanting to be less disgusted by Oray!

Is it considered accident prone if the accidents are caused by others? It's starting to feel like the universe is out to get Yelda for the lulz, really.

And just poor Yelda at the end.
Bad Asp chapter 5 . 4/21/2011
Thank you, Santa Claus! I really like the Christmas present you've given me... a new Total Drama Alphabetized chapter! With 24 contestants remaining, drama never takes a holiday!

This chapter will go great with the chapters of Battlegrounds and Letterz that I also got today! Thank you, Haters Go To Heaven! ;)
cg12345 chapter 4 . 4/10/2011
im starting to like this series, my favorite characters of your story is definately larry,greg and casey ( who wouldnt like an Over-the-Top Villain?)

i gotta say i laughed at yelda's reaction to rocky.

i honestly didnt care for zaron so...
Mallory16 chapter 4 . 3/21/2011
No, it's not your fault, Yelda. Standing up to Devin doesn't count, really.

Well I'm sure Veronica isn't fond of you either, Vince P

Aww, now I feel bad that I don't like Zaron more. 'Cause, well, the vote wasn't really fair. I mean, I'd feel worse if someone I liked got unfairly voted off, but still, have to feel a little bad for her.

I'm sure Ophelia appreciates the shout-out, Wendy. As well as being called a character in a fan fic. She probably loves hearing that she's made it into fan fiction D

So Yelda faints at the drop of a hat... not terribly shocking, really. Rocky doesn't seem to dislike her, anyway...

Zaron wasn't a favorite by any means, but still, I feel bad for her, leaving the way she did. She didn't really do anything wrong-did everything right, for that matter-and basically got screwed by Igneous.
Bad Asp chapter 4 . 3/20/2011

Seriously, the girl became too much like Eva from the first season... her bossiness and her rage is probably what did her in. Team Bird kept Igneous around, hope the camp doesn't burn down now that she's still here...

Oh, and Yelda's still in the game... yay!

24 contestants remain...
Bad Asp chapter 3 . 1/30/2011
Poor Yelda... having to do this challenge all by herself.

Hopefully she'll luck out and outlast at least one other team just to rub it in Chris' face!
CragmiteBlaster chapter 3 . 1/19/2011
Yay! New chapter! I wonder what will happen this time.

Yikes; poor Alex, that must have been terrible … and Kyle tried to eat a worm, a fly and a cockroach? O…K … funny but I doubt he’ll last long.

Does igneous have anything on her mind besides fire? I’m not complaining, she’s funny! And Zaron having a crush on Chris? No accounting for taste.

Yep; Greg has caught right on, but what could Larry be planning? And is it just me or is Larry a bit sexist?

That pin must be important to Harley for her to flip like that; at least Natalie knows how to cheer her up.

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy; I hope none of the Team Failure guys lose anytime soon, they’re so funny.

Yep … Devin is a bitch, I hope she loses.

Yay! A shout out to Barney! Is he your favorite by any chance? And why is Chris so nasty to Yelda?

Kyle wants to eat a BOAT! He’s an extreme omnivore alright.

You know; I’ve been reading Mel’s scenes carefully and I think I know what her skills are … she’s a hypnotist! She hypnotizes people to do her bidding; I think she could be an antagonist.

Larry seems to know how to lead … but he just isn’t Alejandro.

I’m really growing to dislike Devon; she’s an expy of Veruca Salt.

And Casey makes his first move; this can only mean trouble for the other teams.

If you thought Barney’s pirate accent was bad, Chris’s is even worse.

Great chapter! I look forward to the next part.

So far I’m rooting for Igneous, Yelda and Umi, hopefully they’ll do ok. Oh; and thanks for the reviews on my story!
Mallory16 chapter 3 . 1/19/2011
Seems like most of the least interesting characters are on Team Bird. Fabio's got a cute thing going on with Tay, and Igneous... she's not a favorite, but she's interesting, still. Seemed mostly apparent to me after seeing the intra-team interaction.

Poor Jasmine, getting scared to death by Harley. Guess she can be scary sometimes, though. Or a lot. But then she's crying because she lost her pin, and you have to feel bad for her.

Bah, Larry stole Harley's pin! I like not liking him, or something like that. He's easy to like not liking D

Devin, on the other hand, is getting less likable. Not in that same "I like not liking her" way, either. I mean, not Kasimar-level unlikable, but she seems headed in that direction. I suspect she's going to be getting worse than Heather ever was...

Ooh, hint at backstory for Natalie! I wonder who this seemingly evil Haley person is...

*shrugs* Well, I'm guessing we'll get the Yelda scenes when someone attacks her ship.
Bad Asp chapter 2 . 12/26/2010

Sean, the rebel, is the first one voted off... that's what he gets for being way too rebellious and independent. I think that's a great way to get himself kicked off. Perhaps he'll think about that when he's at Loser Lodge.

Awesome story so far! Keep it up!
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